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So you have heard that we are renting out wedding dresses, but you have been waiting for a bit more information. Your wait is officially over! Here’s the low down…

Hooray weddings is in the business of renting pre-loved gowns.

Our bride is:
Excited about her wedding, looking for something on trend and current and has hundreds of inspiration images of spectacular dresses on her Pinterest boards which she dreams about day and night. Unfortunately, she has not managed to find that dress yet and cannot (or does not wish to) spend the required funds necessary to have a bespoke gown created for her.

Our past brides are:
Very excited about their wedding dress, can’t wait to see their little girls dress up and dance in it one day, but would like to earn a little money off it in the meantime and see another bride-to-be shine on her wedding day.

Just for fun, let’s call the gals looking for a gown our Princesses and the married ladies with gowns to rent, our Queens.

At Hooray weddings, we will borrow a Queen’s dress for one year. It would live with many other happy dresses in a safe, cosy and comfortable showroom that we open by appointment only. The Queen will get paid a certain amount (as determined by our team on evaluation) each time her dress is hired, and it will be professionally cleaned after each use.

Queens, we understand that your dress holds huge sentimental value to you and completely understand if the idea of renting it out to strangers is too scary. We can assure you that we treasure each of the dresses entrusted to us, and their care and preservation is of utmost importance. Of course, things happen, and there is some degree of risk involved, but if you would like to share your dress with other like-minded brides and make some money off of it at the same time, we’d love to hear from you.

Princesses, this isn’t the place to come to if you want to try on styles and get a feel for what suits your body shape. We ask that you only get in touch if you have seen a specific dress on our Facebook page that you love, and if you think the size might fit you. Only then will we agree to an appointment. If you try on that specific dress and it doesn’t suit you, we may recommend other styles to you.

Here are some FAQs that will hopefully answer all of your questions.

For our Princesses who wish to hire a dress:

Can I come try on your dresses to see what style suits me?
Unfortunately not. We are full time wedding photographers and the studio is in one of our homes. Appointments will only be made for princesses who have seen something specific on our Facebook page and wish to try that particular dress on.

What if the bride before me ruins the dress I have also hired?
We have a 3 week buffer period between wears. This is (believe it or not) enough time to have a dress made. We will send you to one of Durban’s best dress designers to make you an exact replica of the dress or the dress of your choice. My dress was made in 3 weeks so I am confident that you will be satisfied. (Upside…the dress will be made to fit you exactly and perfectly)

How do I make an appointment?
Send us an email (info@hoorayweddings.com) or Facebook message and we will let you know when we are open. Unfortunately weekends are not an option since we shoot weddings.

What are your prices like?
Our prices depend entirely on the dress itself. At the moment they range from R1000-R4000

Any additional costs that I should consider?
Yes, we will add a R500 dry cleaning fee onto your bill. This figure is subject to change.  You will also need to pay a refundable security deposit.  Should something happen to the dress we will deduct the repair cost from this deposit.

I’m not based in Durban. Now what?
You would need to make an arrangement to come here for the fitting. If you book the gown, we can easily courier it to and from your city.

For our Queens who have a dress to rent:

How can you guarantee that nothing will happen to my dress?
Well, honestly, we can’t. There is a certain level of risk involved with hiring out your dress. What we will do is take a security deposit from the renter, and if there are any damages we will use those funds to repair your gown. If it is irreparable, we will pay you the full security deposit.

What if a bride doesn’t return my dress?
We’ll hire a hit man. Just kidding! We will make sure we have all of their details before the dress leaves our studio, and knock on their door if we have to. If the worst case scenario happens, and we cannot track her or any family members down, we will pay you 75% of your dresses worth.

How much will I earn per dress rental?
Well that really just depends. Our team will evaluate the dress, taking into account the fabric, style, size and original price. We will then give you a figure based on what we think we can get for it. This will be done before contracts are signed so you are not bound to rent with us.

How will I be paid?
We will take your bank details and EFT you after the bride has had her wedding.

Ok – I want to leave my dress with you for a year, now what?
Please send a few images of your dress to info@hoorayweddings.com. There may be a chance that the style just isn’t what we are looking to stock. If it is suitable, we will give you a ball park figure on a rental amount. If you are happy, you will bring the dress in and sign contracts. Easy as that!

Would you like to buy my dress?
Perhaps. Send us an image and we’ll let you know

What about my accessories? Belt, Head band, garter?
We would definitely consider this. Please send us a picture.

Other opportunities….

Dress makers, if you have been dying to make a dress but haven’t found the right client yet – send it over to us. We will rent it out for you.

If you have a client who has a fabulous design idea but you just cannot accommodate her budget…get in touch with us. Perhaps we can come up with a solution. We could pay for the dress to be made and she could pay us the rental amount. The benefit would be that it is made to custom fit her. She just doesn’t get to keep it afterward. Win, win.

We’ve been very busy readying the room for the royal dresses, drafting contracts and emailing excited brides. Follow our journey on Instagram if you would like instant updates on dresses as they arrive in the studio.  Our studio will be open to appointments from September 2015.

Below are our first batch of dresses. Thank you beautiful ladies for trusting us with your gowns before we were even off the ground. These can all be found with more information about the dress on our Facebook page.

Here are our current gowns.  Thank you to these wonderful ladies who shared their precious bridal dresses with us before we were even off the ground.

The Joelene The DERRYN dress The ASHLEIGH The Amy


The TERRI-Lee Dress

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  1. Emma says:

    such a great idea Hooray team! All the dresses that are available are sensational! Good luck, I’ll be sure to let my friends know.x

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