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So, when we saw this bachelorette on social media, we just knew we had to share it with all of you.
We love that people are thinking out of the box these days, a bachelorette can be tailored to suit the bride, it does not have to be a cookie cutter night out on the town, doing a bar crawl and losing your shoes at midnight!

We chatted to Marielle and Talitha about the logistics of hosting a Bachelorette and how they went about planning the perfect day for their bestie, Caitlin. 

Hooray: Hi Girls, tell me about yourselves and your relationship with your bride-to-be?
M + T: Our names are Marielle and Talitha, and we had the priviledge of being bridesmaids for our close friend, Caitlin. (Both of us will tell you we are her best friend.) We met Caitlin in high school – it was actually very close towards the end of high school. Lots of partying, figuring our lives out together & solid pool days throughout every December.Hooray: Tell us about the bachelorette you threw for Caity
M & T: We threw a shimmer soiree, which was classy and elegant and it suited Caity in so many ways. All the guests dressed in anything but matte; which Talitha, through mood boards and giving everyone examples of things they could wear, made sure people knew the theme.Hooray: We love the idea of a Shimmer Soiree, it’s so original! How did you guys decide on this theme?
M + T: We actually found the house first and after looking for tons of ideas on Pinterest and throwing ideas at each other we came up with classy, elegant & (because Talitha is always up to the latest trends), shimmer soiree fit perfectly.

Hooray: How many bridesmaids were there in total? 
M + T: There were 5 bridesmaids & 1 bridesmanHooray: Did you all help arrange the hens party or did the MOH take the lead?
M + T: Everyone lives anywhere BUT Durban, which made this extremely difficult to delegate things to do. Instead, Talitha and I decided to DIY all the decor & asked the bridesmaids to help with other stuff. Duties got delegated as follows:

Kelsey (MOH) : Organised the pool floats, hired champagne glasses, brought fruits for the champagne bar, picked up guests from the airport, brought the snacks and helped with general organising from the UK
Kristy: Made the salad, brought mix for the drinks, ice, ice bowl, lifts.
Devin: He created a pre video for Cait to watch to get her all excited, got the cupcakes, shots, champagne.
Megan: Put together hangover kits, organized a giant penis for the piñata and helped make the jello shots
Talitha : Became the delegator and planner of the night, making sure things ran smoothly throughout. She also did all the printing and created a “30 seconds” game that was tailored to Cait!
Marielle: I was in charge of booking the house and organising the karaoke. Myself and Talitha made most of the décor and I made the pinata (a solid 3 days – I highly do NOT recommend this). I roped my mom in and she made food, I also made some jello shots & a scrapbook.
Hooray: Money is always such a tricky subject and we ALWAYS have people asking for advice on how to handle the budget. How did you guys handle the finances for the soiree?
M + T: We were just honest, we told everyone what they needed to pay and by when, there’s no way around it & it’s easier to just tell how much and when.

Hooray: Be honest, were there any fights in the lead up?
M + T: Yes. We don’t all know each other that well and some of us know each other too well. It was only close to the actual Bach when tension was high and everyone was on edge and stressed out.Hooray: Could you tell us the biggest obstacle you had to overcome?
M + T: The biggest obstacle was getting everyone to actually RSVP. People were backing out only a few days before. It was exhausting. Also mediating everyone’s ideas and strong personalities.

Hooray: Did Caity know the details or was everything kept a secret?
M + T: Well, we tried to keep it a secret, but we wanted her to buy her own dress because she would’ve felt more comfortable. We just told her what vibe to go for & for logistics, we told her it was in Southbroom.Hooray: Your favourite moment from the party?
M + T: So many. Personalised 30 seconds was epic, we also had a midnight swim which was fab & the karaoke was also a hit. Every minute was fabulous.

Hooray: If you had to do it all over again, would you do anything different?
M + T: No ways. It was worth every single cent.

Thanks so much for sharing Cait’s bachelorette with us, Marielle and Talitha.
It looked like such a classy affair and we are sure everyone had a ball!
We also asked Caitlin a few questions about her special night.

Hooray: Did you know when your bachelorette was or was it a complete surprise?
Cait: I am currently living in the UK and we were only coming down the week before the wedding so we had to have it during that week. So we decided it would be best to have it the Wednesday of that week, and that was the end of my involvement completely. I genuinely didn’t know anything, not who was coming, what we were doing, the theme, absolutely nothing. It was so amazing to just have it all taken off my back and not having to even make a single decision, making wedding decisions was enough stress!

Hooray: Was it everything you’ve ever dreamed of or more?
Cait: It was beyond incredible. Never could I have ever imagined my bachelorette being that special. My bridesmaids went all out and made me feel like the most special person ever. It was just so thought out and personalised to me and what I would have liked. I will never be able to express how much I appreciated it!Hooray: Would you have changed anything?
Cait: If I could have, I would have had it the weekend before, because I wasn’t able to just lay around with my friends the next morning and take our time to clear up. I had to get going to do more wedding organizing, as it was two days before the wedding. But genuinely wouldn’t change anything else about the actual bachelorette.

Hooray: What was your favourite part of the evening?
Cait: The games we played for sure. Every game was personalized. There was a 30 seconds with all the answers being related to me, a Kahoot quiz, I had to match stories to the person at the bachelorette, and there was even Karaoke (my FAV). It was just so much fun. I loved that it was just all my friends in a house having the best time, not going out to a club or an event, just us enjoying each other and making memories.

Hooray: Did you tell your bridal party your wish list for the evening, or do they just know you that well?
Cait: No, my only thing was that I wanted everyone to be there and to enjoy it. The rest was all them!

If you loved the look of Caitlin’s bachelorette, keep an eye out for her wedding which we will be sharing with you soon!

Photography: Hope Bowley Photography, as well as Marielle Beetge Photography
Videography: Hope Bowley
Printing: Talitha (including design of printing)
Venue: The Southbroom Beach House, AirBnB
Printing of Sash: Shindig Event Decor & Design

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