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Yosleyder & Rochelle Cala were married on the 18th of July – right in the middle of Winter, at the beautiful Netherwood in the KZN Midlands. We knew they were an adventurous couple after seeing not just their mid-winter wedding date, but the bride’s marshmallow pink hair. There were so many cute and quirky elements that made this wedding one we knew we had to share with you all. Enjoy!


Cala and I met while we were both working in Qatar. I was an assistant Spa Manager and he was playing for one of the top Volleyball teams there. We were at a Salsa bar – I was having a girl’s night and he was out with some of his friends. When he came over and asked me to dance, it was love at first sight. He was my dream guy, tall, dark and handsome. He was wonderful enough to agree to get married in South Africa, because it’s home for me, and all my family is here. Eloping to Vegas did cross my mind, but thought it best to be home.

The only major hurdle we encountered was some unwanted opinions from some very outspoken men in Qatar, who did not agree with our decision. Other than that, we have been very fortunate and blessed to have had the support and love of all our family members and friends, whether they’re from SA, USA, Italy or pretty much everywhere we travel to.

YR002_HoorayWeddingsYR006_HoorayWeddings Pink hair?!  This is what caught our attention. Have you always had colourful hair or was this done specifically for your wedding? (The colour made your eyes pop, what a good choice!)

Thank you so much. I’ve had blonde hair for most of my life, but while Yosleyder and I were in Italy I had my hair dyed pink for fun, inspired by a photo they had in the Salon. It doesn’t last too long though, so I was blonde again before I knew it. I didn’t decide on having pink hair for my wedding until a week or two before. So a very impulsive move, which paid off well I think. I’m just in love with the marshmallow pink colour and wouldn’t have done it if the colour wasn’t exactly what I had imagined (Thank you Tennille). YR009_HoorayWeddings YR119_HoorayWeddingsYR011_HoorayWeddingsYR014_HoorayWeddings

Your bridesmaids look like such fun, can we hire them? Just kidding. We want to know about those exquisite gold dresses that they wore.  

Hahahah, ah they are awesome aren’t they? Love these three crazies more than the whole world! The dresses were made for me by the insanely talented Yolanda Wortmann. She went with me to pick the material, as I had a specific idea of what I wanted. She met with the girls and adapted my bridesmaid dress idea to their individual body type, not varying too much from my original idea.

YR018_HoorayWeddingsYR019_HoorayWeddings YR125_HoorayWeddingsYR021_HoorayWeddings

Right, let’s get practical.  Please finish the following sentences:

Nobody warns you about…

Groom – The paperwork needed to be married in SA to a resident, do your research!
Bride – The long lost best friends, relatives, and acquaintances that invite themselves to your wedding.

The best spent money was on…

Groom – The Food. It was awesome!
Bride – Our dresses. Having my dress and my bridesmaids dresses made, ensured that our dresses were everything I wanted and more. They were perfect.


My biggest worry on the day was…

Groom – My bride not saying yes or showing up (run-away bride), and drinking too much before the ceremony.
Bride – My groom having cold feet.

If my budget was unlimited the one thing I would have added is…

Groom & Bride – More international flights so all of our family and friends from all over the world could have joined us.

YR033_HoorayWeddings YR035_HoorayWeddingsYR038_HoorayWeddingsYR132_HoorayWeddingsYR039_HoorayWeddings Netherwood is one of our favourite venues. What did you most enjoy about the venue?

Netherwood was just perfect for us. The magnificent 360’ view, of the valley through the glass walls of the Chapel. The perfect draping, lighting, and flooring at the reception venue, with the glass wall looking out onto the lake, the rustic beam wall feature and open bar were all so perfect. And of course the people that were so accommodating whilst I was planning and on the night of our wedding, Bronwyn was great.


Surprisingly, the best part of my wedding ended up being…

Groom & Bride – The WEATHER! We were very fortunate with an amazingly beautiful Winter’s day. We knew it would be a gamble picking a date in the middle of Winter in the Midlands. We were very happy to get married in the snow, but just being cold for no reason, was not something I was too thrilled about. Comparing some of the more recent weather to what we had on our wedding weekend highlighted just how blessed we were.

When my best friend gets engaged I will make sure to pass on…

Groom – Just to relax, and to think about herself.
Bride – Don’t worry so much about everyone else’s opinion, it is a special day to celebrate your love for each other.

YR050_HoorayWeddings YR052_HoorayWeddingsYR053_HoorayWeddings

The best advice we received was…

Groom – (Bride’s dad) To love and cherish Roch, and take care of her.
Bride – (Bride’s sister) Enjoy every moment, take it all in, the day goes by too fast. Don’t sweat the small stuff, it doesn’t really matter.

 I wish we didn’t bother with…

Groom & Bride – Nothing really. We had a small wedding, and we took time on all the decisions we made, from the colours to the food, outfits, invitations etc. We didn’t splurge or put unnecessary emphasis on things that no one would even know was missing.

The biggest waste of money was the…

Groom – Buying an Italian suite for my best man, who unfortunately couldn’t make it, through unforeseen circumstances.
Bride – Nothing from me, we took our time on where we spent our money. Everything was well budgeted.



The hardest part of planning was…

Groom & Bride – Planning our wedding from abroad means lots and lots of emails, Pinterest photo sharing, and fitting meetings into the short amount of time when we were in SA before we had to leave again.

What was the inspiration behind your decor?

I love subtle details. A touch of sparkle, and lots of romance and soft lighting. I’m not a fan of the “traditional wedding decor”, so having miss-matched table decor and uneven table settings was perfect for me.

YR060_HoorayWeddings YR064_HoorayWeddingsYR066_HoorayWeddings YR071_HoorayWeddingsYR075_HoorayWeddings  Glitter champagne bottles? WOW! Did someone make these for you or did you buy them like that?

This was one of my “touch of sparkle” ideas, which my sister (M.O.H) was so patient with, and talented enough to make for me. We ordered the GB Rose’ Champagne, specifically, to go with the decor and gold glitter.


The coolest idea I loved executing was…

Groom & Bride – Buying and wearing suspenders with my suite. Having a wall of fairy lights behind our main table. Having gorgeous golden glittered Rose Champagne bottles for our toasts. Giving my mom my bouquet and having an additional “Throwing Bouquet”. Going away for the whole weekend, not just celebrating one night. Deciding on our own style, and not traditional wedding décor.

The biggest mistake I made was…

Groom – Not having restrictions on some of the alcoholic beverages at the open bar. (Shooters)

The best spent money was on…

Groom – The Food. It was awesome!

YR089_HoorayWeddings YR092_HoorayWeddings YR095_HoorayWeddingsYR100_HoorayWeddings  People are still talking about…

Groom – The photos, they are awesome! And people will probably always remember the dancing, half-naked men on the bar. (What a good party).
Bride – Our incredible dessert buffet. And my pink hair (LOVED IT).


Our vendors were all amazing, so accommodating and very patient with me being abroad for most of this process. I am beyond happy with the people I worked with to make our day everything I dreamt of and more! We couldn’t have done it without them.



The supporting Cast:

Photography: Stuart Dods
Email –

Decor & Flowers: Labola
Email –

Catering: Blueberry Cafe
Email –

Venue & Accommodation:  Netherwood – Exclusive Wedding Venue
Email –

Dresses:  Yolande Wortmann
Email –

Make Up: Gemma Dawn Makeup Artist
Email –

Hair:  Tennille Lewis
Email –

Cake:  Sharyn Breval
Email –



3 thoughts on “Real Wedding Feature | Rochelle & Yosleyder

  1. Fatehr of the bride says:

    A weddiing to remember with so much love and sincerity. Thank you to everybody that made this such a blessed celebration.

    • Mike Clayton says:

      Cala, I haven’t heard from you for a long time. Please send me an email. I have a lot to tell you.

      Mike Clayton from Provo Utah

  2. Rodri says:

    Charla, so it would be bad for me to send Cory the link? I want you to have more babies! Your kids are all so pefrect and I don’t believe for an instant that that sweet little baby is becoming difficult! I can’t wait for the fall to get them in front of my camera again!

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