2020 Suit Trends

The thought that the end of 2019 is fast approaching is utterly crazy to us. Where on earth did this year go?
We swear it was only just the other day that we were getting our experts to weigh in on 2019 trends, and here we are, getting 2020 trends out to our brides, what!?!

We have Claire from Suit Up Suit Hire back with us today, sharing her thoughts on Suit trends for 2020 and we have to say, we think she has hit the nail on the head!

Read on if you would like to hear Claire’s thoughts on suit trends for 2020.

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As 2019 is quickly coming to an end and 2020 is approaching at a rapid speed, those who are getting married will be looking for (if they have not already started) inspiration and ideas on trends for their big day. Trends inspire your decisions, which ultimately sets the tone of your wedding, therefore it is important that they influence you positively. This allows you to communicate your style freely and creates the memorable and exciting day you have dreamed of.  As we look at wedding suit trends from 2019 going into 2020 there are few that stand out for us.

A Distinguished Gentleman

Over the last 2 years we have seen a decline in black suits for weddings as the blues and greys have taken over however it is definitely making it’s way back into fashion. Whether it is the traditional black Tuxedo or classic black suit, this trend is becoming more prominent. As more bridal couples are opting for distinct yet formal weddings, they are choosing simple black tuxedos with bowties or black suits with ties. This creates a distinguished and elegant look. Black is sophisticated, timeless and makes an effortless statement.
Blue, Burgundy and Bottle Green

Blue suits have been a fashionable trend over the last few years. The classic blue suit with tan or brown shoes is a favoured look and we do not see this trend dying out anytime soon. During the course of 2019, maroon and burgundy suits have been colours that have arisen interest amongst bridal couples and will continue to gain popularity in 2020. As we have seen a jump in boldness with maroons and burgundy, Emerald green or bottle green has been a colour that is starting to take momentum as a sought after colour for weddings in 2020. These bold colours are not for everyone but definitely appeals to those looking for something exciting and different.

To waistcoat or not to waistcoat? (and other accessories)

A 3-piece suit is becoming more popular, especially for grooms. Often the waistcoat is used to differentiate the groom from his groomsmen and adds a distinguished element to the groom’s attire. Whilst we have found that the floral shiny waistcoat option has lost its popularity, a bold statement is now being made with checked single- or double-breasted waistcoats. A simple plain matching waistcoat always creates a classic look and we foresee both these trends rolling over into 2020. When it comes to other accessories, ‘Simplicity’ is the defining word for 2020 trends. Cravats have become less common, as couples are opting for ties or bowties in simple florals or patterns as well as plain colours with matching pocket squares. Thus, creating a stylish yet classic look. The trend of matching groomsmen accessories to the bridesmaids colours is no longer, as it has moved away from this. It is now all about choosing accessories that compliment the bridesmaids colours instead of being “matchy matchy” as is common for dances/proms.

The modern slim fit (not ultra-skinny) is still the most common fit for suits and tuxedos. This fit has become distinguished and sought after and will continue to be the most popular and fashionable choice for 2020.
The Standout Jacket 

Whilst some bridal couples choose fashionable classic suits in one colour, it has become popular for some to choose plain trousers and make a bold statement with a ‘Standout Jacket’ for the groom. Whether it is bold prints, checks or a plain coloured jacket with small details, the standout jacket is becoming a prominent choice for some couples as it is fun yet still sleek and modern. As bridal couples are influenced by modish styles and trends, the Standout Jacket is a trend that will continue into next year.

*Hooray side note: We have loved seeing a few grooms opt for a “second jacket” or “second shirt” as a change up for the reception. Why do brides get to have all the fun with a second party dress? We love that grooms are showing up too with something fun and funky to “let their hair down” with and enjoy the party!

As we look forward to 2020, we have noticed there is no distinct trend that is standing out for us. However certain trends are being modified and interpreted in ways that accommodate couples who are looking for nontraditional options for weddings and grooms’ attire. Whether you are wanting a simple and chic or a bold and different look, trends should conjure up ideas that you love and incorporate into your wedding, making it special and unique to you. Do not be afraid to have fun when choosing your wedding suits and experiment with different looks which ultimately showcase who you are.

Claire, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us today. We cannot wait to see all the stylish grooms that you “suit up” for their weddings in 2020.

If you would like to get in touch with Claire, hit her up here. 

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