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Szerdi (from Knot Just Pics) and I have never met, but we struck up a conversation over Facebook. We got chatting about the blog, about wedding photography, about crazy clients, about beautiful weddings…and then she sent me a link to Kerryn & Jeff’s wedding. DONE! Within a few minutes I had Kerryn’s email address and was asking questions about her wedding – and since then I have been just dying to share the images and story with all of you. 

You might think that 2 weddings is a bit excessive, but once you scroll through the photos you will see how incredibly organic both celebrations were. Their first wedding was held in Skukuza in the Kruger National Park where Kerryn had grown up and where her parents still live, and was attended by only their parents and siblings. Szerdi and Andy drove the back roads of the Kruger, enjoyed mostly by elephants and leopards, and got some killer shots of the couple before returning to Kerryn’s family home, where they were welcomed by the sight of the great baobab tree covered in fairy lights. 

Their second wedding, was purely a reception and an opportunity to celebrate this momentous occasion with friends in JHB. It took place at Arts on Main in the centre of Johannesburg city. They spent a lot of time decorating their courtyard, but a massive JHB thunder storm rolled in and the whole event had to be moved indoors – not their first choice, but stunning none-the-less.

HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_002HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_001 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_003 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_004 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_005 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_006

A few words from our lovely bride Kerryn:

As soon as we got engaged, we knew that we didn’t want to have a big, traditional wedding. We were always keen on having a really small and intimate ceremony with our closest family members, and then having a big party (essentially the reception) with all our friends and the rest of our families on the following weekend. Although we really enjoy going to more traditional weddings, it just didn’t feel like us.

I grew up in the Kruger National Park (lucky me), and that part of the country is naturally very close to both of our hearts. Having our wedding ceremony there was thus a pretty simple decision to make. As most of our friends and a lot of our family are from Johannesburg, we decided to hold the “reception” in the Jo’burg CBD, so that most people didn’t have to travel very far. It turned out to be a great decision, as almost everyone we invited came. It also made the two events extra memorable, because we really couldn’t have picked two more different locations. On the first Saturday we were standing in a dry riverbed, making sure there were no dangerous animals around. A week later, we were standing under a bridge in downtown Jo’burg against a backdrop of street vendors and grafitti-covered walls. Another bonus about having effectively two weddings is that I got to wear my awesome dress twice!

HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_007 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_008 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_009 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_010 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_011 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_012 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_013 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_014HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_016 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_017 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_018 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_019 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_020 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_021 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_022 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_023

Because the Kruger wedding was so small, it was super relaxed and easy to plan and set up. There were only ten people, so the biggest challenge was actually just making sure everyone felt like they were contributing and adding value. We divided up all the tasks beforehand and gave everyone a little project to focus on, which seemed to work out pretty well. Both the ceremony and dinner in Kruger were outdoors, so we were pretty lucky that the weather held out. The backup plan was to literally have the ceremony and dinner on my parents’ verandah. Although it has a nice view, it wouldn’t have been nearly as charming.

HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_024 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_025 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_026 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_027 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_028 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_029 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_030 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_031 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_032 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_033 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_034 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_035 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_036 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_037 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_038 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_039 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_040 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_041 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_042 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_043 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_044 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_045 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_046 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_047 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_048

And then the JHB wedding...

We weren’t so lucky with the weather the following weekend in Jo’burg. It absolutely poured down in the afternoon and we had to move the whole party from a lovely olive-tree-filled courtyard into an old warehouse on the same property. It wasn’t the biggest deal though – the smaller space actually seemed to keep the whole thing quite contained. The only irritating thing was that we had spent the whole morning decorating the courtyard. It would have been nice to have a bit more time to decorate the warehouse, but these things happen I guess.

Catering for ten people was pretty straight-forward, but we definitely over-catered at our reception. We did build-your-own-burgers for the main course and on the manager’s recommendation we catered for almost two burgers per person. We didn’t end up needing nearly that many, so I guess we could have saved a bit of money there. But at least no one went hungry.
     HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_001 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_002HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_004 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_009HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_011HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_003HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_005HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_006 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_007 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_008 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_010 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_012 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_013 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_014 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_015 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_016 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_017 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_018 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_019HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_020 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_021 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_022 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_023HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_024

Before we met all our guests in the warehouse, we went on a little photo mission with our awesome photographers, Andrew and Szerdi from Knot Just Pics. We were standing under a highway flyover to keep dry, when a a group of street musicians walked past, realised that we were getting married, and asked if they could play us a song as a wedding present. Obviously we said yes. As they serenaded us under the bridge, with the rain pouring down on either side of us, we were able to practice our first dance for the very first time. With all the stress leading up to the day, it was something that we had completely forgotten to do!

HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_025HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_028 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_026HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_027HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_029

The best advice I got was to not sweat the small stuff. I’m an art director and graphic designer by trade, so I couldn’t help but spend some time on the décor and the identity for the invitations etc. But I did try and keep it simple and not do a hundred elements. I think what worked nicely was doing a few things things really well, as opposed to making sure that every napkin was the perfect colour.

We both really love travelling, and there was a general travel/adventure theme to our reception. We made some bunting out of printed fabrics that we’ve collected on our travels (although that was mainly hanging in the courtyard in the rain!), and we also made little postcards out of some of our favourite travel photos, which we stuck on all the tables. They have nothing to do with travel, but we made sure that we had tons of fairy lights, which are always a win. These were especially good for making a relatively drab warehouse look a bit more charming at night.

HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_030 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_031 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_032 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_037HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_033 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_034

Another little thing we did that went down really well and ended up being really special, was the spare wheel for our Land Rover that everyone wrote a little message on. We drove around the outline of South Africa for our honeymoon and it was awesome to take everyone’s special wishes along with us.

All in all, I don’t think we would change much if we did it all again. We had the best time ever, and we’re pretty sure all our guests did too. It would have been nice if it didn’t rain at the reception, but there’s one more story we should tell you, that makes us think maybe the rain wasn’t such a bad thing after all…

HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_035 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_036 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_038HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_039 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_040 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_041 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_042 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_043 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_044 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_045HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_046HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_047HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_048 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_049 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_050 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_051 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_052 HoorayWeddings_KnotJustPics_053


Please feel free to visit Knot Just Pics website to view the full gallery of photos. Kruger weddingJozi Wedding.



Wedding Dress: Lunar

44 Stanley Ave, Milpark Johannesburg Tel:  +27 11 726 5558, Fax:  +27 11 726 5559 e-mail:

 Kruger wedding shoes: Country Road

Joburg wedding shoes: Aldo

 Flower Crowns: Juliet Honey

 Hair: Whyatt

 Kruger makeup: Sister-in-law

Jozi makeup: Amber Clare van Winsen

 Jozi venue: Arts on Main market space (backup for The Canteen)

Jozi Catering: The Canteen, Maboneng Precinct

Jozi Wedding Cake: The Tart

 All Flowers: Imvubu Farm, Nelspruit (Sister-in-law)

 Jozi Accomodation: 12 Decades, Maboneng.

 Kruger planning/catering/décor/accomodation: Lyn Maggs

Mpumalanga Promotions & Park Pantry 0826480262, 0137355195,

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