Alternative Gifting – The Bachelorette Edition

I had my bachelorette 10 years ago.
Back then penis parties were all the rage and the only thing you received from all 30 of your guests was lingerie and those body lotion packs. Now don’t get me wrong, lingerie is amazing, (especially if you don’t often treat yourself to some of Victoria Secrets finest) but I don’t need 30 different slips or sexy panties. Also, some variety is always well appreciated. 

Now we know that life is busy and sometimes you don’t have the time to think out of the box, OR maybe you don’t know the bride-to-be that well and you are looking for something sweet but not too personal?

Well this is where our gifting guide comes in, 10 handy options to spoil the bride to be!

  1. Lush Lush Baby
    You cannot go wrong with anything on offer from this amazing company – fun and luxury at it’s finest, also no nasty ingredients and animal friendly makes it a top notch gift in our books.
    You can choose anything from bath bombs, to lip scrubs, face masks and make up remover.  Paired with a couple candles and a bottle of bubbly and you are set for the perfect gift.
  1. Gorgeous Gown for a Godess
    Ahh, is there anything better than a thick snuggly winter gown to cuddle up in? Or a sexy satin one to slip into, keeping you cool in the summer months?
    Gowns are often overlooked and really make such wonderful gifts that last a good few years. Also everytime your friend puts it on, it will be like a little hug from you.

    Anna Louise Sleepwear
  1. Honeymoon Travel Pack
    If you know your bride-to-be will be traveling straight after her wedding, putting together a gorgeous honeymoon travel pack for her that she can just pop into her hand luggage is such a nifty gift!
    You could add mini sunscreen, hand cream, a facemask, lip balm, nail file and a cute nail colour. As long as you keep to the liquid regulations you could even add a mini gin and tonic to get her through her layover. The key with this gift is to KNOW your bride and the products that she loves and uses.
    Top Tip: If you are buying yourself some stock up products, ask for samples from your favourites – You can get anything from sample perfumes, to mini facial kits as well as some great serums for tired jet-lagged skin.
  1. Swimsuit
    You know your friend is going to have the tan and the post wedding bod, there is no better time than now for her to strut her stuff in a sexy new little number! You could always throw in a kaftan and a personalized Elizabeth Summer hat – all set for her tropical honeymoon!

    Elizabeth Summer Boutique
  1. Perfume
    This again is a very personal gift, but a simple call to the groom or the maid of honour will get you on the right track. Perfume is the gift that keeps on giving and transports you straight back to the place you first fell in-love with the scent or to the person who gifted it to you.
    Top tip: Find out what her wedding perfume is going to be and purchase a smaller bottle that she can take with her on honeymoon. That way she can keep the larger, more expensive bottle at home.
  1. Spa Day
    Vouchers are ALWAYS appreciated, be it for a manicure, pedicure or a relaxing massage to get rid of any pre-wedding stress – you cannot go wrong! Find her favourite den and book a voucher to an amount you are comfortable with.
    Having the freedom to redeem at her leisure is also an added bonus.
  2. Date night
    Since we are all about cutting out the clutter, instead of gifts buy your friend an experience. Once the wedding is all said and done and you are home from honeymoon #postweddingdepression can kick in. The hours you spent every evening consuming yourselves will all things wedding are now…over!
    An idea would be to buy them a meal at their favourite restaurant. Possibly make it a joint gift, by getting another friend to buy a bottle of their favourite wine to enjoy.
    If you want to keep it super budget friendly, buy them a coffee card, 10 coffees on you – that can get them 5 coffee dates through-out the year and you are looking at about R300. 
  1. Le Creuset
    This wasn’t on the list until like 100 of you answered “LE CREUSET” on our poll.
    And we can see why. Crockery that will not only last you a lifetime but is also cute, funky and a statement at any dinner party – what more could you want? Pitch in with a friend or two, find your brides favourite colour (or go with a safe white or black) and spoil her with some amazing goodies that she will one day be cooking love for her grandkids in.
  1. Bottle of Dom
    Okay, this one is pretty expensive so no, not really, but buying your bride her favourite bottle of gin or tequila makes for such a lovely gift! Looking for something out the box and cute? Why not make up a gift basket filled with champagne, candles, flowers, and anything else that catches your eye! 
  1. Honeymoon Adventure Fund (our favourite idea from our Instagram poll!)
    Often once the wedding is said and done, you could be feeling rather broke. Brides to Be, take note – this one is for you to set up:

    Once you know where you are going on honeymoon, go ahead and look at what activities you would like to do on honeymoon. Once you have a set list, set up a Honeymoon Adventure Fund that your guests can contribute too. Can you imagine how special it will be knowing that you are doing an activity that your friends paid for?
    Added idea: Take photos while you are on your adventures. When back home, you can get them printed and send your thank you’s on the back of said photo. That way, the person who gifted it to you will be able to see what a blast you had on the adventure they gifted you!

So there you have it. A gifting guide for all types of brides – you will definitely be able to find the perfect gift for your bestie! 
Keep an eye out as we will also do a Kitchen Tea Gifting Guide – hooray!

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