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Hooray Weddings | Guest Post | BlommeThis little impromptu guest post by the lovely Kate from Blomme is all about a little overlooked fact at almost every wedding;

What to do with your flowers after the celebration is over? 

You have paid for them and they are yours to take home, just 99% of the time they are in votives belonging to the venue or decor personal. So Kate is here to share the options you have once the party is done.

Over to Kate…

It can be quite demoralising arriving at a wedding venue after the wedding to collect our vases and  containers and see piles and piles of perfectly good flowers being thrown into black bags, headed for the dump. Especially when we put so much time and effort, lovingly creating the arrangements!
The flowers don’t have to be thrown away and with a little bit of thought or generosity their beauty can still go along way to brightening up your own home or those close to you!

So here are our top 5 tips to give your flowers a second chance, it doesn’t have to be the end of the road for them.

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1. Bless your guests

If the flowers have been in containers with water instead of  an oasis, the chances are good that they will last for at least 4 days after the celebration. These flowers can be given to a special family member or friend. We suggest to brides to give somebody special at each table a floral arrangement. Make sure a reliable bridesmaid or wedding planner informs the chosen person so that the flowers end up in the right hands. A personalized note on their place mat could also do the trick. It would be a good idea to take little buckets or jars along to put them into to make the transportation for the guests easier.

2. Donate
If you have had a destination wedding, you could donate your flowers to the church or charity in the area, like an old age home so that the grannies could have a few days of enjoyment from the flowers. Roses with long stems can be cut shorter after the celebration and placed into deep water (right up to their necks) as this will give them a good boost. Greenery such as Leather Leaf, Eucalyptus, Ruscus and Aspidistra Leaves last for ages and grouped together can make a lovely green arrangement.

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3. Flowers that last
Aloes and Succulents – In recent years, succulents and aloes have been popular choices instead of traditional flower arrangements. The beauty of succulents and aloes is that they can be re-planted into soil, even if they no longer have their roots. This is such a cost effective option and gives peace of mind knowing that they are not wasted and can find a happy home in someone’s garden.
Trees –  Then of course there is the option of using trees as your choice of flora which have the best longevity and allow the couple the pleasure of witnessing them grow over the years. There is something special about planting a tree in your garden to remind you of the happy memories of your wedding day. Trees are pricey, so an alternative option could be to find a big landscaping project that is underway where you could re-sell your trees to them.

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4. To throw or not to throw

There are many brides who choose not to throw their bouquet. Should this be your cup of tea, you can always gift your bouquet to some one special or honour the longest married couple at your wedding? Options are endless. The bouquet is usually in a tied bunch so is easy to transport and can go straight into a vase.
Should you wish to keep your bouquet, there is the option to air dry, press or freeze your bouquet. This can be quite a tricky process but online tutorials give a detailed explanation of how to do this. Air drying can make the flowers lose their colour and shape so it would be advisable to do your research on this properly if you choose this option. There are also companies that make glass ball paper weights with flowers inside, this could be a lovely keepsake if you are willing to put in the yards.

5. Treat your first garden

If binning your flowers is the only option, why not take them home and start a compost heap with them that could feed your garden for the first season of your married life!


A big thank you to Kate and Donna from Blomme for putting together this little write up!
If you would like to get in touch with these talented ladies, you can do so here:


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