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Jenna is the kind of girl who has dreamed of her wedding day since she was a little girl, and the result of that was a most beautiful wedding celebration with every detail thought out long in advance. 
This wedding had so many unique and quirky elements that we knew we just had to share it with you, in the hopes that it will inspire your own wedding planning.

Jenna and Louis are really in love, and this is so obvious when you look through their wedding photos. From amazing service providers, to delicious food and glorious weather – this wedding had it all. Enjoy…


What made you and Louis fall in love with Talloula?

Louis and I first visited Talloula for my Dad’s 60th birthday celebrations. I remember walking around and thinking to myself, I would LOVE to get married here but I thought it would be way out of my budget.

When we got engaged, Louis and I went “Wedding Venue Shopping” and after a few disappointing attempts we decided to find out more about Talloula – we took my whole family up one Sunday and Glynnis took us on a tour and gave us a basic summary of how they run their weddings.

We sat down after our tour to have lunch and when Glynnis bought us her available dates it was fate. She had the date we were looking at available! We told her then and there that Talloula would be our wedding venue.

Jenna&Louis_023 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_004

Your dress is a Julia Ferrandi creation, was it everything you dreamed of and more?

Wow, what can I say about my dress that the pictures don’t show you already – it was the perfect princess dress I had been dreaming about since I was a little girl. Not only was my dress to die for, but Julia and her mom are absolutely amazing. From my first concept meeting to my last dress fitting (where champagne, strawberries and meringues were served), they made me feel like I was their only bride, tending to anything that was concerning me and making me feel so special.

HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_007 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_008

How did you save money?

I would definitely say my biggest savings was the fact that my sister, Christy Hosking, designed all my stationary for me. From my invites, to my menus, to my seating chart – all I had to pay for was the printing. I have been told by more than one bride how lucky I am to have not paid for the design of my stationary.

We also decided to go with pot pies for our main meal – something Louis and I fell in love with from Talloula’s menu. We received so many compliments on the different choice. We also had canapé’s served on the lawns after our vows, instead of starters at the reception.

HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_011 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_012

What was your biggest budget blower?

I would definitely have to say my Julia Ferrandi Dress, however, it was worth every penny spent. Never in my life would I have expected to spend what I did on my wedding dress, however after going shopping and seeing the price of off the rail wedding dresses, I decided why not just get my own made exactly how I would want it. So I did.

HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_013 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_014 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_015 You are SO lucky that you got THE most popular wedding flower, Peonies! We believe there is a little story behind this?

I am a very lucky lady to have gotten peonies! I remember asking Glynnis if she would be able to get peonies for me and she said unfortunately I would not be able to have them as they are very rare and only available at certain times of the year. I was so disappointed but she promised she would give me the very best alternative flowers and I believed her.

In the week of my wedding, I went up to Talloula to drop off a few of my additional décor items, Glynnis and I were chatting when she broke the good news to me, she was able to get me peonies! I swear I could have kissed her when she said that. I jumped up and down like a little girl and gave her the biggest hug with tears in my eyes. She then continued to say, she was gifting them to me, no extra charge.



HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_024 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_025 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_027 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_028

What was unique to your wedding?

I had a few unique things about my wedding, the one being a confetti bar. My family and I worked very hard making different types of confetti, and some was store bought. Our guests could take a gold heart box and fill it with the confetti of their choice – we had “love”, “funfetti”, “petals”, “streamers” and “feathers”.


What was your favorite moment of the whole day?

This is a very hard question, but the one that popped into my mind first was definitely walking down the aisle – the moment was perfect. Linked in my dad’s arm, looking at all our family and friends who had come to celebrate with us and then finally catching the eyes of the love of my life. My heart still wells up at the thought of it.

HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_033 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_034 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_037 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_038 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_041

And that cake topper! What does it Say?

As Louis is Afrikaans, we decided we had to also incorporate it into our big day. Our cake topper said “verewig en altyd” which means forever and always, and then our table names were Afrikaans love terms, such as “Bokkie”, “Liefie”, “Skattie” etc.


What was one of your “coolest” ideas?

There were a lot of unique ideas in our wedding, however, my favourite has to be when Louis and I decided we were going to have a caramel flavoured wedding cake my dad was so disappointed (he is a big lover of chocolate cake). I contacted Murphy and asked her if she was able to make a few chocolate cupcakes for my dad. After we cut the cake, I presented my dad with his gift, the look on his face was priceless and he was so touched!

HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_044 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_045 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_047 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_048 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_049

Who was your favourite service provider and what made them so special (you can choose more than one person here if you wish)?

Again, another hard question – I was very blessed to be surrounded with a team of service providers who were just so professional and knew exactly what they were doing. I am such a control freak, however, I can say that on my wedding day I was able to sit back, relax, and take it all in, knowing the professionals were taking care of it all. From a morning of being pampered with Lorette doing my hair and Candice my make-up, to Eileen knowing exactly when to hype me up or offer me a drink to calm me down during the photos. Of course, Glynnis being there for my every need with nothing ever too much to ask – I remember having a good giggle when just before we left to go down to the chapel she said “The Bride is on the move” into her walkie talkie.

HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_050 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_051 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_052

What was the best piece of advice you received?

Remember to stop, take Louis’ hand and remind each other to “take it all in”

HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_054 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_055 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_056 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_001

What was your biggest money waster?

Fire buckets. Louis and I assumed it was going to be a cold winter’s day so we made sure there were fire buckets available for people to huddle around while we were off taking photos. Our wedding day however, turned out to be the most glorious day ever and fire buckets were not needed.

HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_057 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_058 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_060 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_061

Name one of the things people are still taking about after your wedding?

Aisle Hire It Photo Booth! BEST decision ever. The photo booth was definitely the biggest entertainment piece for everyone, young and old. Everyone took full advantage of the hashtag printing.

HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_063 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_064  HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_067We are gaga over that pancake bar – what made you choose this?

Talloula is known for their quirky desert bars, so at my first Décor meeting with Glynnis I told her that I wanted one of their famous ice cream bars. She responded with an even better suggestion, asking if would be interested in a waffle bar. My jaw dropped and Louis and I were totally convinced. At a later meeting we decided to change it to a pancake bar. The lovely thing about Glynnis is that she is open to new ideas and different things – she absolutely loves it when you think out the box with your wedding planning, and she loves being able to execute a new plan or design.

HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_069 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_071 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_072 HoorayWeddings_BrightGirl_073

And lastly, what was the BEST part of your wedding?

The WHOLE day! People always warn you that you will be a big ball of stress, unable to eat and feeling sick with nerves. My day, however, was stunning from beginning to end. I started my day with breakfast at Talloula – it was lovely watching a few of my wedding things going down to be set up while I sat back and enjoyed a cappuccino. My day continued with hair and makeup and a mimosa bar for my girls and I. Once I was ready, I took all the moments in, and was so excited to marry the man of my dreams. The ceremony was perfect, the first kiss shocked everyone and the gazillion photographs afterwards are memorable (The things Eileen made us do on top of a hill!) My reception was a big party and I danced the night away, right until the last song of the evening. Shots were had, champagne was drunk and everyone had a great night – leaving my reception I was content that my day, was perfect in every way.


Jenna and Louis thank you so much for sharing your special day with us! We absolutely loved your wedding and are sure it is going to bring lots of inspiration to future brides!

The Supporting Cast

Photographer : Bright Girl Photography
Venue : Talloula
Catering: Talloula
Videographer: Paper Kite Studios
Stationary: Hooray Weddings
Flowers & Decor: Glynis from Talloula
Make-Up: Blush MakeUp Agency
Hair: Lorette Roux
Dress: Julia Ferrandi
Cake: Murphy’s Bakery
LOVE Marquee Lights: Aisle Hire it
Photobooth: Aisle Hire It
Suits: Suit Up
Pins: Genevieve Motley
Wifey Shirt: Hooray Weddings


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