Louis + Jen’s Thailand Honeymoon

“You want suit?”
These are the words that will be permanently etched into your brain after one day exploring Phuket, Thailand – that, along with incredible  azure waters, mu-thai boxing announcements,  questionable female companions and the most tantalizing fruit, you have ever tasted in your life!

Jenna and Louis had their first overseas trip for their honeymoon and they quickly fell in love with the exciting world of travelling!

Jenna shares with us today a bit of an inside look into their honeymoon as well as her biggest highlight and why they chose Thailand for their first overseas trip together.

Hooray: Where did you go on honeymoon?
Jenna: Louis and I travelled to Phuket, Thailand for our honeymoon. It was our first overseas trip and one we look back on with such fond memories!`

Hooray: How difficult was it to decide where to go?
Jenna: This was quite a decision for both Louis and I. At first we thought we would do a trip to Cape Town for our honeymoon and then venture further later in the year for our “second honeymoon”, but when we started comparing costs, we realised that we should just take the leap and go to Thailand!Hooray: Whose choice was it? Or was it a surprise?
Jenna: I am too much of a control freak to have allowed my honeymoon to be a surprise! LOL! It was a joint decision.  Hooray: Did you have a backup destination in mind?
Jenna: Well at first we were thinking of Cape Town. Then, when we decided to do an overseas trip, Louis was drawn to Mauritius (I promise we will go one day babe!) and I was keen for Mauritius or Thailand. When we compared the prices, Thailand was more value for money, plus you get to go half way around the world for half the price of what Mauritius was going to cost us! Hooray: Did you tailor make your honeymoon or did you use a travel agent?
Jenna: We were lucky enough to have my cousin, Lauren from Kinetic Travel, assist us with our honeymoon plans! She booked our flights and hotels for us and advised us of what to do when we got there. On the first official day at the hotel, we had a travel advisor meet us at the hotel to book all our day trips and activities we wanted to do – I would highly recommend doing this as there are ALOT of “fly by night” dealers on the street charging you double the price and then not arriving to fetch you when it comes time to do the activity. Be very weary of these guys! Hooray: How long after your wedding did you leave for honeymoon?
Jenna: We left bright and early on the Monday morning after our wedding. I loved that on the Sunday after the wedding I had family around to help me pack and give me advice, it lent to all the excitement!  Hooray: Was your honeymoon everything you dreamed of and more?
Jenna: It was so, so, so much more! My honeymoon was the start of my love for travel and I am so glad that my hubby fell in love with travel just as hard as I did! Louis and I love exploring and experiencing different parts of the world and would do it more often if we could afford it! Hooray: How long was your honeymoon?
Jenna: Our honeymoon was just over a week long including travelling. Looking back, I definitely think we could of extended the trip and explored different parts of Thailand. We will definitely go back one day! Hooray: If you could give your honeymoon a theme, what would it be? Adventure, or chill?
Jenna: Definitely a bit of both! We did day trips and activities but also roamed the street markets and lay by the pool. Was a perfect combination of the two! Hooray: Top 5 things to pack on honeymoon?
Jenna: In this exact order:
1) Sunscreen!
2) A hat
3) Some pretty dresses to look fancy on your date nights
4) A book for those lazy days by the pool
5) New bras and panties! Its your honeymoon of course!Hooray: The biggest highlight of your honeymoon?
Jenna: Wow! This is a difficult question! I would have to say the whole experience – it really is something you will never forget! From shopping on Bangla Road, to exploring the islands, Thailand was such fun and I would go back in a heartbeat!

Thanks for sharing your honeymoon with us, Jen!
If you would like your honeymoon featured on Hooray, then send Jen a couple of pics as well as a short description. (jenna@hoorayweddings.com)

Hotel: Merlin Beach Hotel which is now Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa
Travel Agent : Kinetic Travel
Airway: Cathay Pacific

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