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Candice is the owner of Blush Pro Makeup here in Durbs.
She is one of those incredible humans that light up the whole room with her personality and infectious laugh.
Always willing to lend a helping hand, Cands has been behind the scenes on many a shoot for Hooray and I absolutely love working with her. She never ceases to amaze me with the level of work she produces and coupled with her personality, it is no wonder she has become a firm favourite among the Durban Brides.

Here she is sharing her thoughts on “2019 Hair and Make Up Trends” –  we can’t wait to see her implement some of these looks on her brides this year!
Over to you Cands!

Planning your wedding can be overwhelming! Choosing invitations, flowers and guest favours while trying to make everybody happy can be very stressful, but let’s just be honest here for a minute….Your wedding day is about YOU! All eyes are on you, you are getting photographs to preserve your memories, so your wedding dress, hair and makeup need to be perfect.

2019 is going to be a special year as the upcoming trends have something for everyone’s tastes, so whether you are newly engaged or prepping for your fast approaching hair and make-up trial, these are just a few trends I foresee for 2019 that can help you choose your perfect style for your big day.



Meghan Markle set the wedding world on fire when she chose the no makeup look for her wedding day.
Her makeup perfectly accentuated her beautiful, natural features with minimal contouring and highlighting, using a neutral blusher/bronzer for her cheeks and of course, a nude lip. Her eyes were the main feature, wearing a smokey grey eye shadow with bold, fluttery lashes and brows that were strong and filled-in to anchor her face.

She chose to accentuate and highlight one feature and let her natural beauty do the rest. Relaxed and effortless, I really see this as the biggest make-up trend brides will be looking for in 2019.


Bye bye matte foundation! 2019 is all about fresh, dewy, luminous complexions and I’m not talking just on the cheek bones, I’m talking all over dewy skin!

This look can be achieved by using peachy or rosy hues of crème blusher on the cheeks and metallic or matte brown hues on the eye; think of it as a smoky eye but simplified, and of course, lots of mascara! Lips, depending on your colour scheme, can be either a bold burgundy or a beautiful just bitten berry lip. 


If you are looking for something that stands out on your wedding day, then metallics it is!
Metallics have predominantly been trending in the fashion world, but we are seeing the crossover to the wedding world, which is always exciting! Either metallic streaks of silver liner and a red lip, or softer metallic shades blended with a highlighter to soften the look, which is a perfect way to bring a little drama and flare to your look.
To be honest, this look can be very out there, but if done well, can be incredibly beautiful at the same time.


You can never go wrong with a Brigitte Bardot inspired winged liner and strong lip! This look has been around for a while and there is a reason why, its sexy and elegant with just the right amount of tres chic.
You can achieve this with either a subtle or bold flirty winged liner. If you are looking for something a little more subtle, the follow on from this look is the blended liner; instead of a solid line the line is softer and blended.

I always love pairing this look with a strong lip, be it a classic red or a season favourite of plums and burgundies, you really can’t go wrong!


Meghan Markle brought back the messy bun or rather, the undone bun…lets call it messy in a controlled way. This hairstyle is elegant and can suit a whole range of face shapes and dress options.  Loose, wind-swept hair is also a big trend for 2019.  Gentle waves with tendrils in the face give a very relaxed effortless look.

As Jo mentioned in her 2019 Wedding Trends post, the flower crown, as much as I love it, does seem to be on the way out. We are seeing more brides moving more towards tiara’s + crowns rather or a subtle flower in the hair.

This must be my favorite look at the moment. Beautiful, glossy, classic, old school Hollywood curls with a high sheen, slicked back behind one ear. #swoon

With all of these new trends you are spoilt for choice when it comes to your wedding look.
Just remember to have an honest, open relationship with your makeup artist, she will know if the desired look you want will work and if not, and will be able to tweak the look to suit you. She can also advise if certain hair and makeup trends will clash.
Always choose an artist that has a had a few years in the industry – check their websites and other social media pages, and watch out for “beautified” and filtered photos!



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