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I can’t be the only one who is missing travel SO much, but at the same time, gets anxiety leaving the house to go to the shop?
So while I know my next trip is in the far future, I needed to take a digital escape… and boy did I get lost in the beauty of destinations from all over the world! I spent hours scrolling through travel sites, dreaming of faraway places, and looking for the next best travel deal… and I convinced myself it was for work… because of research, of course!

I decided to use my hours of wanderlust to your benefit and whipped up this blog post on trending honeymoon destinations so you too can get lost in the world of white sand beaches and bluest of blue seas. 

Busy planning your honeymoon and looking for some inspiration? Look no further…

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  1. Mauritius
    White sand beaches, the bluest seas, and only a 4-hour flight away from South Africa, what more could you want? Mauritius is the perfect destination for those lovers who just want to relax – which is much needed after months of wedding planning! Although there are a lot of adventurous and adrenalin racing activities to do, it is the perfect destination to just sit next to the ocean and sip on a cocktail. Plus, with an all-inclusive package, those cocktails can be endless! YES PLEASE!
    TIP: Always look for an all-inclusive package, otherwise you are going to be paying in American dollars for all of your extra food and drinks!
  2. Thailand
    I might be a little biased here as Thailand was my honeymoon destination, but wow, Thailand really is so amazing! Lots of activities to keep you busy and everything within a budget, this is a peace of mind holiday for those that don’t have big pockets after their dream wedding.
    TIP: If you are looking for something more peaceful, then I wouldn’t suggest staying in Phuket, as it is one non-stop party!
  3. Bali
    I am beginning to see a trend here, but I guess everyone loves an island vibe for their honeymoon! Bali is one of those places that really has something for everyone: from shopping to surfing, you will find an activity that both of you will enjoy!
    TIP: As Bali is a relatively “small” Island, you can see different areas of Bali during your stay. Spend a few nights in Ubud for the rice fields, Kuta for the nightlife, Sanur for the beach, and a night or two on Gilli islands! This gives you the best of different “worlds” in one trip!
  4. Maldives
    I am sure the Maldives is on the top of everyone’s dream destination list, nevermind their honeymoon GOALS list! Those little houses on the water look like the perfect place to be secluded and really enjoy your new time as husband and wife. A picture-perfect place to soak in being married, snorkel in the ocean, and catch some rays on your private ocean view balcony. It’s no wonder that the majority of honeymoons we have featured have been in the Maldives!
    TIP: Again, it is advisable to take an all-inclusive package but, be careful of cheap deals, you must ensure that you will be staying in a sea bungalow!
  5. Seychelles
    Another destination close to African shores, Seychelles is a gorgeous island escape where you will be able to relax the days away. I definitely think that going to an island close to South Africa has its benefits, especially for those that don’t want to have a 12 hour+ flight schedule after the stress of wedding planning, and a weekend of non-stop wedding partying! Relaxing on the beach, sipping on cocktails, and dipping your toes (or body) into the ocean, sounds like honeymoon heaven!
    TIP: Make sure you add a ‘helicopter ride’ to your activities list and go and take in the beauty of Seychelles from the air!
  6. Rio de Janeiro
    Looking for something with a bit more vibrancy, but also somewhere you can relax? Look no further than Rio de Janeiro, Brazil… it has a bit of both! Time to relax on the beach, as well as all the activities to keep your blood pumping.
    TIP: If you are traveling to Rio, why not consider adding a stop at Iguazu Falls to your itinerary? A short flight from Sao Paulo and the most amazing experience, you will not regret it!
  7. Namibia
    To be more specific, The Namib Desert. It is slowly becoming one of the trending honeymoon destinations and I can definitely see why. Dinners in the desert under starlit skies, wildlife, private camping experiences, and sand dunes that are too picturesque for words… what more could you ask for?
    TIP: Hire a vehicle and make your own way to the Namib Desert, stopping at a few places along the way. A honeymoon road trip is just so romantic!
  8. Greece
    Greece seems like the perfect destination for newlyweds. It has always been at the top of my travel list, and I am pretty sure everyone in the world would love to visit it. Last year, our friend Tegan Bogle, shared her tips and tricks with us from her amazing trips to Milos, Paros + Mykonos, as well as Greece and the Amalfi Coast (another dream destination for me!)
    TIP: Did you know, that the islands “close” during the Greece winter months. From November to March, the ferries reduce their trips and tourist businesses close.  So if you are getting married in these months, you might want to consider postponing your honeymoon if your heart is set on visiting Greece for your honeymoon. 
  9. Paris
    Ah, the city of Love. There is something magical about Paris… and I am sure now after everyone binge-watching “Emily in Paris”, it has shot to the top of many honeymoon destination lists! Paris is not for everyone (I know my husband was not that impressed with it) but it has a beautiful, old charm and if it has been on your bucket list for some time now, then the city of love is a great honeymoon destination for you!
    TIP: Pick pocketers are rife in Paris, be careful with your belongings!
  10. Cape Town
    You have to admit it, we have an AMAZING country, so don’t think you won’t be able to have an amazing honeymoon right here on South African shores. The Cape is the perfect place to visit as you will be able to explore so many different areas… it has the beach, the mountains, and the Winelands – from hiking to sunbathing, you can do it all in Cape Town!
    TIP: Spend a night in Franschoek and get on The Wine Tram. Nothing like spending the day tipsy from the wine, with the one you love!

So I hope you are able to choose a honeymoon destination from this list… and I am sorry if all I have done is make it more confusing to choose one! I know it has set my wanderlust to an all-time high yet again!

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