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 Hooray Weddings recently had the pleasure of working with Yvette from ArtEsense at our recent workshop, Bad Ass Bosses: Business Strategies for 2017. Yvette created and displayed the most dreamy macrame plant hangers, dream catchers and back drops. Our guests walked into the venue and were transported into another world…one where creativity and beauty reign. Today we chat more to Yvette about how she got into this line of work and what the business of macrame entails
HoorayWeddings_ArtEsenceHooray: Tell us a little more about what ArtEsense is about.

Yvette: ArtEsense is an online shop with a curated range of handmade gifts, such as selected jewellery ranges, a range of children’s shoes and accessories and my own collection of cushions and Macrame Décor which I call The Hand to Heart Collection.HoorayWeddings_ArtEsenceHooray: How long have you been running ArtEsense?

Yvette: I have been running my shop for 2 years now.HoorayWeddings_ArtEsenceHooray: Macrames are a huge trend right now, how long have you been making them for?

Yvette: Yes, Macrame has become so popular with both décor and fashion trends.  Last year I came across the most beautiful colourful Macrame Plant Hangers from someone based in New Zealand who I follow on Instagram, and I thought, wow, that is what I want to make!  So I have been doing just that since the end of last year.  I received such an amazing response from people and realised it was definitely something people want, so I have really worked on the range and now also make dream catchers and beautiful wall hangings and backdrops for the wedding industry.HoorayWeddings_ArtEsenceHooray: Who taught you how to make them?

Yvette: I taught myself by following patterns, tutorials and lots of practice and perseverance.  I also made them a long time ago when I was a little girl – I still remember that lilac plant hanger that hung in my parents dining room for so many years!HoorayWeddings_ArtEsenceHooray: Could you tell us a little more about the dip-dye process and the colours on offer?

Yvette: I try to select colours that look good together!  I use 100% natural cotton and T-shirt Yarn. For a beautiful array of colours, I offer the T-shirt Yarn in a range of ‘ombre’ colours from turquoise to mint, as well as white, black, grey, and coral.  Since I work with a natural colour cotton, I sometimes dip-dye this in colours that match those of the T-shirt Yarn colours I have on offer.  I also like to stick to the more popular colours such as grey or charcoal, blue and pink.  Colours that would go well with any home décor style. However, I can dip-dye in any colour you like!  I don’t dye on a large scale.  I purchase a good quality dye in the colours I like and then dip the ends of the item into the dye which has been dissolved in salt and hot water. I then leave it for a couple of hours while it hangs on a clothing rail.  I first soak the item in cold water and then rinse the dye thoroughly when I am finished.  It requires a fixative to be added during the process, however the dyeing process is fairly simple and so effective when it is finished.

Hooray: Do you offer lessons teaching people how to make their own Macrame’s?

Yes, I have a workshop planned for the near future.  I will be teaching a few basic knots where you walk away with your own plant hanger.HoorayWeddings_ArtEsenceHooray: Do Macrames require a lot of maintenance? Being on the coast, dust is always an issue, how do you keep them clean?

Yvette: Yes, absolutely.  I keep all my macrames hanging in a closed cupboard and covered with a large plastic bag.  Protecting my large backdrops is a little more tricky, but I am in the process of having special zip-up bags made for them.HoorayWeddings_ArtEsenceHooray: Price range and size range?

Yvette: The prices vary depending on whether you are looking for a plant hanger or a wall hanging, which takes a bit longer to make and often requires more material.  It also depends on whether you go for 100% cotton or T-shirt material – cotton is more expensive since it is of better quality.  I only make wall hangings and backdrops in 100% cotton card.  So, to give you an idea, my plant hangers range from about R250 to R400 for the large and R75-R95 for the little minis.  The wall hangings are between R550 and R650 for medium sizes.HoorayWeddings_ArtEsenceHooray: What are your favourite styles/most popular styles?

Yvette: I love them all! However, the beautiful colourful plant hangers are the most popular, especially mint and coral with white being the safe choice. With regards to wall hangings, a more minimalist  style, in any colour or dip-dyed is most popular.  I am often asked for Dream Catchers, so I have just started making them.  They vary from simple ones with lots of lace and ribbon, to more involved where I actually do macrame work on the inside.HoorayWeddings_ArtEsenceHooray: How would someone go about ordering a custom macrame from you?

Yvette: There is a ‘contact me’ link on all product pages of my website in the Macrame Décor and Wedding categories.  Alternatively, I can be contacted on info@artesense.co.za.  If you have a picture, send it to me and I will do my best to make a similar item!HoorayWeddings_ArtEsenceHooray: For our wedding clients, do you only make to order or do you hire out too? Could you elaborate on this process and the possible costs involved.

Yvette: Yes, I do hire my items for weddings and events. At present I have 2 large backdrops for hire, but I will eventually be adding to this selection.  All items from my current range can be seen on my website in either the ‘Macrame Décor’ or ‘Wedding’ Categories.  If you do not find what you are looking for you can contact me via my website or email info@artesense.co.za.  My Dream Catchers are new to the range so are not yet displayed on my website.  The large Macrame Backdrops can be hired at a cost of between R600 and R750.

Thank you so much Yvette for sharing your lovely craft with us! You are so talented! 
If you would like to purchase, hire or even learn to make one of your very own Macrame’s be sure to get in touch with Yvette! We can promise you, you won’t be disappointed! 

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