What your guest really wants

A few weeks ago a friend messaged me,
“Look at this wedding invitation!” 
She then proceeded to send me a video of the most luxurious wedding invitation I have EVER seen! My jaw dropped as my brain tried to calculate how much money was spent on the invitation alone! Her next comment was “too bad it’s just going to end up in the bin!”

Then it hit me, we spend ALL this money on making our wedding day all about us, some people will stop at no costs to make sure they “out wedding” everyone else, BUT what do your wedding guests really want? What do they do with that R100 invitation? Do they even take that carefully thought out wedding favour home? Do they like being starved while you are off on a 3 hour creative shoot?

To dig a little deeper, I ran a little survey on Instagram stories to find out from our followers just what they wanted at the weddings they had attended. We asked about everything from favours to food to the things that irritated them the most and the feed back was incredible.

So if you are a bride to be, pull out your note book and read on below.

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  1. How many times have you been a guest at a wedding
    So we opened our questionnaire with this very important question – we needed to see how many wedding experts were in the house! Over 50% off you have attended a wedding between 1 and 10 times, while 44% have attended over TEN weddings! We can therefore say that we definitely had the who’s who of wedding guests ready to answer our very important questions 😉

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  2. What do you do with old wedding invitations?
    So I am a SUCKER for keepsakes and memory boxes – if I have attended your wedding, the chances are I have kept your invite as well as one or two items from the day to commemorate it. With this being said, I was SHOCKED at this response. 78% of our pollers throw the wedding invitations in the TRASH – so, all your money and hard work goes into the bin.
    Now, don’t let this upset you,  this is an eye opening experience for you to realise that there are other options out there. Save the Date whatsapps, wedding websites and e-vites are all a thing, plus you will be doing a whole lot for the environment!
    This doesn’t mean that you have to choose some tacky design, you can still get your wedding invitation beautifully designed by a stationer, you will just save on all the shipping and postage costs while having your wedding website look fab!

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  3. Do you like getting favours?
    This came as a surprise as we feel the need for favours is slowly disappearing – sadly, so many are left on the tables, all their special meaning forgotten. With saying that, a whopping 67% of our pollers voted yes!

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  4. What was the best favour you have received at a wedding?
    So one of our lucky pollers responded to this question saying “A iPad” so if anyone is planning on having iPads as their favours, we would just like to know where we can sign up to be a wedding guest?
    But on a serious note, the majority of the answers were something edible or alcoholic. Which proves that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on favours when people are more concerned with some padkos for the way home or a shot for some courage on the dancefloor!

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  5. Which do you prefer?
    So lawn games have not totally lost their popularity, although how much giant Jenga can one really play? We are enjoying seeing table tennis and jumping castles adding a bit of fun to the pre-reception shenanigans. Photo booths however, (See more of this in point 7) are still the firm favourite at any wedding shindig.
    Canapé’s or Starters, a whopping 91% voted for canapés which goes to show that if you feed your guests well at your cocktail hour, starters are not a necessity. Harvest tables have proven to be incredibly popular, allowing guests to nibble as they please rather than trying to attack flag down a waiter doing the rounds.Cakes or donuts, this one was neck on neck till the last minute, but the classic cake ended up the winner by a mere 1% – both are fun and always delicious. The downside to donuts though, (if) there are any left over they don’t keep for the next day, while the leftover cake can just pop in the freezer and enjoy as you please.Buffet or Plated Dinner, 69% of you opted for a plated dinner and we have to agree. Although this can be pricier, it is so much better than queuing for your supper. The food is presented perfectly beautifully and not slopped onto your dish like a “chicken or fish” advert. 

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  6. Should the bride and groom pay for your drinks?
    This one is a bit of a tricky question – and with today’s current financial situation an open bar is just not at the top of everyones wedding budget lists. You will be glad to know that 69% of wedding guests do not expect for the bride and groom to pay for wedding drinks…whew!
    What we would advise, especially if your guest are travelling far to your wedding and having to fork out for accommodation, would be to put a small tab down for wines, soft drinks and ciders – when it’s finished, it’s finished and people can start paying their own way.
    Alternatively,  if you are super cash strapped, pay for the champagne for toasts and you are sorted

    The Plant
  7. What do you keep from weddings you have attended?
    The biggest winner here was PHOTOBOOTH STRIPS! Guys, we cannot recommend a Photo Booth enough for your wedding. They are such fun and can double as your wedding favour to your guests! The Photo Booth strips are so easy to keep as they can be popped up almost anywhere – on the fridge, on your desk, next to your bed, used as a bookmark – the options are endless!

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  8. What is the most irritating part of attending a wedding?
    The winners here were: excessively long formalitieswaiting for the bride and groom to finish their creative shoot and lastly waiting for food.
    The takeaway here? People are impatient! If you are planning on having a long creative shoot, ensure there is enough food, drinks and entertainment to keep everyone happy. If you want long speeches, break them up into different stages of the evening. And for the love of sane guests, if you haven’t had bountiful canepés or a harvest table, PLEASE ensure you feed them before any speeches start! Ensure you give each person making a speech a time limit. This shouldn’t be a problem if you only have a couple of speeches but if your great aunt Mildred and her three daughters, all insist on doing a speech, you might want to put your foot down and say no!

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  9. And your favourite part?
    This was our favourite part of the whole poll. Reading everyone’s comments made our hearts go all warm and fuzzy – weddings are the most beautiful days, but here are a few fan favourites:

                                      “The whole vibe of the day! Pure magic!”
                                                              “All the love”,
                         “The love and the people – the party and the reminder of forever”
                          “The romance and special attention to unique details” and lastly
                                “The fact that they chose you to witness their special day”

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Guys, at the end of the day, your guests are there to see YOU.
They want to witness the magic that is your wedding day – the vows, the love and of course, the party! Don’t get so caught up with trying to have “the best day ever”, just HAVE the best day ever. If you are having fun, chances are your guests are having fun too! Have great music, better food, a photo booth to capture the memories and be present with your guests. After all, you only get this day once, your guests want to celebrate with you!

We hope this helped clear up a few things for you, but if you are feeling a little lost with choosing between peony pink and ballet pink, why not sit down with us for a Hooray consult? We promise we are filled to the brim with amazing ideas, plus there will be champagne (or coffee, whichever suits you best!) Click here if you would like to book a consult with us! 

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