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Today we are introducing you to Megan Kahn from Plan Ahead Events. Don’t be surprised if you have not heard of them before as they are fairly new to the wedding industry, but with YEARS of corporate eventing experience under her belt, Megan has brought a smile to many a brides face already.

Now before we bore you with our own blabbing, we are handing you over to Megan…

 Hi guys! I’m Megan Kahn and I am the owner of Plan Ahead Events and Décor . Work is my passion and I live a full life with my two beautiful children Giorgia and Jordan. In my spare time between work and mommy lift club I enjoy walks on the beach, hiking, movies and being outdoors.

Hooray: How did you get into the wedding industry?
Megan: We are newbies to the wedding industry but we have been in the event industry for over 15 years now.  We decided to start with weddings the at the beginning of this year as we have heaps of experience as well as stunning décor to hire out that we have collected over the years.

Plan Ahead Events and Décor has grown so much that we can now branch out into weddings as well as still focus on our corporate events.

We have always been known for our attention to detail, passion and creativeness and hold these values in high esteem for any wedding or corporate event.Hooray: Tell us about what inspires you?
Megan: Social Media inspires me as well as just chatting and socializing with different people.  Everyone’s requirements are always different but I have always loved following David Tutera International Stylist to the famous.

Hooray: Running your own business can be hard, do you have a daily routine?
Megan: It can be hard, you right. But we find planning our weekly schedule certainly helps. Yes there are always those last minute requirements, but we find that if the rest is planned and ready these last min curve balls are easier to tackle.

It also really helps to have a good supportive team too! Team work is everything.
(Hooray high-five here Megs!!!)

Hooray: What do you love most about your job?
Megan: I would say once the event is over and you sit back and look and say to yourself WOW we did that and the client is happy – this keeps me motivated – I love a challenge

Hooray: How do you take your coffee?
Megan: Black no milk or sugar

Hooray: Can you describe your style?
Bespoke, Unique – we like to pride ourselves in trying never to create the same look and feel for every client.  Style is also dependent on the client and we happy to honour and take up the challenge to create that dream day for all clients.Hooray: In your opinion, what will the next big trend be in 2018?
Megan: Back to Basics would be my opinion your beautiful raw wood tables, woven grass place mats, glass under-plates and no doubt the raw linen table cloths are just a must.

Colours are dusty rose and shades of greens.  I still think copper and rose gold finish the look off beautifully….Hooray: Tell us about your dream wedding commission
Megan: Flowers, Flowers, Flowers I would love to create a fantasy wedding with endless amounts of flowers guess that’s the romantic in me

Hooray: So many of us are moms in the wedding industry, could you share a few tips on how you find your balance?
Megan: Finding a balance is critical and hard to juggle in the beginning but always remember family comes first and tomorrow is another day.  In this day and age I feel we put so much pressure on ourselves instead of giving ourselves a little more “Pats on the back”.

Hooray: And lastly, we gotta know, wine or champagne?
Megan: 100 % Champagne and ShoesMegan, we cant thank you enough for sharing with us, we totally love your outlook on finding balance within the mama hustle. Finding time to spend time with your kids as well as running an incredibly successful business is no small feat and we congratulate you!

 If you would like to get in touch with Megan for your wedding or event, you can get in touch via the following channels:
Cell: 0315632164
Facebook: Plan Ahead Events and Decor
Instagram: @plan_ahead_events_and_decor

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