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Estafania is a wedding photographer who has spent time photographing in South Africa’s Eastern cape as well in Mexico, her home town.  She calls herself a gypsy as she can’t spend too long in one place – we love that about her.  This morning we are sharing a wedding that Stef shot in the beautiful Eastern Cape. What caught our attention first was definitely this EXQUISITE Robyn Roberts wedding gown that Margo had made in CT, but then also the casual garden environment in which they said their “I dos”.

It’s piping hot in Durban today, and we hope this beautiful real wedding feature will help you keep your cool and add some inspiration while you plan your very own wedding.
Over to Margo…

Tell us about the best part of your wedding Margo?

The best part of the wedding ended up being the speeches! The guests were thoroughly entertained by the wit of the speakers and the manner in which they reminisced about the history of the bride and groom. The groom decided to write his speech in the form of a poem which proved to be incredibly crafty and had everyone in hysterics.
photo-0023Everyone loves giving a bride advice, where there any hidden gems?
Everyone is a wedding expert in their own right, expect A LOT of advice. People mean sooooo well, but my golly!!!! Take from it what you need and move on!!! Pinterest is AMAZING but can be to your detriment, use it, make a decision and move on! One can get over stimulated by what the internet has to offer in terms of wedding stuffs.

The biggest mistake you made?
As much as it is your day, it is very important to keep mother- in- laws happy. This doesn’t mean that you have to do exactly what they say, but acknowledge their opinions and be sure to make them feel included.
Nobody warned you about…?
How difficult it is to prepare a guest list. Woweeeeeee. We had such trouble with this one. How do you invite a second cousin you never met but not a good mate who grew up alongside you??? Do you invite those family just because they are family?? How do you invite one neighbour in the farming community but not the other?? We found this incredibly tough but at the end of the day, your family is paying for people to be there, make sure it’s the people you actually want!!!!
What was the best thing you spent money on?
Our gorgeous photographer, Estefania Romero! She was so professional and so efficient and she made us look dashing on our special day!!!! If i were looking to cut costs, a photographer would not be where i would look to save. They are the people who have provided a platform to remember your special day forever amen.
The coolest idea you loved executing?
I really enjoyed getting the “favours” for the guests sorted. We were unsure about what the weathers plan was, so we bought a heap of pashmina’s for the ladies and as the sun went down, they all hauled theirs out to keep the chill at bay. The men received a packed of M & M sweets which was quite cute as it was the wedding of Mitch and Margo.


What are people still talking about?
The snack table which they feasted on while we were away for photos. The table had multiple wheels of cheeses, cured meats, preserves, biscuits, artisan breads etc. This was great because as the party got under way, there were many midnight snackers and the eats were much appreciated.

Tell us about your biggest worry on the day?
Initially, i worried so about the weather, but it was so out of my control. As soon as I made peace with the fact that I couldn’t make the sunshine, even if i tried, I stopped worrying. The morning arrived and God provided a gap in the clouds which allowed the sun to shine upon us and see us through our special day.


What advice would you pass on when your bestie gets engaged?
When my next bestie ties the knot, I will tell her that if things aren’t exactly as she has planned, the only people to notice would be her and her mum. Don’t sweat it, it all will still look beautiful!

And lastly, tell us a little more about that DRESS?
I was sooooo in love with my dress, I wanted to wear it the next day. After a bit of research, I was told i HAVE to get Robyn Roberts make my dress. So, I had it made at Robyn Roberts bridal wear and it was designed by one of their designers Michelle Ronne’. I always loved the idea of a low back so thats what we went for. Living in the Eastern Cape meant I needed to make 2 or 3 trips to Cape town for fittings. I arrived for my first fitting with a vague Idea of what I wanted and tried on a series of dresses, we then chatted about what I wanted and didn’t want and she put pencil to paper and sketched what would be my wedding dress. Only at my last fitting did i decide to add the long sleeves. Michelle was so obliging and got on with the alterations. I then made my final trip to Cape Town and flew back with my gorgeous, classic, ivory coloured wedding dress, garter and veil.

All photography by the amazingly talented Estefania Romero

Supporting Cast:

Second shooter:Kurt Heldsinger
Venue: Yellowwood Forrest, Morgan Bay
Make up: Jacqui van Vreeden
Robyn Roberts

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