The Hooray Industry Party

Oh my goodness can we go back and do this night all over again!?

Mermaid gin, vegan donuts and champagne showers towers, made this one party to remember.
Steve, The Wedding DJ, had the dance floor burning up, confetti cannons were busting, and a party we originally thought was going to die down at 9, had to have the doors shut at 11:30!

Well done to Sadie Bosworth and Matt Kay who took over from The Shank Tank for being the last couple standing (also Matt, not only are you a magician behind the camera, you have some killer dance moves too!)

Earlier this year, this was nothing but a pipe dream.

It started off with a call to Lucy, and then a call to Lindy, which followed up with a call to Dave and then to Megan.
Which resulted in Lucy and Lindy making their own calls to their own connections and finding coffee and gin and these awesome gold bar stools from M&B Events that I am obsessed with.

The point I am trying to make, is that there is so much love in this industry, that every door knocked on was opened. And this party was brought to life not just by Hooray Weddings, but by a team of passionate companies individuals who have mad love for this wonderful wedding community.

Each of you deserve a BIG thank you!

  1. To Lucy from The Plant and Renegade Kitchen
    Lucy every time I was on the phone to you, you had another plan or exciting new addition up your sleeve. Your energy is contagious and unending, I don’t know how you do it. Quite literally, this party would not have happened without you.
  2. Lindy from Labola
    You are my soul sister and I always love working with you – your humour and ability to remain calm in every situation is a testament to your rock star mom super powers. You are probably the only person I know who can handle a set up AND a hair and nail app like its no-bodies business. #SUPERPOWERS
  3. David Yapp… for believing in us and for all the advice and calm attitude you brought to every crazy convo!
    Thank you so much for coming on board and MC’ing and for roping in Steven (thank you Steve) and bringing all the heat to the party.
  4. Aisle Hire it – Megan and Brett, guys you were there for the very first Hooray Party and every time I phone you guys for anything, the answer is always YES. Thank you for always supporting Hooray and for being a part of our Hooray family, what you have created in a few short years is honestly incredible and I cannot wait to see where you take Aisle Hire It next.
  5. Kendall and Max from House of Hudson guys, thank you for coming on board with your gorgeous cheers bar and uber sexy furniture, your stuff is so hot right now. I am so appreciative of you diving in head first and just saying yes before even realising what you were getting yourselves into.
  6. Tegan from The Wedding Table – girl, I have been dreaming about your glasses since I first saw them! Thank you! Our champagne table & signature cocktails would not look half as classy without your glass wear.
  7. Sasha from Salacia Gin – Two words, MERMAID GIN! Sasha sponsored the welcome drinks for EVERYONE! Her gin is so refreshing and like nothing we have tasted before! Love that this is a Durban brand, and of course, love that it’s logo is a mermaid!
  8. Hilton and Callan from The Coffee Minista, guys I have yet to try your brew, but thank you for jumping on board and offering to supply the coffee for the evening, I love your vibe and branding, thank you for sharing the love.
  9. Laura from Laura & Co. – Girl, we love how you can wave your magic wand and make us look and feel like a million bucks. Thank you!
  10. Kathy + John from M&B Events  – seriously your gold bar stools are EVERYTHING! Anytime you want to get rid of them, send them my way.
  11. Charlene from Jars of Joy Decor, for the awesome donut wall! Our donuts would definitely not have looked as good without your little beauty!

Then my last thank you is to the person who without whom, quite literally this party would not have happened. My sister and new business partner Jenna!
Jen, you have come along and brought a breath of fresh air to Hooray. Your ninja execution skills, incredible ideas and love for weddings has gotten the Hooray ball rolling again and I am so excited to be on this adventure with you!

Till next year guys, enjoy looking through the pics!

CL xx

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