Tailor Me


Hit them up

At Tailor Me we believe that every suit we create is not simply defined by the quality and craftsmanship that goes into it, but more importantly by the individual who wears it.

As three friends frustrated by off-the-rack suits never quite delivering the personalised fit we were each after – our vision was to establish a brand that celebrated individuality, style and supreme quality. Today, the Tailor Me brand sees each and every one of our clients as new friends who share the same ideals as we do. Guys who believe that while looking the part is important, being undeniably you is even more so.

At Tailor Me, we don’t believe in exclusivity for exclusivity’s sake. And we don’t believe that a bespoke suit means posh or uptight. Instead, we believe that the real you should always come through with a bespoke suit that fits your personality, as impeccably as your build. Our brand is built on staying true to who you are, and while each and every suit is quite literally the epitome of outward appearance, the brand at its core is about inner confidence and authenticity.

Using only the finest wool to create breathable, one-of-a-kind suits that are as unique as the individuals who wear them, Tailor Me is about being 100% you – and nothing less.