Videographer: To have one or not?

Videography is mostly considered a “luxury item” while planning your wedding day.
It’s often pushed to the bottom of the vendor list and is only considered, IF the budget allows (once all the other service providers are booked).

Although having wedding photographs AND cinematic film might seem a little extra, I chatted to a couple of “who’s who” in the industry and have come to the conclusion that although a luxury, having your memories captured on video is a MUST HAVE.

We chatted to the lovely Justine from Wedding Frames film company, read on below to hear her reasoning, you won’t be fence sitting for long!

To have a videographer or not to have a videographer…that is one of the many questions you will be asking yourself when planning your big day.
For some couples a wedding video is one of the top items on the list but for others it will be a luxury item or a last minute decision. It could also be the fact of multiple cameras on you all day is just not your thing. All of these reasons are valid, but I can promise you this, the ONLY thing that will last from your wedding day, once the candles are burnt and the wine is durnk, the flowers have wilted and you no longer fit into that gorgeous gown…are you MEMORIES. Your photographs and videos of what is no doubt the most important day in your lives.

As wedding videographers we are passionate about film and being able to capture and tell the story of your wedding day. So if you are debating as to whether you need a wedding video or not here’s our top reasons to why you should:

  1. You spend months or even years planning your wedding day which literally goes by in a flash and once it’s all over you are only left with your videos and photos to remember your day.
  2. Long gone are the days of your wedding video being 5 hours long and filmed on your uncle’s shaky handy cam. Nowadays, your wedding film can be a cinematic masterpiece of your day and how amazing to look back and show the grandkids how “babe town” you guys were!
  3. Film captures the emotions, the sounds and the feeling of your day like nothing else can, It will take you back and help you relive those special moments, like the face of your partner when they first see you or the laughs from the best man’s speech.
  4. You miss so much of what happens at your own wedding but your videographer will capture so many little moments that you won’t even know happened.
  5. And if you feel nervous about so many cameras being on you and having to play the camera, a good videographer will be able to hang back and capture the moments that happen naturally without you even knowing that they are there.

Our final piece of advice would be this:
Sometimes life or your budget doesn’t allow for you to have a videographer, so why not ask your guests to take videos on their phones and send them over to you. Bonus if you have any editing experience and can put a little something together to remember your day!

We also decided to have a chat with some of our videographer friends to hear their thoughts on videography and whether or not they had a videographer on their wedding day.


Hooray: Did you have a videographer on your wedding day?
Dawn: Yes I did.  I was so important, even 14 years ago, for me to have a videographer 😉
Hooray: Do you watch your video regularly?
Dawn: I unfortunately don’t because I was provided an unedited VHS tape when I finally got my wedding video!
Hooray: Oh no, that’s terrible Dawn! If you could turn back time, what would you do differently?
Dawn: I regret not getting a proper cinema company involved (not just a friend doing me a favour) because it wasn’t edited beautifully and because of this, I don’t get to enjoy it.  (And yes, I should edit it sometime!)
**Hooray Side Note: YOU CAN DO IT!
Hooray: Do you enjoy your job? What is your favourite thing about your job?
Dawn: I LOVE my job because I get to spend more time with the bride and groom than most of their guests!  I get to capture the most special day of their lives in a beautiful way that will be watchable, able to be enjoyed by their friends and families and even their kiddies one day!  How amazing to capture moments that last a lifetime!


Hooray: Did you have a videographer on your wedding day?
Michelle: No I did not have a videographer on my wedding day (gasp!) let’s just say that wedding video’s 10 years ago left little to be desired..
Hooray: Do you regret this decision?
Michelle: Yes I absolutely regret it 100%, even with the delightful sepia tone trend that was going on in 2008 it would still be amazing just to see my husband’s face as I walked down the aisle, or go listen to my speeches again. The day goes by incredibly fast & to be able to relive some of those fleeting moments years or even decades later are priceless!
**Hooray side note: we feel your pain Michelle!
Hooray: What do you love about being a videographer?
Michelle: I love being a videographer because I get front row seats to one of the best days of a person’s life, to celebrate & create a lifelong memory, maybe it’s just me but I think that’s pretty awesome!


Hooray: Did you have a videographer on your wedding day?
James: Yes I did have a videographer at my wedding. They were fellow videographer colleagues who kindly agreed to film for us on the day. They in fact edited and gave us our short cinematic film as an added bonus as I had always intended to edit it all myself, this was a welcome treat. My wife was also very happy as I am so busy editing my clients videos that I still haven’t managed to get to my own.
Hooray: Be honest, how many times have you watched your wedding film?
James: My wife and I received our short cinematic film whilst still on honeymoon in Italy. We loved it. I have watched it a few times, my wife most likely has watched it about 100 times ha-ha.
Hooray: Why do you love videography?
James: I love being creative with a camera and the freedom that this gives me to tell a story.


Hooray: Did you have a videographer on your wedding day?
ST: Yes we did. Our wonderful and amazingly talented friend, Lloyd Smith filmed our wedding. He lost a quick and tragic battle to cancer just before Christmas last year, so our wedding video is quite an emotional place for us.
Hooray: Do you watch your video regularly?
ST: Yes we do. At least once every 2 months. We are obsessed with it and every time we watch it, it takes us right back to that day… surrounded by all our favorite people in our favorite place.
Hooray: Any regrets?
ST: We do actually have one regret… At the time of our wedding we thought we just wanted a wedding cinematic film (which we absolutely love and adore). We thought we didn’t need (or want) to mission with filming the ceremony and speeches, so we didn’t. We honestly can’t even remember what anyone said. We know Stace’s Dad sang, and Wes had a few inappropriate jokes, but not much more than that (thanks R&R’s). We really wish that we could go back and watch the speeches again. Just us on the couch with a bottle of wine.
Hooray: Why do you love being a videographer?
Wes: For the creative freedom… no one ever really tells you what to do (sorry photographers). We get to hang back and capture the day from a different angle and people kind of just let you do what you do, if you know what I mean.

If all this information has still not swayed you either way, send us an email with your thoughts and concerns, we will try and help you make your decision.

If you are pumped up and ready to jump on the videography bandwagon, then shoot any of these cool kids an email for their packages and prices.

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