Real Wedding Feature | Theo & Maggie

Theo and Maggie took a different take on their wedding day.

Instead of having me spend hours photographing their wedding preparations and details such as shoes, perfume and rings, they chose to cut to the chase and capture the real moments in their wedding.
They decided to meet each other before their actual ceremony in a “first look shoot” and bask in their premarital glow in Durbans gorgeous Natural ScienceMuseum  before saying their “I do’s” at the Durban Club.  

The Club is situated on Durban’s famous Victoria Embankment. It sports glorious views of the Durban Bay and is rich in Edwardian architectural detail. It was opened in 1854 as a gentleman’s only club, and saw it’s first female visitors only after 1904 – for ‘special occasions’.

I was so super lucky that I got to capture their most amazing day and we just love everything from Maggie’s oh-so-chic wedding dress and their cutest arrival in a tuk-tuk. This wedding was everything that I believe a wedding should be, a traditional event full of personality. 

Enjoy! Love Christy



So Maggie, firstly describe yourselves?

When the ultimate optimist and realist meet, you buy binoculars and appreciate every detail of life!
The surfer-entrepreneur and the methodical-realist found each other in the city we both love for its vibrance, architecture, weather and off course the ocean.


We have noticed a trend of couples not caring much for photos of their weddings details and only wanting moments and people captured – was this you?

I’m not too sure what I’d do with a picture of my shoes or perfume 🙂 I will always remember being swept off my feet by my husband! A photo can’t capture that, but it can capture the first moment your groom sees you in your wedding dress and having fun together on your big day – and that is all we wanted

Theo&Maggie_006Your dress is so unique and has a vintage element to it. Who designed it, who made it and what was the inspiration?

Colleen Eitzen. She is amazing and was my inspiration. I have always loved her designs and knew that even if I did not give her a brief she would make something amazing. My idea was to have a wedding dress that captures my everyday style. I love white but it just did not fit into my idea of our wedding day.

Theo&Maggie_HOORAY_042 Theo&Maggie_HOORAY_043

What was the hardest part of planning your day?

The hardest part of the planning was trying not to stress about everything!

How on earth did you get permission to shoot in the Museum of Natural science?  We just love!  

Some people dream of white dresses and walking down aisles. We dreamt about exciting places and spaces. All you have to do is ask.


A first look shoot is something that is not very popular here in South Africa – did you enjoy the experience?

Absolutely loved it – and would highly recommend it! To see Theo waiting at the top of the staircase for me, was an absolute highlight! One does not get to spend much time with their partner on the big day and the first look shoot gave us that “alone time”.  It felt like it was just the two of us – and the ceremony and the rest of the world could wait.

Theo&Maggie_010 Theo&Maggie_012 Theo&Maggie_013

Okay…that Tuk-tuk! We have never seen a cuter arrival to ones wedding – please give us details.

Haha…because we did our shoot before the ceremony and it was in town, we thought what better and easier way of transport. So it ended up being the wedding car.

Theo&Maggie_HOORAY_048Theo&Maggie_022What attracted you to Durban Club as a venue?

We were drawn to the character of this historic Durban landmark. We wanted a venue that reflected our appreciation of Edwardian architecture. The Durban Club made us feel at home.


The biggest waste of money was…

Hiring a generator.  We were fearful of load shedding, but luckily didn’t need it.

And the best part of your wedding?

Surprisingly the best part was the first look shoot and our programs that folded into paper-plane confetti.


Have you got any advice for other couples looking to get married in the city?

We loved it because it was exactly what we wanted. My advice to couples is to make sure that they do exactly what is right for them and what they are comfortable with. We all fall in the trap of putting others first. This day is about the two of you becoming one, do what’s right for you.

“Kom wonder, kom werklik, kom sterre verskiet, maak geluk weer die tema van jou lied” by Jack Parrow & Valiant Swart

This was our wedding song and also the theme for our lives together.


Maggie and Theo thank you so much for sharing with us. We love your wedding and we hope that you inspire many more brides to take advantage of what our gorgeous Durban City has to offer.

If you would like to get hold of some of the vendors from Maggie and Theo’s social day all their details are below;

Photography: Christy Hosking Photography
Cake : Lucy from the Cake Lab
Venue: The Durban Club
Dress: Colleen Eitzen
Grooms Suit: Hilton Weiner
Music: AfroCentric
Dj: DJ Feugo
Flowers: Alison Flowers – 0837776854
Hair & Make-up: Jacqui Trinder

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  1. Caroline says:

    I love the wedding dress color , champagne color wedding dress is always vintage and retro. But i think the bridesmaid dresses color should be a bit lighter . I Love the wedding dress soooo much !

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