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We are thrilled to be sharing our first Awesome Photographer interview with you all today. Kristi Agier is a Zimbabwean born and raised 80’s girl with a love of the outdoors. When she isn’t shooting a wedding, you can find her hiking or trail running around Table Mountain, surfing the icy waters of the Atlantic or walking her beloved Boston Terriers. She is fueled by coffee and has a weakness for pizza and wine.


Tell us about your life – where were you born, where do you live now, your family, animals, hobbies, guilty pleasures.

I grew up in Zimbabwe as an 80s child with wild hair, I now live with my husband and our 2 feisty Boston Terriers in the city below Table Mountain. We spend a lot of time up there hiking and trail running, otherwise in the icy Atlantic scrabbling for waves. The surfing is probably also my guilty pleasure! Followed by pizza and wine!




How did you get into weddings and how long have you been shooting for?

I did animation before I got into weddings – I think the turning point was when we tied the knot ourselves and seeing the magic that our photographer, Tasha Seccombe had captured. I assisted her for a while until I got into the flow of  booking my own weddings and now I’m completely hooked – I love photographing weddings! I think they are slightly addictive – the euphoria of the day, all the emotions – the challenges against time, space and light, Uncle Bob’s. You have to have some stamina as well as a passion for people to get through. I’ve been shooting for almost 3 years now and I wish it was longer!

Why weddings?

Weddings have got soul and each one is individual, unique to that couple… It’s two people making a huge commitment to each other, surrounded by all the people they love – the moments within the big moments are what mean the most to me – a little hand squeeze between bride and father, the proud expression on the mom’s face, the pure love on the groom’s face as his future wife walks down the aisle. Weddings force you to be present and to feel, to be finely tuned to that moment and all the tiny glimpses of real life and raw emotion in it. The world can be a tough and harsh place with people displaying cruel acts against one another and I’m really so lucky to have these reminders every weekend of all the beauty, happiness and love that is possible in one place.


What do you know now that you wish you had known when you started your business?

That I shouldn’t get caught up in the little things and trying to make everything look perfect. Like polishing the shoes and hanging the dress just right and perfectly-planned portraits of the perfume in a clean white room, those shots are a bonus but they aren’t what will mean the world to the couple ten years down the line. People matter, moments matter. And whilst focusing on all that, it’s so easy to miss out on special and real moments that unfold.

What is your favourite part of the wedding to shoot?

There are so many! I love the calm contemplative moments as the bride gets ready. and when the couple see each other for the first time is always an exciting moment. But I really love the couple shoot part of the day. Having a bit of quiet time for the newlyweds to connect and to take it all in and for me to capture that magic between them just really makes me happy.  


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What is your favourite piece of equipment and why?

Ooh the 85mm 1.2 is my baby! The bokeh is beautiful, but loves to misbehave in backlit scenarios. If I have that and the 35mm 1.4 I am sorted. The 35 just lets in a bit more vista and shows a bit more of the story.

Being a wedding photographer is not an easy job, what keeps you going?

It’s definitely not easy – you have to love it! The challenge is actually part of what keeps me going. To master the day and look for more and more creative angles and authentic ways of telling the story, and to keep improving my skills. I’ve also met incredible people through this journey so far and getting glimpses into their life stories is very inspirational. I often come away from a wedding with some valuable lessons and pearls of wisdom as well as having had lots of smiles and laughs throughout the day. I also dose up on vitamins, exercise and ample sleep throughout season to keep me focused.



What is your average week day like? Do you have a routine?

Editing, editing, editing!! Make some coffee and edit some more. And then try to keep on top of my inbox (fuelled by more coffee.) If there are waves then I will drop everything and surf and if I’ve worked for too long my pooches literally jump up and nudge my hand off the desk with their paws. Then it’s walkies time and I have to get out of my pjs.

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Tell us about the photographers who inspire you?

Ed Peers is my ultimate. I am infatuated with his work. And Gabe McClintock really inspires me to the core, his soul is literally reflected in his work and that’s all I could ever hope to achieve.

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And lastly, do you have a mantra? Or favourite quote?

I don’t actually – I often have songs playing in my head  – some of my favourite lyrics are from Angels and Airwaves’ “Everything’s Magic”…

“So hear this please and watch as your heart speeds up endlessly, and look for the stars as the sun goes down, each breath that you take has a wondrous sound, everything, everything’s magic”.

For me it’s important to keep chasing what makes you feel most alive.


EJ__0271 Kristi we absolutely LOVE your work and want to say a big thank you for being our first Vendor Feature! Welcome to the Hooray family and don’t be a stranger!

If you would like to get in touch with Kristi or follow her amazing work, check out the links below:

Twitter: KristiAgierPhoto


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