About us

all the dirrrty details

Hello there!

We are christy and Jen and we met in the early 90’s when jen was born.

Yep, thats right, we’re sisters!

Jen is a qualified teacher and admin guru, and christy is a mama bear and wedding photographer. both of us have been bridesmaids a combined total of 10 times. W.T.A.F. (thank goodness we are both already married or else this would totally be a complex issue #alwaysthebridesmaidneverthebride)

we decided to pool our wedding experience, love for party planning, magpie eyes and sister vibes to run hooray weddings together.

our slogan; bestie to the bride + sister to the service provider, means we aim to bring the fun to wedding planning and keep our advice honest and open for our brides, while servicing our wedding professionals through our specified contracts, awesome meetups and directory features.

christy is the calm, relaxed creative while jen is your typical a type teacher – making sure the deadlines are met and the business is in order. she doesnt let christy faff too much.

we give each other a kick up the bum, allowing jen to dream and christy to get some focus. We are so excited to be doing this together and cant wait to see what 2019 has instore for hooray!

A little bit more: