Burning Questions | Part 2

Part 2!

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In this blog, we get to chat to some amazing dress designers as well as makeup artists in the KZN wedding industry.

All your burning questions were answered, plus some! So if you are looking for some answers with regards to all things wedding beauty related, get a notepad, pour yourself a glass of wine and get ready to soak in some amazing advice from these lovely ladies!

Without further adieu, let’s hand it over to the magic makers….

Feature Image: Design by Hanrie Lues, Photography by White Light

How long in advance should I get my dress altered?

To begin please find a highly recommended seamstress who has the availability to alter your gown before purchasing a gown that doesn’t fit perfectly. If you’re a stable weight have the alterations finished +- 4 weeks before your wedding date. If your weight is fluctuating 1 week before is fine as long as your seamstress comes highly recommended and is reliable.

If you’ve bought a dress you should start looking for a seamstress to adjust it right away, then once you’ve found someone good, book to have your alterations done so that they are finished 2 weeks before the wedding. Lots of brides lose a bit of weight in the weeks before so without leaving it to the last minute, try to get it done as close to your wedding as possible. Again this will all depend on the timeline provided by the person you are working with.

Design: Sadie Bosworth | Photography: Nina Buys

I am short and overweight – what style would suit me?

There is a style out there to suit every bride! So don’t lose heart, which can sometimes happen, because most gowns on Pinterest are shown on size 32 ‘brides’, as tall as netball goalies! So if you are shorter in stature and plus size, the most flattering style is usually a fitted bodice, with a Deep-V neckline and a flowy skirt. The amount of cleavage shown usually depends on personal preference, but in my experience, the vertical lines help to elongate your figure. Opt for a block heel or wedge for some height and comfort, instead of sky-high stiletto heels.

For shorter brides with a fuller frame, I recommend a streamlined silhouette with vertical or diagonal lines, rather than horizontal which cut the body, and good fabrics.

– Possibly an A-line or the gentle fit and flare silhouette with a V-neckline, V-back and a small train. These design details have a magical elongating effect on the body.

– Fabrication is also important to give support and coverage. Scuba is a dream to work with.

We’re all about making our brides feel comfortable and the most flattered version of themselves, so we would work closely with you to determine what suits your body and personality.

Design: Brit + Bride | Photography: Peachy Keen

What does an average bespoke wedding dress cost?

It’s usually hard to say offhand without a specific design in mind, but our average finished gown usually lands between R32 000 and R38 000 all-inclusive. We have definitely had more expensive ones and we have also had less expensive ones, it really does depend on the intricacy of the design, hand-work hours, fabric choice, etc.

Design: Hanrie Lues | Photography: White Light

I have a small budget, but I would really love an amazing wedding dress. What can I do?

To cut down on cost you can avoid hand-beading and choose fabric that is not too difficult to work with. Otherwise, choose a simple style and have an amazing statement veil

You can keep an eye out for sample sales, second-hand designer gown websites, pre-loved boutiques & possibly look at hiring a gown.

Chat to your dressmaker about your limited budget, and get advice on what styling tweaks or fabric choices you can make to fit your budget.

Design: Casey Jeanne | Photography: Moira West

How long does the process of designing and making a wedding dress take? How far in advance should I look at seeing a dress designer?

For custom gowns we require bookings 3-12 months in advance. We begin the actual making of your gown 3 months prior to your wedding date and hand over 2 weeks before the big day. For your own peace of mind and to make sure your designer doesn’t fill up, book as early as you can.

The process usually takes 3 to 12 months, but this does depend on when your wedding is as some times of the year are busier than others for design studios. I think it’s best to get in touch with the designer as early as possible, even if it means just letting them know you want to work with them as they would then be able to keep space open in the work schedule for your gown.

We always say it’s never too early to make that initial inquiry. We usually book up about 6 – 8 months in advance, but lately we’ve seen a trend of getting bookings even up to 13-14 months in advance! Brides like to tick the ‘DRESS’-box off, as it is a major thing on the to-do list. It offers a lot of peace of mind to know that you have found your dream dress designer! The actual making process will only start 4 – 5 months before delivery. But most designers have limited spaces available in a month, so it’s always best to book sooner rather than later.

Design: Hanrie Lues | Photography: White Light

Who pays for what when it comes to bridesmaids?

It’s your wedding so it’s your rules! The bride can pay, or you can offer an amount towards the bridesmaid outfits, or you can ask your bridesmaids to pay for their own outfits in full. If you want your bridesmaids to pay for their own outfit, then you have to give them some freedom of choice as you can’t expect them to pay for your outrageously expensive choice.

This totally depends on each bridal party. If, as the bride, you are asking bridesmaids to wear something very specific it does make sense that the bride then pays, especially if it is something the girls may not have chosen themselves. The best option here is to be open from the start and discuss who is going to pay for what.

Design: Sadie Bosworth | Photography: Nina Buys

The next section is all things Makeup!
The questions were all answered by Candice from Blush Pro Makeup

How do you figure out what “look” you should go for?

Think about your dress and the “feel” of your wedding. Once you have all your colour schemes and your mood boards, talk to your makeup artist. We will straight up tell you what will or won’t suit you or if there is a style clash. (Obviously in a nice way). We genuinely want you to look and feel the best you ever have on your special day.

How do I know which make up artist will suit me best?

Phone the makeup artist and ask all your questions. Whatsapp and emails won’t give you a true feel. Also, choose Makeup artists that have more than 5 years experience and make sure that their photos aren’t filtered to avoid disappointment

How do I touch up my make up after/during my reception?
Pack a little powder, bronzer, and lipstick if you are worried that your makeup won’t last. Take a piece of tissue before you apply powder if your face is oily. That way it won’t “cake”. Your makeup should be perfect up until, and including, your reception. Many Brides are having way too much fun with their HUSBAND to even touch up their faces.

Christy Hosking Photography

How important is a trial?

A trial allows you and your chosen artist to bond (we are with you for 4 to 6 hours on your wedding day) and to also see exactly what you will look like. Sometimes the makeup style you want actually doesn’t look great. However, if you are confident that you have chosen the right artist, a trial isn’t completely necessary

How much of my budget should I set aside for Hair and Makeup?

Depending on the size of your bridal party and the talent of the artist. Anything between R5500 and R10000.

And the last piece of advice from Hanrie…

The best advice I received before our wedding, was to take a moment to PAUSE and reflect, during the day. It all passes by in the blink of an eye… All the months of planning, over in a flash. Grab your hubby, 2 glasses of bubbly and find a quiet spot away from the crowd, just for a few minutes. To sit and enjoy your moment together. It’s about YOU two, after all, YOUR love and YOUR joining of souls. In all of the fan-fare, sometimes this can get lost.

Oh and a personal VERY IMPORTANT tip from me, don’t skimp on the photographer or videographer! Photos and videos are without a doubt worth investing in.

Ladies, thank you so much for sharing your insider tips with all our brides today. We are sure you have helped put their minds at ease and given them some direction for their future wedding plans!

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