Wanderlust Wrap Up 2020

I know what you are thinking.
“Really Jenna, did anyone even go anywhere in 2020?”

Well no, not really, but we still shared some amazing honeymoons (pre-covid life!), a destination proposal, an elopement and some wonderful wanderlust advice in 2020.

Besides, we could all use a mental break, and if that means we get to escape to Panama, or the Maldives or to the bush via our computers or cellphones, then that is exactly what we are going to do while we take a trip down memory lane on all the love, magic and adventures we shared with you in 2020.

  1. A proposal in Turkey
    THIS PROPOSAL! I am not sure what I was more jealous of, her beauty of an engagement ring or her adventurous engagement… if you did not read this magical story at the beginning of the year, then please take a moment to appreciate it now:
    The most magical proposal in Turkey caught our eye on Instagram last year, we just knew we had to share it with you guys!
    When Cuan decided to pop the question to Carrie-Anne, he knew he wanted to make it the perfect proposal, and he did just that! A sunrise surprise awaited Carrie-Anne when they were on holiday together in Turkey.
    The ring, the picnic, the amazing views… this proposal is just the perfect start to our Wanderlust Wednesday series for 2020!
    Click here to read the full post.
  2. Durban Elopement
    Clinton and Megan eloped in 2020 before it was trending… meaning they eloped BEFORE ‘Rona decided to pop up in SA. Who would have even thought that elopements and intimate celebrations were going to be the hottest wedding ceremony of the year?!
    When I first saw this wedding pop up on our Instagram feed, I immediately knew that I wanted to share it.  Then, when I found out it was an intimate elopement, I wanted to share this love story even more!
    Clinton + Megan got engaged in Cape Town, on a beach in January and married two weeks later in Durban, on a beach in February!
    With such a short time space to organise everything, they decided to elope and have a seaside wedding with only a few close family members and friends.
    If you are missing the seaside and the sand between your toes, then get ready to be swept away to the crashing ocean shore and read all about Clinton and Megan’s love story.
    Click here to read the full post. 
  3. Panama with Andrea + Kyle
    Andrea reached out to me when SA was in their lockdown, and I was desperately dreaming of days exploring the world. I was so happy to hear more about her honeymoon and was more than happy to share it with you guys – EVERYBODY needed a virtual holiday:
    Andrea and Kyle spent three weeks in a little slice of paradise for their honeymoon.
    A mix of adventure, chill and volunteer work made up their time in Panama, and we must say, we are so impressed with their organising skills.. you two should be travel agents, we think you have missed your calling in life!
    Panama might not be on the top of everyone’s travel list but after reading all about Andrea and Kyle’s honeymoon adventures, it is officially one of the top destinations on my list!
    Get ready to fall in love with Panama…
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  4. The Maldives with Monique and Darryn
    Monique and Darryn were one of the “lucky couples” that were able to say their I do’s and have their honeymoon before Rona popped up in South Africa. Not only did they have a whirlwind wanderlust filled honeymoon in the Maldives, but they also had their wedding in THAILAND – absolutely GREEN with jealousy… still!
    We first “met” Monique and Darryn when we shared their beautiful Thailand wedding day with you.
    (This wedding is one not to miss, so if you haven’t read it yet, click here to do so.)
    As if their wedding day didn’t make us green with envy enough, they then had to go on the most spectacular honeymoon to the Maldives! Gosh guys, could you have chosen a more perfect destination?
    These two newlyweds filled their days with snorkelling and kayaking while finishing the day watching the sunset over the ocean and formal dinners at their resort.  Today they share with us their tops tips on honeymooning in the Maldives as well as Monique’s top items to pack!
    Get ready to have your wanderlust set to an all-time high… 
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  5. South Africa Honeymoon Spots
    Oh, how exciting was it when we FINALLY got the go-ahead to travel around South Africa again, I think nearly every single person booked some sort of weekend away. When this news was released, I celebrated by sharing some amazing locations in SA for a honeymoon.
    So while everyone waited with bated breath to find out whether they would be able to buy champagne again… 2020 brides sat and waited to hear if they could finally have their dream day… and me? Well, all I wanted to know is if I could venture out of KZN for a much needed holiday. 
    And boom! My dreams came true and interprovincial travel is officially allowed – HOORAY!
    While I might be yearning after Kruger National Park, most of you reading this are either hoping to go for a weekend away to celebrate your honeymoon or might be in the beginning stages of planning your honeymoon for 2021, either way, we have some amazing advice on top spots to visit in South Africa for your romantic getaway. 
    And where did we get this advice? From our amazing Instagram followers!
    So if you would like some advice on where to go in SA, grab yourself a glass of wine and read on… 
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  6. Maldives Moments
    Another one of those “lucky couples” to get hitched and go on honeymoon before Rona hit was Tanya and Stuart. Also visiting the Maldives, they shared their amazing honeymoon adventure with us, which included a bit of a problem when they tried to get to SA… thanks, Rona!
    So I am sure you will remember Tanya and Stuart from their seaside wedding we shared a couple of weeks back… they had a flower dog, a silent disco, and midnight swims in the pool, so if you missed this amazing day, click here to catch up!
    Stuart and Tanya were one of the “lucky” couples who able to say their I do’s before the lockdown came into effect in South Africa… however, they weren’t so lucky when it came to their honeymoon.
    Yes, they were able to spend 10 days in the magnificent Maldives, but they also got stuck there for THREE weeks while trying to make their way back to SA!
    Tanya and Stuart shared more with us today about their romantic honeymoon as well as the stressful process of trying to get home… including spending their 1 month anniversary in Quarantine! Read on to find out more. 
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  7. Trending Honeymoon Destinations
    Yup, the cabin fever hit me HARD! I am missing travelling so much, especially since my hubby and I try to take an overseas trip once a year… I decided to put together a post on trending honeymoon destinations to make you all miss travelling as much as I do 😉
    I can’t be the only one who is missing travel SO much, but at the same time, gets anxiety leaving the house to go to the shop?
    So while I know my next trip is in the far future, I needed to take a digital escape… and boy did I get lost in the beauty of destinations from all over the world! I spent hours scrolling through travel sites, dreaming of faraway places, and looking for the next best travel deal… and I convinced myself it was for work… because of research, of course!
    I decided to use my hours of wanderlust to your benefit and whipped up this blog post on trending honeymoon destinations so you too can get lost in the world of white sand beaches and bluest of blue seas. 
    Busy planning your honeymoon and looking for some inspiration? Look no further…
    Click here to read the full post. 

And that’s a wrap on all our wanderlust features for 2020.
Here’s hoping things go back to “normal” quickly enough so we can all start chasing adventures all around the world again! 

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