2019 Wedding Dress Trends from NYBFW

Your wedding dress is likely to be one of your biggest wedding expenses and near the top on your priority list.
I know that many (not all) have dreamed of their wedding dress from the time they were little girls and choosing THE dress is contributing in a big way to all the wedding excitement.

Whether you decide to have your dress custom made, purchase it off the rack or customise your mom’s( or grannies) gown for the sentimentality, your wedding dress is a BIG DEAL!

Since the New York bridal fashion week has JUST ended, we decided to share our thoughts on what’s trending in bridal fashion and list our favourites from the 100’s of gorgeous design out there setting the trends for 2019.

Satin, sleeves, Meghan Markle inspired enables, capes and the uber chic jumpsuit are all leading elements for the 2019 wedding season. Sexy is still in with sheer + nude fabrics and we are loving the oversized embellishments and lace details. Also, did I mention, GLITTER IS IN!

There really is something for everyone. If you would rather show off what your mamas gave ya or keep it classy and elegant in true Meghan fashion, the options are endless.

Here are our favourites:

  1. Meghan Madness
    The world stood still when Miss Markle decided that true beauty shines best when you keep it chic and simple and designers all over the world, flocked to the clean fabrics as they drew inspiration from the duchess of York. These designs are effortlessly chic and timeless and won’t have you cringing when you look back on what you wore in 10 years or so.

    LHS: Cushnie | MIDDLE: Amsale | RHS: Savannah Miller


  2. Sheer Beauty
    I think my father would have a heart attack if he had to walk me down the aisle in something see-through, but man oh man my inner-vixen does a shriek of delight whenever I see these gorgeous creations. I especially love the oversized lace detail in the Willowby by Watters ensemble, showing us boho is totally not dead.
    Sexy, confident and owning every second of your wedding day.

    LHS: Berta | MID: Willowby by Watters | RHS: Berta


  3. The Power Bride
    I AM DEAD! These gorgeous jumpsuits make me want to get married all over again. On a rooftop, somewhere in NYC, sipping on Moét and watching the city come alive after dark. So what if a dress is not for you, these incredible jump suits show us that you can still be uber sexy while keeping it clean cut and simple, al la Cara Delavigne at the most recent royal wedding.

    LHS: Cushnie | MID: Bhldn | RHS: Floravere


  4. Glitter Baby
    You know that my heart yearns for all things sparkly, BUT… I do think that including sparkles in your wedding dress, needs to be done tastefully or else you might look like something out of a gypsy wedding carnival. But these beauties, man oh man, how could you go wrong? Tasteful and chic with just the right amount of frosting to keep you coming back for more! #OBSESSED

    LHS: Oscar de la Renta | MID: Floravere | RHS: Rodarte


Last but not least, what would the world of fashion be without some fails.
And these bad boys, well I couldn’t well leave them out now could I? Maybe they tickle your fancy, or rather your funny bone (see what I did there), but they had to be shared. My favourite is the Vera Wang death doll, I might just run in the other direction if she came my way!

from left to right: Brock | Marc Jacobs | Vera Wang | Rodarte

And thats a wrap from the 2019 wedding trends! Hope you found something you love, or managed to draw some inspiration from some of these incredible creations. Just not the death doll, don’t get inspired by her, unless you want to murder your husband as you walk down the aisle.

Happy dress shopping!

all images courtesy of Brides

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