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We are Christy and Derryn. We met for the very first time studying photography in 2005 in the sunny and very humid city of Durban, South Africa. After getting our diplomas, Christy began her photography business, got married and started making babies. Derryn lived in Singapore for a few years where she taught synchronised swimming and photographed part time and then came back and too began a photography business, got married and made a baby.



Approaching the age of 30, we decided to combine our 12 years of friendship with the knowledge that we have accumulated through our personal photography businesses to create something that we both felt truly passionate about. A few coffees (and even more cupcakes) later, Hooray Weddings was born.

With over a decade of experience working behind the scenes at weddings, we have come to realise that:

A. As much fun as planning a wedding is, it can also be overwhelming and stressful
B. Weddings are full of expectations and stale traditions.
C. Most brides don’t want a run of the mill wedding, they just don’t know where to turn for inspiration or how to find the right service providers to carry our their vision.

SO, with a motto “Bestie to the bride, sister to the service provider” we aim to inspire and educate the bride but also to bring together and uplift the wedding industry.

We hope that as a bride you learn something from our sometimes serious, otherwise funny articles – like what exactly an ANC is (besides our ruling political party) or How to Pee in a Wedding Dress. We also hope that, via our directory, you might find the service providers who will bring your dream wedding to life.

As a service provider (be it photographer, planner, dress designer or florist) we hope that you find this to be a space of comfort and community. We hope that you too enjoy our articles and take the time out of your busy schedule to come meet us at one of our networking gatherings. Please mosey on over to our Submissions page if you have a wedding you would like to share with us or our Directory page if you would like to know more about our media packages. We’d like to support you and your business as much as we can and have a few options for this.


Part owner of Hooray Weddings

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Part Owner of Hooray Weddings

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Social Media & Store

Candice joined our team in 2016 and brings a wealth of knowledge from her previous life in the corporate world of law. She runs our social media accounts and heads up our online store.

Confetti Connoisseur

David is 29 years old and brother-in-law to Derryn. Ever since Derryn and his brother got married, he fell in love with the romance of weddings. He is our confetti connoisseur and has hand-cut every piece of confetti that leaves our store.

Right, enough about us…let’s get on to the fun stuff: WEDDINGS!