Hooray Honeymoons 2019

Travel. It is such a wonderful thing!

I am a travel junkie – if I could, I would travel the world 24/7! So, naturally, I loved starting up our new section this year, “Hooray Honeymoons”

We have shared some amazing tips, tricks and travels with you this year, here is a wrap up of the travel adventures:

  1. Jess + Hein’s Mauritian Adventure
    Our first official blog post for Hooray Honeymoons!

    ess and Hein spent 7 days in Mauritius paradise for their honeymoon and it looked like the most relaxing holiday a girl could ask for after the stress of wedding prep and planning.
    Jess shared with us how they made the decision to go to Mauritius, what she enjoyed most about her honeymoon as well as 5 things you must not forget to pack.Click here to read the whole post. 
  2. Louis + Jen’s Thailand Honeymoon
    Yup, that is my honeymoon! Of course I wanted to give you a peek into my own travels!

    “You want suit?”

    These are the words that will be permanently etched into your brain after one day exploring Phuket, Thailand – that, along with incredible  azure waters, mu-thai boxing announcements,  questionable female companions and the most tantalizing fruit, you have ever tasted in your life!Jenna and Louis had their first overseas trip for their honeymoon and they quickly fell in love with the exciting world of travelling!Click here to read the whole post. 
  3. Zanzibar with Bianca and Brendan
    Ah, how dreamy does Zanzibar look? Bianca and Brendan had the most picture perfect honeymoon!

    Bianca and Brendan spent 10 days in the bliss of Zanzibar for their honeymoon.

    Cocktails, beach days and scuba diving through the coral – a honeymoon out of their dreams. A mixture of chill and adventure, exactly what newlyweds need to prep them for married life.If you are considering Zanzibar for your honeymoon, why not read through Bianca and Brendan’s adventures and maybe this will help you make up your mind!Click here to read the whole post. 
  4. Maldives with Cheralee + Jaryd
    Okay, I am officially jealous of this honeymoon!The Maldives, a place that is on almost everyone’s travel bucket list and Cheralee and Jaryd got to experience it first hand for their honeymoon! Crystal clear water, sea bungalows and absolute bliss – their honeymoon sounds like the perfect chill time after the stress of wedding planning. Cheralee and Jaryd share with us today more about their honeymoon, including a trip in a sea plane!

    Click here to read the whole post.

  5. Phinda with the Rosies
    We forget how blessed we are to have this “Safari” right on our door step!Since Jen came on board last year, we have introduced a travel portion to our blog and instagram feed, fondly dubbed,Wanderlust Wednesday, attributed to her absolute love of travel.
    With this “new” addition, we hope to give brides and grooms inspiration and some first hand information; pros + cons and tips + tricks on possible destinations for their own honeymoons.Today, however, we are sharing something a little different.
    We have so many readers, who continue to follow Hooray long after the wedding dress has been packed away, and the photo-album has pride of place on the coffee table.Marc + Caley Rosenberg (The Rosies) spent a portion of their Honeymoon at Phinda Mountain Lodge and have made every attempt to return as often as possible. This year for their 9 year anniversary they returned to the Forest Lodge to celebrate and reconnect.

    Click here to read the whole post.

  6. Greece + The Amalfi Coast
    Tegs and Brendan spent the most amazing time exploring Greece and Italy for a European Summer vacation.When Christy and I followed (read “stalked”) Tegs’ trip to Greece and the Amalfi Coast, we immediately knew we needed to share it with our readers.The most amazing scenery, beautiful beaches, drinks and sunsets is what loaded our feed and we were dying for more (while silently going green with jealousy!)Tegs and Branden spent a month exploring and experiencing the magic of travelling through Europe and we are so glad she agreed to share her top spots and tricks with you. From advice on where to stay, to telling you where to pee – Tegs has got you covered!

    Click here to read the whole post.

  7. Milos, Paros and Mykonos
    Our last #Wanderlust Wednesday” blog for the year and the second part of Teg’s travels.

    Today we have Tegan back again, sharing the next part of her and Branden’s amazing Greek adventure. 

    (If you haven’t read the first part of their journey, stop right there and head on over to read it first! Click here.)To conclude their European Summer holiday, Tegs and Branden visited the Greek Islands of Milos, Paros and Mykonos – it all looks so dreamy, we are not too sure which to add to our bucket list first!Yacht trips in crystal clear water, breakfast dates by the pool and glasses of wine in their private jacuzzi – these two certainly know how to make the most out of their travels!Click here to read the whole post.

And that’s a wrap on the most amazing travel adventures we shared in 2019!

Cannot wait to see the wonderful places our travellers and honeymooners will take us in 2020!

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