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Since Jen came on board last year, we have introduced a travel portion to our blog and instagram feed, fondly dubbed, Wanderlust Wednesday, attributed to her absolute love of travel.

With this “new” addition, we hope to give brides and grooms inspiration and some first hand information; pros + cons and tips + tricks on possible destinations for their own honeymoons.

Today, however, we are sharing something a little different. 
We have so many readers, who continue to follow Hooray long after the wedding dress has been packed away, and the photo-album has pride of place on the coffee table. 

Marc + Caley Rosenberg (The Rosies) spent a portion of their Honeymoon at Phinda Mountain Lodge and have made every attempt to return as often as possible. This year for their 9 year anniversary they returned to the Forest Lodge to celebrate and reconnect.

I often use the analogy,
“Your marriage is like a car, it needs to be serviced regularly”
and whether you do this is with a grand getaways or simple, slow Sunday sleep-ins, taking
time to celebrate and invest in your marriage, and each other is so important.

Marc and Caley are the epitome of this, and we are so excited to have them share with us today. Over to you guys…

Marc and I meet in 2005 on a local nite club dance floor – we were introduced, sparks flew and it was literally love at first sight. A year later, our stars aligned and we shared our first kiss in the pouring rain. We spent three years dating long distance between South Africa and the United Kingdom before Marc got down on one knee and proposed in his family home amongst flowers and candles.

In 2010, we got married at the then recently opened Fairmont Zimbali hotel with the most beautiful King Proteas, a guest list of 250 friends and a conference room that turned into our very own disco and nite club. It was one of the best nights of out lives and we danced the night away until 4am.

When deciding on a honeymoon destination, Marc said he wanted to organise it all and surprise me. As an A-type, OCD, lover of control, this was super tough for me but I put all my trust and faith in him and was treated to the most magical bush and beach honeymoon at Phinda Mountain Lodge for a few days followed by a week on the remote island of Matemo in Mozambique. Our honeymoon was my first time at Phinda and I fell in love – the &Beyond resorts offer the most incredible food, facilities, service and the Phinda reserve promises incredible game viewing every time. There is something so peaceful, serene and magical about being in the fresh open air, under the African skies. 
We have tried our best to return to Phinda as often as we can  even more so in celebration of our wedding anniversary  as it holds a very special place in our hearts and its an amazing way for us to unwind and reconnect in the craziness of life with busy career and three young daughters.
Recently, we celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary and we escaped for a romantic bush weekend at Phinda Forest Lodge. We were treated to incredible animal sightings: baby rhino and its mother, three cheetah brothers, a roaring male lion and elephants splashing in the local watering hole. We were also spoilt with a bush dinner under the stars and returning to our room to a candlelit bubble bath and champagne on ice. Another magical anniversary together in one of our favourite places.
 Now help me convince Marc to let us renew our wedding vows for our tenth anniversary next year, in the bush, under our African skies
**HSN: Come now Marc, this isn’t much to ask!  

Top 9 Tips for Marriage:
  1. Love yourself. It may sound silly or selfish but there is so much truth in saying you cannot love anyone until you love yourself. It’s also hard to accept and receive love when you don’t have the same love for yourself. 
  2. Communicate. Being open and honest and having full trust in each other is what has seen us through some difficult times – years of long distance, hectic schedules and busy careers, and parenting three baby girls. You have to keep talking, not secrets.
  3. Prioritise time for each. Don’t cancel your time together, stop finding excuses, make it happen. It is surprising at how you can fill your love taels and truly reconnect when you have quality, alone, one-on-one time.
  4. Be your spouse’s biggest encourager, not their biggest critic. Don’t say negative things about each other. Speak highly of your partner, to them and about them. There is power in complimenting your spouse and speaking highly of them to other people. Your mouth speaks what your heart is full of.
  1. Be truthful always. The foundation of trust both ways.
  2. Support your spouses dreams and encourage them always, never let them lose sight of their passion.
  3. Communicate as best you can. This creates expectations and always best in one on one environments.
  4. Speak positively about your spouse in public, and constantly life them up. Love them for who they are and dont try to change them.
  5. Laugh together. Often.

Rosies, thank you so much for sharing with us. 
Congratulations on the wonderful 9 years of marriage and for sharing your top tips with us. We look forward to seeing what surprises your magical 10 year anniversary will include.

If you would like to keep up with Caley and her life with Marc and their 3 gorgeous little girls, you can follow her over at Ellie Love Blog

If you would like to book your honeymoon at one of the &Beyond destinations, you can get in touch here.

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