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Welcome to 2021, the year that will be filled with new innovations to help keep the wedding industry afloat, and after the president’s speech last night, who knows when we will be allowed to celebrate weddings again.
Luckily, micro celebrations, zoom weddings and elopements have now become an in-thing for brides, but at the end of the day, big celebrations will return one day, and when they do, you will want the best wedding vendors there for your big day.

Before ‘Rona reared her ugly head, brides were able to visit Wedding Expos to learn more about service providers and get some advice on their wedding day, but what about now? How can brides have that expo experience in these ‘Rona times?

That’s where Espousal Online comes in.

Hooray Weddings has partnered up with Espousal South Africa as a media partner to bring you their amazing online wedding expo that will be coming to South Africa on the weekend of the 26th to the 27th of March.
If you are a wedding vendor who is trying to decide if you would like to take out a stall at this event, then read on to find out more.

What is Espousal Online you ask?
Espousal Online is a platform for the wedding fraternity across the world to come together in a collaborative effort to inspire and delight.

Espousal aims to provide the opportunity to South Africa’s most sought after wedding suppliers, organisers and thousands of diverse couples & consumers, to experience a wondrous showcase of culture, tradition and diversity at a one-stop destination. Meticulous planning, courage to adapt and relentless pursuit to deliver an exceptional virtual experience, is what keeps the ESPOUSAL team motivated and make this a truly global experience!

What can I expect if I purchase a stall?
State of the art stalls are being designed that will have the following features:

  1. A “Help Desk” at the stall
  2. The ability to download your brochure
    Potential customers will be able to download your brochure to find out more about your company and what you can offer them.
  3. Gallery to showcase your service and/or products
    A great way to show off your work to potential brides, and for them to get a better understanding of the work you do.
    Images, as well as videos, can be used in the gallery.
  4. Chat stations
    Here you will be able to have one on one chats with potential customers, where they will be able to ask you questions and find out more about your product and/or services. This can be done over text or via video chats.
  5. Make Sales
    If you have any wedding-related goodies that you would like to sell on the day, you can do so right from your stall.
    Sale of your products can be used using your payment link or the same could be integrated from Espousal’s links.
  6. Analytics of all prospective customers who visit your stall
    This would include their: names, mail id, mobile number, company, country etc.
  7. Two representatives will get access to the stall
    Don’t worry, you don’t need to do this all alone, you will be able to have two of your representatives available.
  8. Design your own stall
    You will get access to design and redesign your stall as many times you wish.
    If you would like Espusal to do this for you, they will do so free of cost for the first design.
  9. Social Media Promotions
    Once you purchase a stall, Espousal SA will promote your brand on their social media platforms
  10. Insta live
    An amazing way to introduce you to the Espousal audience, as well as discuss your company and the services you offer.

So, if you are ready to jump on board and take out a stall, there is an early bird special with an R500 discount available to you now! 
Click here to secure your stall at this Early Bird rate. 

Times are definitely tough, so for those of you that would like the chance to win a 50% discount off your stall, head to Hooray Weddings Instagram and enter our competition!

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