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So, if you, like us, have a magpie eye and love all things sparkly. Then you too will love the glitter “festival” trend that has taken the likes of Coachella and Burning Man by storm! 

We love how this trend has filtered down into fun dress ups and even bachelorette shenanigans and if you would like to get all glam for your hens do, or even your post wedding party, we are giving you the tips and tricks on how to…in the words of Riri herself, shine bright like a diamond!

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Step 1. Gather your glitter.
These face stickers were brought over by a friend from England, but similar gems + stick on jewels can be found at Everlasting + China Mall. Depending on how extravagant you would like your look to be, we suggest one application per face. You can mix and match tops with bottoms, or add or remove gems to your liking. This is your creative expression, go wild!

Pots of glitter are also a must and you can choose from something that stands out and makes a statement, or colours that blend together with your face gems.
For a fine glitter addition, we recommend MAC’s 3D gold glitter.

Step 2. Make sure you have the correct brushes and a gel adhesive.
You will need a large brush to cover the bigger areas and a smaller brush for the fine tuning and smaller areas.

Step 3. Make-up First
It is far more difficult to apply your makeup on top of the glitter. There is also the worry of your make up getting stuck in the glue/sticky sections and just becoming a big mess. So make sure your make up is finished before starting the application process.

Step 4. Start from the top and work your way down.
Starting with your hair will ensure that any glitter which may fall onto your face will be easily brushed away instead of catching any gel or gems already on your face.

Step 5: Gems
Once you are happy with your hair, the next step is to place your face gems. You can place as per the directions or choose your own vibe. Anything really goes when you want to be a glitter princess!    Step 6: Filling in the gaps
Once you have applied your face gems, you can now full in the gaps with your glitter. Use your medium brush to full the large areas and your smaller brush to fine tune your look and decorate the smaller areas. If you have face stencils, this is also a great time to use them to customise your design with glitter patterns.

And there you have it, as easy as pie! You are now ready to shine the night away. 

Just a couple of pointers, your face is going to “tighten” and itch as your chosen gel dries, so try not to scratch your prettiness off. Remember to wash your face when you get home and remove all your gems and glitter or else your pillow is going to resemble something close to a unicorn fart. Pretty to look at, but terrible to clean!

Special thank you to our friend and incredible make-up artist Laura for being our model and to the lovely Louise who shared her amazing “glitter goddess” skills! You both rock, thank you!

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