Megan + Clinton | Durban Elopement

When I first saw this wedding pop up on our Instagram feed, I immediately knew that I wanted to share it.  Then, when I found out it was an intimate elopement, I wanted to share this love story even more!

Clinton + Megan got engaged in Cape Town, on a beach in January and
married two weeks later in Durban, on a beach in February!

With such a short time space to organise everything, they decided to elope and have a seaside wedding with only a few close family members and friends. 

If you are missing the seaside and the sand between your toes, then get ready to be swept away to the crashing ocean shore and read all about Clinton and Megan’s love story.

Hi guys, please introduce yourselves to the Hooray readers.
M + C: My name is Megan and my husband’s name is Clinton. We’ve been “officially” dating since 01/01/2019. Through mutual friends and interests we reconnected during the latter months of 2018. We’ve known each other for a couple of years and simply reconnected.

Hooray: Tell us about your proposal
M + C: He proposed on our one year anniversary (01/01/20) during our holiday in CT. He asked me to marry him on a beach called Derde Steen in Bloubergstrand, with the most beautiful sunset (and worst wind I’ve ever experienced) behind us. Feeling very hungover and reluctant to pose for our “anniversary photo” as he called it, he tricked me into standing up and staring into the sunset when he suddenly dropped to one knee. Needless to say, I was speechless.

Hooray: What made you and Clint decide on an elopement?
M + C: Quite a few things actually but two of the main reasons were possible immigration and the ‘why wait’ factor. Both Clint and I have longed for a love like this our whole lives and now that we’ve found each other we knew that we wanted to do this, so, why wait 🙂

Hooray: Did you turn this into a weekend away?
M + C: We had already booked this Valentines weekend away and decided to use this as the base when we decided to elope. It was a super quick Friday – Sunday weekend away.

Hooray: What was the one non-negotiable at your wedding?
M + C: That the word did not get out to friends and family that we were eloping. It was a secret.

Hooray: Well, was everyone able to keep it a secret?
M + C: Yes, most definitely!

Hooray: Was anyone upset with your decision to elope?
M + C: No, generally the ‘older-folk’ were concerned about not having a wedding as they are still traditional about things but the rest were very happy for us.

Hooray: How did you choose your photographer?
M + C: Through our wedding planner. We had a few to choose from but loved the feel of Stories by Goya and felt that they had the “look” we were going for.

Hooray: What made you want to get married on the beach?
M + C: Well, a beach is a far better option than court – a venue was never really on the cards.

Hooray: Be honest, how many hours did you spend on Pinterest?
M + C: We basically had two weeks to plan the wedding, so yes, Pinterest was a big deal for two weeks. 

Hooray: Give us more of an inside look into how you planned this so quickly
M + C: Well, my husband Clint is an AMAZING planner/organizer and has an eye for design so he got straight to work. For the most part he took over the role of the ‘bride’. It was strange, yet so refreshing to have a man give such appropriate suggestions. We both like beautiful things – simplistic and natural “boho” was the look we went for. Browsed Pinterest, shared some examples with Kelly and she did the rest. It all worked out so well. We had two weeks to plan EVERYTHING, including organize the wedding bands from our jeweler in Cape Town and with Coronavirus on the rise – it was indeed a tad stressful but successful.

Hooray: How many people were present? How did you decide who to invite to this intimate ceremony?
M + C: We decided not to invite any parents, family or friends because we are still hoping to have a ‘traditional’ wedding one day. We didn’t want to be unfair towards anyone, but, we also needed witnesses so we invited Clint’s stepmom, sister and brother in law who actually live in Ballito (his sister thought she was coming to a family photoshoot – surprise!), Kelly (our wedding planner) and Ryan her husband, and then Engela who I refer to as my “other mom” – she is both a parent and a friend to me and I wanted her to be my ‘family’ for the day. BUT, leaving the restaurant after our Valentine’s dinner on Friday (the day before), in walks my dad and stepmom. They decided to ‘gate-crash’ and surprise us. I was immediately worried about what the ‘other’ parents would say but, we just went with it and it was rather special to have my dad walk me down the aisle on the beach. It was perfect!

Hooray: The best moment of your wedding day?
Megan: Seeing my ‘grooms’ face when I approached him walking down the beach ‘aisle’. His face lit up. I think it was that moment of ‘reconnection’ and that “we’re actually doing this and it’s so perfect” that got us both smiling from ear to ear. It was something that only the two of us felt. I asked Clint this question and he said exactly the same thing lol 

Hooray: Did you and Clint go on a honeymoon after the elopement?
M + C: No, we didn’t… That is still on the cards FOR SURE!

Hooray: The one thing you would change about your wedding if you could travel back in time
M + C: I wouldn’t change anything. One thing we did experience was a FAR busier beach on our wedding day vs the day before and when all the possible ‘venue’ photos were taken beforehand, but we both decided to ‘roll’ with it and smile and wave. Who would’ve thought that beachgoers would actually sit and watch the two of us get married? Not me.

Hooray: The biggest hurdle you faced planning your wedding?
M + C: Time, and also having the courage to leave everything up to someone else to plan. We don’t live in Ballito so we didn’t have a choice. I am such a control freak but was pleasantly surprised when our wedding planner Kelly (blush events) pulled everything off. She is superhuman. 

Hooray: How did you announce it to friends and extended family?
M + C: We had a beautiful engagement party planned (that was actually planned before the elopement) and decided to show everyone our wedding video at the party – it was an all-round happy day celebrating our love! We then did the “Facebook official” thing and released a wedding photo to tell everyone else.

Hooray: Advice for other couples wanting to elope.
M + C: It is a great idea. Why spend thousands on other people when it is about you and your partner? Everyone I have spoken to has said that they absolutely wished they could’ve done the same. I know this is contrasting to my previous statement of wanting to have a proper wedding, but it’s not worth the financial stress if you’re unable to do so. Our ceremony was intimate and magical – we have photos (this is a must) to look back on, forever.

Gosh, there is something so romantic about this story… Thank you so much for sharing this intimate story with us. We are sure it will inspire many more couples to look into following their hearts and eloping!

We wish you many more years filled with seaside adventures and lots of love, Megan and Clinton!

Magic Makers
Photographer: Stories by Goya
Flowers, decor, stationery, catering + coordinating: Blush Events
Dress: E2 Designs
Jeweler: Nolan Kotting
Ukelele Music: Kai Coates 

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