My Little Pony Bachelorette

Bachelorette goals!

This ‘My Little Pony’ party was so well suited to Laura, who is absolutely horse mad. There is a strong possibility she loves her pony Constant more than her hubby! 

Christy is friends with Laura and was involved in the planning of this evening – true to Christy style she went all out and with the help from Lorette and Laura’s amazing sisters and bridesmaids they pulled off the best “last trot before the knot”

Get ready for some MAJOR bachelorette envy…

Hi girls, can you tell us how you know Laura?
Lorette: Laura and I have been friends going on twenty years now, we met at Lords and legends. We are also work buddies.
Christy: Laura and I have “known” each other since she did my makeup for a wedding way back in 2010, but we officially became friends about 2 years ago. I think we might have ‘side-eyed’ each other before we actually became friends – LOL.
Hooray: Tell us more about the bachelorette you threw for Laura
Lorette: It was amazing obviously coz Christy was involved! She has such a passion and eye – it’s so easy to work with her and you know things will turn out great! We hosted about 25+ people ranging from a 14 year old to a few sexy “sixty-something” ladies. We provided all food and drinks. We got Minette from Rhythmic Arts Academy to teach us the Boney M – Rasputin routine which was such a big hit. It’s Laura’s favourite song and as you can see by the pics, she absolutely loved it. And then to top it off we headed into Durban for a bit of a pub crawl and ended with some dancing at tiger tiger.

Hooray: MY LITTLE PONY!? Tell us why you chose this theme for Laura?
Lorette: Christy chose the theme. It’s fitting as Laura is pony/horse crazy so it worked well!
Christy: Laura’s most favourite thing in the whole world is her pony Constant, sooooo it just made sense! It helped that Unicorns are so in right now, so decor wasn’t too difficult to source. Lorette came up with “Lauras last trot before the knot” – it was just so apt! 
Hooray: Can you tell us more about the bridal party, were they involved at all? 
Christy: Both of Laura’s sisters had the final say on everything. Two of the bridesmaids live quite far so planning and pulling everything together was a little difficult – so this is where Lorette and I stepped in to help. We obvs love party planning and we love Laura, so we were so honoured to get to be a part of it! 
Hooray: How was the budget handled?
Lorette: Laura’s sister was very generous with the budget and handled pretty much everything for the party.

Hooray: Were there any disagreements or sour moments?
Lorette: None at all!! 

Hooray: Any obstacles you had to overcome?
Lorette: Trying to keep things a secret from Laura and making sure we had set up in time! Thank goodness the entire family came to help or else we wouldn’t have managed! 

Hooray: Did Laura know anything or was it all a surprise?
Lorette: It was all a surprise except she knew the date and that it was at her house

Hooray: Your favourite part of the night?
Christy: All of it was amazing to be honest, but I think it was closer to the evening time when the fairy lights came on – everyone was glittered up and in such a good mood – all that beginning party awkwardness had disappeared and you could just see how happy Laura was and how much love was surrounding her. It really was such a good party.

Hooray: Would you do anything differently if you had a do-over?
Lorette: Nope, not at all!!
Christy: NOTHING! 

Hooray: That punch looks delicious! Care to share the recipe?
Christy: Ha ha ha – I made two punches with the same ingredients – one I just made stronger than the other – so think a 40% to 60% ratio

Use 1 x bottle gin, 1 x bottle vodka and 1 x bottle white rum (remember 40% in the one decanter and 60% in the other to make it stronger) We then added 3x 2l sprite zero to each. We then decided to have some fun and added blue and purple chappies to the one and then pink fizzers to the other. Not to mention, we topped it all off with some edible glitter and VOILA! Unicorn punch! It was yum!
Hooray: Tell us more about the glitter bar, everyone looked so gorgeous!
Lorette: It was a lot of fun and by the end of the evening everyone had gotten involved and had “glittered up”
Christy: Yeah, so obviously I wanted to take advantage of the glitter from Hooray so we put together a few extra glitters along side the glitter included in the disco diva bachelorette box. It was such a hit – every single guest got glittered up! 

Hooray: And the cake, did it taste as good as it looks? 
Lorette: Flip the cake and cupcakes were delish!
Christy: Laura was so lucky to have won the cake from the lovely Kerriden at Forever and Cake. Kerriden was AMAZING and even delivered the cake herself. It was BEYOND what we had envisioned and had everyone in awe! It actually tasted even better than it looked! Everyone could not stop talking about it! 

Magic Makers
Biscuits: Janine’s Cookies

Dance Instructor: Minette from Rhythmic Arts Academy
Cake: Forever and Cake
Glitter Bar: Hooray Weddings
Lauras Flower Crown: Boutique Crowns
Photography: Christy Hosking Photography

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