What to pack for a Tropical Honeymoon

Our first official info blog post for Hooray Honeymoons and its a goodie!

Today, I am going to be sharing what to pack for your tropical honeymoon!
My honeymoon was my first trip overseas, and yes, it was to a tropical destination – Thailand. I remember being SO excited about it! Being the type A girl that I am, I started packing for my honeymoon the week BEFORE my wedding!

This was probably the best idea ever, as your wedding week goes by in such a blur, that there might be no time to run last minute errands or quickly grab that new bikini!

I am going to list a few important items that you might forget about, as well as compiling a handy checklist you can download at the end to ensure packing for your honeymoon is an absolute breeze.


    Right, so you might think I am being a bit silly but I have heard horror stories of people arriving at the airport and not having their passport OR only realising that their passport is expired when checking in. (CHILLS!) So, just make sure you have a valid passport and it’s packed and ready to go. I love being organised, and my hubby gifted me a travel wallet from Typo that I have used every time we travel. It’s so handy as you can keep your passport and tickets all in one place! Click here to have a look at what they have on offer.

    Travel wallets from Typo
  2. Some sexy lingerie and cute sleepwear
    One of the things I loved most was getting new undies and pretty nighties at my bachelorette – I packed them ALL when I went on honeymoon! (Remember to let your bridesmaids know your sizes and preferences) I really appreciated getting a whole bunch of new things to enjoy! Click here to get in touch with Anna Louise, she has the most amazing sleepwear perfect for tropical honeymoons!

    Anna Louise Sleepwear | Photography by Michigan Behn
  3. Treat yo’self to a new bikini
    Now that you are a Mrs., you might want to let the whole world know by wearing a cute “Just Married” costume or “Wifey” bikini – if this is not your thing then I would still recommend packing a NEW bikini to flaunt your post bridal bod – I know you been up at the gym just working on your fitness 😉 I would also recommend packing at least three bikinis for your honeymoon.

    Seen on Pinterest
  4. Don’t forget to pack your sunnies, sunscreen and a hat
    I have such sensitive skin, so sunscreen was probably one of the first things I packed, but what did I forget? A hat! My first purchase on my honeymoon was a huge white hat from the first market place we stopped at on Bangla Road (was I haggled, yes, did I pay WAY too much for said hat, yes!)

    Seen on Pinterest

    All that being said. sun protection is very important and the sun in other parts of the world can be a lot harsher, even if you have amazing olive skin that never burns.
    While we are on the topic of sunscreen, have you guys heard of natural sunscreen? I did some digging and found these on the Hey Gorgeous site, they look amazing – a must for my holiday to Brazil and Argentina in a few weeks!

    Natural Sunscreen from Hey Gorgeous


  5. A tote bag
    This nifty invention is great to pack into your big travel bag – when you have reached your travel destination you can whip it out and be prepared for any market buys or souvenirs you might find along the way. Tropical holidays normally call for day trips to islands off the coast or river rafting or some other insane activity that you have signed up for. As amazing as these days are, just remember to pack an extra towel and extra clothes, and even an extra bikini – there is nothing worse than doing some sort of water activity in the morning and having to sit in the same wet bikini for the rest of the day. Your tote bag is perfect to pack all these extras into.

    Tote bags, that we may or may not start stocking on our shop!
  6. Insect repellent
    Something which I never thought of, but is a must if the mozzies love feasting off of you. We found these natural ones on Faithful to Nature. 

    Natural insect repellent.

A few extra tips and tricks for those first time travellers:

  1. Remember to use your maiden name on your travel documents.
    I know how much you want to show off your new surname, but please DO NOT use your new surname on your travel documents – your passport will still have your maiden name on it. While you at it, triple check all your flight details and ensure you know where you are meant to be and at what time.
  2. Be a nice tourist
    A lot of tropical getaways have some or other tourist attraction, whether its swimming with elephants or posing with tigers there is always something on offer. Please be careful when endorsing these companies – they thrive off of tourist support, but just think twice.
    I was one of those tourists when I went to Thailand! I was so excited to go swimming with elephants, I didn’t really think clearly about it. We paid a lot of money for the taxi to get there, I bounded out the car, so excited and then stopped in my tracks when I saw the sad Ellies standing there – I burst into tears and asked my hubby to pay the big fee (again!) to take us back to the hotel. All I’m saying is, think twice before supporting animal encounters like this.
  3. Research before your trip
    Make sure you know where you want to go and what you want to see. You don’t want to arrive back home and realise you missed out on some epic attraction!
    Also, be aware of their cultures, traditions and beliefs. Something which is accepted in South Africa, might not be accepted elsewhere, for example, did you know that waving “hello” is found very offensive in Greece?
  4. Hotel shuttle services
    A lot of hotels offer a free shuttle service into town all day at set times, make use of this to save money where you can.
  5. Hotel towels
    If you are staying at a hotel, they will have towels that you can check out for the day when you go on your day trips. Just ask at reception.

Well, there it is, I have tried to cover all the bases!
If you are getting ready to pack and get going, use our honeymoon packing list to help!
Click here to download.

Don’t forget, if you would like your honeymoon featured on Hooray, send me a few pics as well as short description of where you went and what you did to jenna@hoorayweddings.com



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