Secret Sunset Bachelorette

So, I have been quite quiet on the blog front, but there is no better way to kick off our blogging again than with this oh so amazing bachelorette!

Picture this, you have just had the bachelorette weekend of your dreams, things are slowing down and the Sunday blues are kicking in BADLY… only to be surprised with one last soiree to finish off your weekend with a bang!

Well, this is exactly what Janene’s bride tribe did for her with a silent disco at sunset on a private beach in Zinkwazi… how dreamy?!

Images by Sarah Orchard Photography

First up, we have Janene’s sister Jenna who is sharing a bit more with us today.
Hooray: Tell us more about the bachelorette you threw for Janene
Jenna: So…. naturally with Janene being our older sister, we were very worried we wouldn’t be able to give her the Bachelorette every bride dreams of… she’s a natural party planner (and also a wedding coordinator) She planned the wedding of my dreams 12 years ago, so I really wanted her Bachelorette to be special,  but how do you make an already common event special?? 

Janene is our world. Jayde, myself and Shannon threw a few ideas around and knew it had to be amazing – one thing was clear, we knew there would be a ‘secret event’.

We decided on a girl’s weekend in Zinkwazi, Kwa-Zulu Natal. We created the weekend around Janene’s friends who live in Durban, but the Joburg girls were absolutely phenomenal – they were so willing to help and they came all the way to celebrate our amazing bride to be! 

Hooray: A silent disco!? Tell us why you chose to do this?
Jenna: We chose to keep the Secret Sunrise a surprise. Well, it was the best. idea. EVER!
The girls were treated to a Saturday night party bus and as much as the hangover hurt the next morning, brunch was served by Jayde, myself and Shannon, on Sunday morning. Then a barge, organized by Janene’s friend Zoe, took us to the beach (and our surprise) BAM!!!!! Best surprise ever!! Our girls were treated to a secret sunset with Sarah our photographer and the Secret Sunrise team, where we danced and reconnected!! What an amazing experience!! She cried, we cried and danced as we’ve never before. No other moment in our lives will ever bring us closer, I am so grateful to have experienced such true love amongst a group of girls that share friendships for more than 20 years!! Truly humbled, and so much love. All in 48 hours!!

Hooray: Was there a belly-dancer instructor?
Jenna: Zoe is very vivid in the pictures but was not our belly dancing instructor, she is such a natural artist. So much freedom in one event. I personally think it’s amazing how each woman had her own expression on the day. Pure Magic…

Hooray: Did Janene know anything or was it all a surprise?
Jenna: Janene knew nothing, which made it more special for us, wedding coordinators are very nosey haha…there was talk about a stripper… but I’m not that guy… I was..but oh, how children change you!!

Hooray: Who organised the outfits for the bride and her tribe?
Jenna: We originally tricked Janene Into thinking she’d be wearing a teeny tiny outfit (only because we weren’t sure if she’d feel comfy in fur) only for her to wear a less teeny tiny outfit but in fur. We MADE everything! It took me 3 weeks to make that hat (I poured my heart and soul into that one).. 4 weeks to make the faux fur one piece….then, worrying about how hot she’d be, we printed a one-piece cozzie that fitted comfortably underneath the fur that was printed for her. We glued pearls to her boots so they would fit the outfit – talk about sister love!! We personally printed a cup, lip glass, bag, sanitiser for each woman attending too.

And now, let’s hear from the bride herself, Janene.

Hooray: I think it is safe to say you had an EPIC bachelorette… was it everything you dreamed of and more?
Janene: Well it’s definitely safe to say it was the best party weekend of my life. The festivities kicked off from the Friday already and carried on throughout the weekend. There were such amazing activities and experiences together. We created memories of a lifetime! From sitting around a table catching up on stories back in the day, a lazy afternoon on the beach with pizza’s (and a sneaky couple drinks), to getting dressed up, climbing into a party bus the Saturday evening to paint the town red while we danced the night away! Sunday was also fun-filled. My bridesmaids organised a gorgeous brunch, one very deserving of the theme ‘boujee’.

From there we went on a boat trip up the river to dance some more and live our best lives! Then, there was the absolute pinnacle of the weekend, a secret sunset session on the beach with a guided meditation into a full-blown dance party. It was truly a phenomenal bachelorette, I could not have dreamt of a better or changed a single thing.

Hooray: I loved your outfit, you rocked it! Did you love it?
Janene: All my outfits were absolutely amazing throughout the weekend. Sunday’s outfit was custom made for me by my talented bridesmaids. I felt beautiful and sexy like I was empowered and free to just be me and enjoy every special moment. I honestly had the best day ever.

Hooray: Your absolute favourite part?
Janene: Just when I thought things were going to start winding down and come to an end, My dream team, “My Bridesmaids”, had planned another surprise for Sunday afternoon.  The special event that was a secret for everyone was a Secret Sunset session with the team from Secret Sunrise Durban. It was the most amazing experience and I was so happy to be living it with the ladies I love the most. It was complete with a professional photographer to capture the beautiful experience and the unforgettable moments we shared. It was life-changing for everyone. It was a powerful experience, all of us bonded deeply and left feeling revived, invigorated and happy with life, like we could take on the world!

Wow, ladies, I have serious FOMO and would love to have been at this epic finale to this bachelorette weekend – Janene, you are blessed to have had such amazing an amazing bride tribe!

Silent Disco: Secret Sunrise
Photography: Sarah Orchard Photography

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