Get your skin wedding ready!

We sat down with our skin guru, Pia from Beauty at 305 recently to discuss the importance of getting your skin wedding ready and what she recommends to get your skin looking and feeling it’s best before your big day.

Ensuring your skin is well prepared leading up to your wedding, enables your skin to glow naturally, and your make up to look better and sit for longer – no flakey foundation – ew.
So if you are wanting to know what you need to do to ensure your skin is looking its best on your wedding day, pour yourself a cuppa and read on.

Hooray: Hi Pia! Tell us about yourself.
Pia: Hi lovelies, my name is Pia and I own and run Beauty @ 305 at 305 Guesthouse in Amanzimtoti. I have been a therapist for the past 14 years and 2 years ago I became a Paramedical Skin Therapist with DMK. I have also owned a nationally & internationally recognised Beauty Training Academy for 7 years. Skin is my passion and I love working with you to get your skin to it’s absolute best!

Hooray: What do you think a bride needs for wedding ready skin?
Pia: Good, healthy skin with a strong barrier function that’s not heavily congested with lots of milia, blackheads or pimples. Obviously having flawless skin, as healthy as your skin can be, means that your make up is going to “sit” and look so much better. It’s not just about the make-up though, you are going into a different stage of your life, and it’s a good opportunity and time for you to start looking after your skin, because invariably you’ve saved up money. Whatever you are spending on your skin care package before your wedding should become a part of your wedding budget.
Its not about just getting your skin to look good on your wedding day, its getting your skin to it’s best possible state that it can be – its getting your skin to it’s healthiest stage.

Hooray: Talk us through the general process of your facials.
Pia: The first thing I do with my clients is a full consultation. This includes finding out what medication they are on, for example a contraceptive, because if they are getting married they might be considering going off the contraceptive pill – which could become a problem to the skin.
Within this consultation I also look at what skin care products they are currently using – the one thing I don’t do is oversell. I am also not going to try and convert them off their current products, however, if they are concerned about their skin and if they are wanting clearer, healthier, flawless skin then using an over the counter product from a supermarket is just not going to give them the results they are looking for.
Bottom line – it’s not as strong, there is nothing in them that can penetrate the skin. So I would try discuss with them possibly changing one or two products and getting them onto a more concentrated moisturizer that is a vitamin delivery system, because that’s what we are wanting to do, deliver vitamins into the skin through serums and moisturizers. So nothing from the supermarket is going to be able to do that.
We would need to discuss their budget, what they want to spend on their skin and how many treatments they want to have because you can actually have a treatment a week, but this is unrealistic and not affordable for most.
So I would look at getting them onto a rich Vitamin A delivery system, and also working on a package for them. In salon skin treatments are a lot stronger than what you are using at home and you will see better results when a client is using a home care system as well as having in salon treatments, because we use machines as well in our treatments

Hooray: What would you recommend to your brides?
Pia: Some brides have chosen to have a peel once a month, until a month before the wedding. When you do a peel you are removing all the dead corneocytes that are hanging onto the surface of the epidermis, so once you do that peel, penetration of your home care products is going to be so much greater, so you will get faster results.
A month before the wedding I will do a vitamin infusion skin treatment, I won’t be peeling them because we’ve peeled enough off at that point so now I am just feeding the skin with vitamins.
Then two weeks before the wedding, she will have her last skin treatment and for the night before the wedding I would get the client to purchase a clay mask (it’s a balancing mask from Environ to sleep with the night before the wedding and it’s just amazing!) It clarifies the skin, helps to refine the pores and locks in moisture so the next morning the skin is in a really good condition. The morning of the wedding she would use her moisturizer and a little bit of one of the skin oils, so either the DMK herbal pigment oil which just locks moisture in to the skin, so your skin is on the slightest bit on the oily side when your make up is being applied OR a hydrating oil capsule from Environ. The make-up artist is going to apply foundation and then powder because for good make up in photography your make up needs to be applied matte. So for your skin not to look dehydrated, and for your crow’s feet and wrinkles not to show using a skin oil in the morning is always a good idea.

Hooray: When is the best time to start working on your “wedding skin”
Pia: 3 to 6 months before, depending on the condition of the skin. So someone who is really battling with their skin would definitely start at the 6 month mark and I would probably start, again, depending on the condition of the skin, with either a TCA peel or an alkaline wash. So first trying to clear the skin and then getting it into a healthy state. So someone who has a lot of broken veins, flushes easily or has very red skin, they’ve basically got what we call an impaired barrier, so we would be getting the barrier of the skin as healthy as possible and getting the skin functioning at its optimal.

Hooray: Let’s talk about different budgets
Super tight budget:

Pia: I would recommend a mini DF facial 6 months before the wedding. (Preferably she should start at the 3 to 6 months before even on a tight budget.) So one in salon skin treatment and consultation so that she is using the home care products at least six months before. I would recommend her changing onto a Vitamin A skin moisturizer and possibly also a serum to get her wedding ready. To see a change in your skin, it takes around three months, so three months before the wedding you will already see a change and then for the next three months you could add a serum so it gets her skin just looking healthy, glowing and fabulous.
If budget allows for it, you could do another in salon treatment three months before the wedding, either another peel or deep cleanse facial.

Medium Budget:
Pia: I would work on doing two to three peels before the wedding. Again I would start 6 months before because of the time frame that you need to allow the skin to change – the skin is not a machine, it is an organ, we cannot rush an organ, we don’t know how it’s going to respond to the treatments, we don’t know how it’s going to respond to products, so you need at least six months. I would also recommend home care products as stated in the tight budget above.

Splash Out Budget:
Also, 6 months before on a splash out budget is perfectly fine. I would do a monthly treatment for the first three months and then for the last three months I would do a skin treatment every two weeks. I would then do my last skin treatment about four days before the wedding. (If you are doing a very strong vitamin infusion she might be a little bit red that day so you want to have time to let the skin settle) The night before I would DEFINITELY get her to do a Revival Mask and as she wakes up, wash, moisturize and a hydrating oil capsule. I would also sell her the revival mask, hydrating oil capsule, balancing mask, sequence eye gel, vitamin a moisturizer – the whole shabam!

Pia, thank you so much for sharing this information with us today – we hope it has helped our brides with their decisions on how to handle their skin care before the wedding.

We have never met anyone more passionate or informative about skin and we are so excited to be bringing you a series of blog posts with Pia where she will share all her knowledge with our readers.
If you would like to make a booking for a skin consultation with Pia, click the link below:
Beauty @ 305

8 thoughts on “Get your skin wedding ready!

  1. Nikita De Canha says:

    I am getting married in February 2020 and I would love to win this competition and receive an #enzymetherapy for myself.

    I have a few scars from old acne, that I am really struggling with – I have used used everything! Also who doesn’t want amazing skin for their wedding day

  2. Kerri Sudding says:

    I would absolutely love this for my wedding in August, after reading this blog post I’m terrified I’ve left it too late! But if I start now it’ll be within Pias range of 3 months before the wedding! I’ve upped my water intake, reduced makeup wear, eating better but my skin is still looking a little worse for wear! I think I need Pias help

  3. Michelle says:

    I can feel the effect of wedding planning stress on my skin. All my time, effort and money is going into the wedding so I have been neglecting myself a little
    This will be an amazing opportunity for me to get my skin ready for my special day in June ❤️
    I love Beauty@305, myself and my bridesmaids and my mom and mother in law are all getting pedicures there the day before the wedding! Yay! ❤️

  4. Sherry McAlister says:

    Oh my word, this is amazing!! I would love to win this to give my skin the love and glow it deserves for our big day on the 7th of December this year 🙂

  5. Jenna Mason says:

    This would a life changing win, with all the planning that goes into a wedding along side having such a stressful job I’ve complety neglected myself. I’ve even gone as far as not wearing makeup for a week at a time to let my skin breath, however internal stress has got the better of it and my skin is crying for much needed attention. This would be the best thing for me to help prep for the big day which is 2 May 2o2o, nothing better than a confident bride feeling good in her own skin x

  6. Monique Wheal says:

    This would be uuuuuh-mazing!!!
    I am getting married on the 10th of August and wedding stresses are starting to show themselves. I’ve started breaking out- which I’ve never had a problem with before. It really makes me feel quite self conscious, especially as I’m trying not to wear makeup during the week at work (but thank goodness for lash extensions- so I don’t look entirely ill). I’m trying to drink more water, keep my makeup brushes clean after use as well as keeping my bed linen and towels clean. The hardest one is trying not to pick!! I think Pia is my ultimate solution for my glowing bridal skin xx

  7. Simangele Gugu Hlophe says:

    I feel like 2019 just came to showy skin HEAT! I recently had quite a big surgery amd after almost 3 weeks in the hospital on a ton of drips and antibiotics my poor skin is looking BEAT which naturally has hit a girls self confidence! I no doubt need Pias’ help … I mean have you seem her skin, GODDESS #enzymetherapy #fingerscrossed #helpgugugethergrooveback

  8. Nikita De Canha says:

    Thought I lost out on this competition (even though I am definitely visiting Pia) as soon as I am back home as I live in China at the moment and as mentioned before my skin is terrible as it is, it’s suffering with all the pollution here in China so seeing that I still have a chance to win this amazing prize – I am commenting again

    #iwantflawlessskin #gettingweddingreadywith #enzymetherapy ❤️

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