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Every wedding is a special, unique little snowflake. Each different in it’s own way and the quirks that show the couple’s personality are usually the most memorable bits. However, sometimes the personality of the event can get squashed under the weight of fun-suckers – ‘tradition’ and ‘trend’.  


I love seeing a couple cast aside the cultural expectations and put on an event that truly celebrates who they are. To help, I’d like to free the couples of the world from these traps that while once may have been a cute idea, have become bloated and soulless through repetition.  While we by no means want to guilt you into not including these things if you have your heart set on them, we don’t want to see any more brides do them simply out of obligation or lack of imagination!

Without further ado: 5 Trends That Need to End in 2015.

1. “1000 Years”

The opening strains of this song are dangerously injury-inducing because your guests are rolling their eyes SO hard. We have all heard it. So. Many. Times. Not only have all the 2013/2014 brides promised to love their groom for a ridiculous thousand years, but we can’t get the image of vampires out of our minds when we hear it. And we want that to go away now. There are a thousand other amazing songs that will breathe life into your story together and give you goosebumps when you hear them again. This song is dead, let it go.

2. Table Favours

So many brides feel like they must hand-craft 150 darling little table favours for their guests. And 150 guests feel like they have to take this sad trinket home where it will be quietly disposed of. I have been to MANY weddings that are devoid of  favours and I promise you that no guest has left in outrage. This is not a child’s birthday party, nobody is expecting a gift from you on your wedding. You have given your guests an excuse to dress up and enjoy a free meal, what else could they want from you? If you have the budget and inclination to bless your guests with something meaningful, beautiful or useful, then by all means go to town but let’s stop pretending that this is a required part of getting married. 

3. Garter and Bouquet Toss

This is not going to be a popular opinion but there are very few weddings where these two events go over well and are thoroughly enjoyed by all involved. If you are 22 and the first of your large group of young friends to get married and they all want to leap around the dance floor snatching at something you have worn under your dress all day, go for it. But for the rest of the weddings, it’s an unnatural break in the party where the single ladies and men are reluctantly dragged onto the floor (groaning to the strains of Beyonce’s you-know-what-song) and forced to perform a pretty demeaning ritual. Singledom is not some kind of curse that requires your magic bridal juju to break it. Your single friends are fine. Release them from this pitying task.

4. The 2 Hour Photoshoot

If your wedding has a photographer and guests, then you need to decide who is most important to you. The days where you leave your guests hanging for 2+ hours while you take photos are over because everyone has already been through that and once is enough. If you want 5 different locations and complicated set-ups with smoke-machines, lights and time to coax the ‘vogue’ out of your terrified new husband, then book a fashion shoot on your own time. Your guests have expensive babysitters, uncomfortable shoes, have travelled far, are staying in a dodgy bed and breakfast tonight and all they want to do is be with you on your wedding day. A wedding is a celebration of that community and leaving them for 2/3rds of it is no longer acceptable. The worst part is that the resulting images aren’t even worth the effort and expense since they look staged and uncomfortably fake. Your photographer should be able to work magic in any light, use a few close locations to their best potential, capture you both at your authentic bests and be fast enough to give you a variety of images in a limited time frame. Here is your permission to enjoy your guests at your cocktail hour and maybe even eat some of your own cake!

5. Sparkle

In theory, sparkle and glitter go hand-in-hand with celebrations, but they create havoc in your photos. Just like “jazz hands” simply turn into regular hands in a photo, glitter just turns into random white blobs in your images. Decide carefully where on your person you want to place random white blobs. Sparkly eye makeup photographs as white blobby eye splatters. Hair glitter looks like dandruff. Body shimmer will transfer to your new husbands suit and see point # 1: we are all trying to forget about sparkly vampires.

6 thoughts on “Guest Writer | Trends that need to end

  1. Lauren says:

    Yes! I’m so proud I did not do a single one of these!
    You should add to this list – No brides maids! I didn’t have any and that ensured that the whole day was only about us, no bridesmaids upset about their dresses or fighting with other brides maids or making it their wedding! WIN!

    If you have real friends, they will STILL rally around your wedding, throw your hens party, help you prep etc and all because they want to, not because you asked them to take on some archaic title ( that was actually for slaves).

  2. debbi says:

    I did none of those, no seating plan, no wedding cake (well not a traditional one anyway), no tossing of anything, bride did the speech. Loved every minute. It was a relaxed day with special people. After all it is about the rest of your life, not about the day!!!

  3. Dawn Oosthuis says:

    Well done ladies! What a brilliantly written article! Totally agree with all the points. Number especially kills me!! As a videographer, I not only have to hear 1000 Years on the day, but then have to edit to its tedious strins too!! So enjoying the new fun you’re putting into weddings- keep it up!

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