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There is no doubt about it – you spent your December ordering G+T’s like it was nobodies business! Gin seems to be the “new kid on the block”, it’s the hottest drink on everybody’s cocktail menu this year and your guests are going to LOVE it when you treat them at your wedding!!!

We have seen the trends shift over the years from: the Mimosa bar, to the trusty Pimms cocktail and now, Gin has its time to shine.

Now don’t be fooled – for those of you, novice drinkers, Gin has a proud history. It originates back to the early 17th century in Holland, “Dutch Courage” anyone? For us in the tropics, however, Gin is most loved in a refreshing mix with tonic water (or lemonade) and a slash of fresh cut lemon.HoorayWeddings_2017Trends_Gin_024So, in honour of Gin being the must have drink at your wedding for 2017, we spent some time in the heart of Station Drive at The Distillery, with Jordan and Junior, from the residing resturant 031, and they shared with us their Gin cocktail creations that seriously are just, ah-mah-zing. Their spirits ooze African flavours with craft philosophies of small batches, with natural and locally sourced ingredients.

They might inspire you to serve your guests something similar at your wedding, or just up your game with your casual after work G+T that so desperately needs a bit of flair! This is Gin at its absolute finest, all dressed up and ready to show you a good time!

The best news is that yourself can have the opportunity to taste these bad boys and win a spirit tasting and meal at 031 for you and three friends! Be sure to check out the bottom of the post for more details on how to enter!

1.Fruity G n T:
Durban Dry Gin and house made tonic cordial rammed with fresh fruit and herbs, Citrus, cucumber, mint. Perfect for our hot Durban days!
HoorayWeddings_2017Trends_Gin_0112. Gin Fizz:
Durban Dry Gin shaken with hose made lemon cordial, fresh egg whites and a dash of soda, sprinkled with Honey bush tea and African rosehip. did some one say Lemon merangue pie?
HoorayWeddings_2017Trends_Gin_019HoorayWeddings_2017Trends_Gin_0203. St Clements:
This is definitely an Hooray favourite! Oranges and lemons, the bells of…Durban Dry Gin, shaken up with 031 Naartjie and Rooibos liquer, house lemonade and orange juice, served with a brulee’d orange slice.
HoorayWeddings_2017Trends_Gin_0174.Gogo’s ruin:
A play on our popular mothers ruin. 031 limited edition Barrel Aged Gin with house made ginger beer, cinnamon syrup and a ginger biscuit rim. A nod to the early gin houses and our African heritage HoorayWeddings_2017Trends_Gin_013         So now you know whats on offer right on your Durban doorstep. We would like to hand you over to Jordan who is going to tell you a little bit more about The Tasing Room at Distillery 031 and how you can win this amazing giveaway!
“Set in the heart of Durban’s Trendy Station Drive, Distillery 031, and the 031 Bar and Restaurant are leading the way with craft spirits in KZN, and especially Gin. Our Durban Dry is perfectly suited for our dry summers and mild winters our house made tonic water is unique to us and our limited edition Barrel Aged Gin is a South African first. Expect juniper, citrus and a floral finish from our African hose hip, a uniquely KZN botanical we use.

We are super pleased to be opening the tasting room on weekends for guided tours and tastings. Prices include a full or standard product tasting, a welcome drink and lunch in our restaurant, the only restaurant in the country set inside a working distillery. A perfect start for any stag party and a hen do!

As with our spirit ethos, our food is all produced from scratch and we have taken old favourites and put a modern, trendy twist using inspiration from SA and abroad

Our bar showcases the best of our spirits in the guise of classic cocktails as well as craft cocktails where we get to be creative and have a bit of fun. Proudly South African, Proudly KZN, Proudly different, Distillery 031 and The 031 Bar and Restaurant are shifting expectations and norms since 2016.”

If this sounds like something that is right up your ally and you would like to enjoy some of the finest spirits Durban has to offer, and a G+T or two of course, make sure you enter below. In order to qualify for this amazing competition, you will need to…

  1. Like Distillery 031 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  2. Leave a comment below stating you have done the above WHO you would share this awesome prize with!

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This is such an amazing prize, thank you to Jordan and Distillery031 for putting this together for us!


35 thoughts on “Wedding Trends 2017 | Gin

  1. Kendall Marwick says:

    Hells YEAH – did it…on all 3 platforms 🙂
    I’d take my fiance Brett, and our friends/neighbours & now part of our bridal party, Miguel & Rochelle Rodrigues 🙂

  2. Tracy King says:

    Oooh would share this prize with my amazing bridesmaids Courtney, Kimberley and Justine – we’ve already noted 031 as the place my bachelorette will begin 😉 Getting married in December with these lovely ladies by my side – would be a fantastic treat to spend some quality time together (drinking gin, our fave!) at an uber cool place like 031.

  3. Christine says:

    Sounds so yummy and the vibe looks incredible. I would love to share this with my beasties! Especially since we’ve worked straight through the festive season x

  4. Courtney King says:

    Sounds so good, my sister and I love gin! I’m in charge of the bachelorette party for my sister and we have our sights set on 031! I would love to be able to surprise her with a bachelorette party at a place that is all about our favourite drink! 😉

  5. Lisa Morel says:

    Love these guys! Have had the pleasure of working with them and tasting loads of their new cocktails. I would love to have a night out with friends there! I would take my boyfriend Rudi, my sister Sam and my brother in law Shaun, the boys have yet to taste the epic ness that lies there!

  6. Emma says:

    This competition is the best! I just love this winning Durban spot and would love to share a meal and delishy GnT with my boyfriend and two of our friends.

    • Jessica Woods says:

      Christy oh my word yes!!! You are my gin baby 😉 haha how could I forget!! I think we would have the most fun if we win this prize. Take me back to our summer holiday xx

  7. Caitlin says:

    DELISH!! I’m already salivating thinking about the delicious gin drinks and food!!! Would take friends I’ve been meaning to have round to dinner but haven’t because I can’t really cook! 🙂 (Roxanne, Ryan and Emily)

  8. Bron Veale says:

    Entered and excited!!! I would absolutely love to take my sister in laws, who are all obsessed with Gin, to this!! It’s all we drank over the holidays, and I know that Kita, Michigan, Lauryn & I would LOVE to taste some good old local stuff!! Pick us!! Pick us!!

  9. Angi Joubert says:

    Oooooh yes!!!! I would take the boyfriend… just cause he really love Gin!! Ashley Rowe! And 2 of my other gin loving favorites Tori and Gareth so shared on all of them✔✔✔ and blog comment check ✔ and so much love for the gin ✔❤ yaaaay… bring on the #Winning

  10. Erin Kate Monks says:

    Apart from the names of the drinks sounding super appealing, the look of them is even more visually appealing. Hmmmm Gin Fizz…. Lemon Meringue… My tastebuds are tingling, with delight! The only thing better than enjoying a delish, one-of-a-kind Gin concoction is sharing it with special friends <3 I am holding thumbs, fingers and toes…#GinNTonicHolic

  11. Jami de Vries says:

    My fiancé and I would love this!!! And with our 2 friends Ash and Ange who are the biggest gin drinkers I know. Liked all!

  12. Gabrielle says:

    I would definitely take my fiancé and our friends Dean & Shan who are in our bridal party So we can get inspired for the wedding!

  13. Kayleigh says:

    Smashed all three! Would take all my girls for a much needed catch up when I come home next week! Couldn’t think of anything better than having a refreshing gin & tonic in the warm sun for a change with my besties Birthday celebrations bonus!! x

  14. Kate van Onselen says:

    Done! I live in Cape Town away from my besties in Durban which is sad because I have recently got engaged plus we have two of their weddings coming up and we have not had a chance to celebrate yet. Plus we love Gin. This would be the best way for us to celebrate since we have not had a chance yet. Man I miss them at times like these!

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