Let’s go Eco Friendly!

Today is Earth Day, so I thought it would be the perfect time to share 10 ways to help make your wedding more eco-friendly!

While there are so many amazing ways to go green, here are just a few options for you to consider. So if you have just started your wedding planning process, and are looking for a few ideas, read on!

  1. Be Paper Conscious
    Thank goodness for Pinterest! You can create boards for every aspect of your wedding day and pin to your heart’s content! No more printing necessary!
    When it comes to the actual planning, you can create documents and to-do lists, and keep them all organised right on your laptop.
    With regards to your wedding stationery, chat with your stationer and try to digitise as many aspects as you can.
    Create a wedding website with all the relevant information needed by the guests. These can be beautifully curated to fit your wedding theme and not only will you be helping the environment, but also saving on printing costs too!
    By the way, most guests will throw away invitations, so don’t feel bad if you decide to go digital!
  2. Check your Venue’s Eco Footprint
    When looking for a wedding venue, chat to them about their environmentally friendly practices. If they have none, then it probably is not the venue for you, but if they do things such as recycling and composting, then add them to your “maybe list”!
  3. Repurpose your Decor
    If you are looking at buying a few of your decor pieces, see if you can either use them in your home afterwards (hello neon signage!), or perhaps you can re-sell them after the event – while we on the resell subject, before you buy new, check Facebook Marketplace, perhaps there is a past bride that is selling the items you are wanting to buy new!
    The best option would be to hire out pieces from a rental company – South African brides are blessed to have the most amazing Furniture & Decor companies, ready to help bring your dream wedding to life!
  4. Say no to plastic
    While I know you are not going to have plastic cutlery sitting on your beautifully styled tablescape… you might be having picnic-style canapés that could require picnic cutlery. Ensure you are using bamboo or eco-friendly options.
    You can also check in with your venue to ensure the bar has no plastic straws.
  5. Flower Power
    Chat to your florist about sourcing sustainable and locally sourced flowers. If you are into it, use live plants that are potted in pots and vessels – these can be used in your home afterwards, gifted to your bridal party or donated to a charitable cause.
    ALSO, if you are not wanting to buy these types of plants, you can hire them!
    If you do decide to go with traditional arrangements when the wedding is said and done, consider dropping off the leftover arrangements at a local nursing home – the grannies and grandpas will love having some gorgeous flowers to brighten their days!
  6. Thrift Store Finds
    I recently saw a TikTok where a bride-to-be found her dream wedding dress in a Thrift Store! She had to have a few alterations done, but I was amazed!
    Have a look around your local second-hand shops, you never know what treasures you can find – from bridesmaids dresses to wedding decor, there could be a winner waiting for you!
    P.S: If you don’t like the idea of a Thrift Shop wedding dress, then why not consider renting your dress? Or chatting to your designer about using eco-friendly fabrics.
  7. Food glorious food!
    Let’s talk food! We all love an amazing meal, but if you would like to be more eco-conscious, consider supporting a caterer who sources their ingredients from local farms.
    If you are wanting to go as “green” as possible, why not consider serving a vegan meal instead?
  8. Toss the confetti and shout HOORAY!
    This would be a no brainer, but ensure you use biodegradable confetti for your confetti toss! From flower petals to birdseed, there are MANY eco-friendly confetti options out there!
  9. Favours
    By now you will know that I think favours are not needed at your wedding, you are already wining and dining your guests, that is thanks enough! But, if you would like to give your guests favours, consider something a little more eco-friendly, for example, indigenous plants that they can replant in their gardens!
  10. Party Bus!
    So, I know that this does not sound like a green option, BUT, if your ceremony and reception are at two different venues, consider using a shuttle service to cut down on emissions from a whole bunch of cars going back and forth. 
    While some brides are not always involved with this decision, when ring shopping, why not consider purchasing an antique ring?
    If this is not your style, ensure your jeweller is sourcing conflict-free stones to ensure your purchase isn’t supporting illegal activity.

So, there we go! A few ideas to help you make your wedding more Earth Friendly!
Are you thinking of going green with your wedding? How are you planning on doing so?
Let us know!

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