What to pack: Toiletries

Toiletries can be one of the least thought of items when it comes to packing for your honey moon, but to be honest, they are the most essential packing items – imagine forgetting your sunblock, or your favourite night cream? 

Packing for any adventure requires a bit of prep and thought, and today we thought we would go through the toiletry necessities. So be it a deserted Island destination or a chilly bustling city…we got you covered girl! 

Toiletries – now I know you thinking you know what toiletries to pack but maybe there are a few tips and tricks that I will be able to teach you. So read on if you would like to learn more about what you need to pack, the best toiletry bags and where to get those cute little travel sized toiletries.

  • Make a list.
    What you will be packing for your holiday will undoubtably be dependant on how long you will be staying for and where you will be going. That super moisturising intensive night mask won’t be needed if you are travelling somewhere super humid, especially if you won’t be staying long. Start off with the essentials, shampoo, body wash, face cream etc – write them all down and then decide what you need to take in your carry on and what you can pack into your luggage. With everything written in front of you, it makes it easier to see the wants and the needs. It also helps to identify products you need to restock or purchase.
    Check out our packing guide here if you are feeling a little lost.
  • What toiletries can I take on the plane with me?
    You may think that packing miniature sized toiletries onto the plane with you is a bit much, but my OCD always kicks in and I stress about my luggage getting lost and not having anything with me to wash my hair and freshen up when I get to my destination. This is why I always take miniatures in my carry on – it’s a necessity really.
    Containers 100ml and under are allowed and must be packed together in a see-through bag. You can use something as simple as a ziplock back, or buy a beautiful clear one like below.
    Anything over 100ml must go in your luggage or will be remove from your persons at check-in.
  • Good Toiletry Bag
    I can’t think of anything worse than your toiletries all thrown together into a single zipped bag. Wet toothbrush on top of cotton pads, squished in amongst face cream…ew. If you don’t have a nice toiletry bag, I highly recommend you getting one, especially if this is for your honeymoon.
    My favourite toiletry bags are the ones that have smaller bags inside a bigger bag, or that are partitioned. My trusty toiletry bag is from Typo and I love it! It has a section for all the liquid items and two sections for other items like hair accessories, etc. It opens flat so everything is easily accessible and everything has its place.
  • How do I prevent my toiletries from popping?
    Argh this is always a risk with the change of pressure in the plane and you never know if it’s going to be you. Ways in which you can prevent this happening could either be:
    1. Open all your bottles, place small pieces of plastic over the opening and then close the bottles again
    2. If you are filling up mini travel size bottles, don’t fill them all the way to the top – make sure there is space for expansion
    3. Buy the silicone dispensers kits – with the packaging being supple and flexible, there is no way anything will pop.
    4. I always put my toiletry bag into a giant ziplock back, just incase something does pop/leak it won’t spill further in my bag and onto my clothing. The mess is contained.
  • Packing
    As I mentioned earlier, I love partitioned toiletry bags, so that everything has it’s place. I like to keep everything together like so:
    Mouth: Toothbrush, floss, mouth wash and toothpaste
    Hair: Dry shampoo, brush, clips + elastics
    Face: Face wash, face cream, night mask/serum etc
    Shower Items: Shampoo, Conditioner, body wash, scrub, loofa/facecloth
    Sun: Suncream, Aftersun
    Keeping everything together in their “groups”, helps you know where to find everything you need.

Hooray Essentials:

  1. Travel sized products
    I have already mentioned the necessity of packing a mini version of your kit to take on the plane with you, but if you couldn’t be bothered with decanting and resealing etc, Oh So Heavenly have majority of their products available in the travel size, so a quick pop to Clicks and you are sorted with some carry on essentials.
    Also… everything looks pretty and the same and my OCD is at peace again.
  2. Sunscreen
    Sunscreen is SO important. (Yes, I have said this before, pay attention)
    I couldn’t think of anything worse than trying to explore while you are sunburnt – also, you want to come home with a post honeymoon glow, not looking 50 shades of red.
    Make sure you have a high SPF for your face for extra protection, our favourite is Heliocare – it’s SPF 50 tinted moisturiser, you CAN’T go wrong!
  3. Insect Repellant
    This is never on the list!
    And there is nothing worse than gogo’s and mozzies coming in for a zap while you are less than dressed, know what I’m saying?
  4. Mini First Aid Kit
    These always come in handy! You just need to have a small bag with the essentials:
    Plasters, ointments, aspirin, buscopan, valoid, med lemon etc.
    There is nothing like being in a foreign country trying to explain to the pharmacist that you ate something funny and have an irritable tummy using sign language…there are better ways to spend your time!
    If you are prone to allergies don’t forget the ALLERGEX or antihistamine.
  5. Perfume
    This is one of the things that I always remember last minute. You are always so busy ensuring you have the essentials that you forget about the luxuries. Pack in your favourite perfume, or better yet, buy a little travel one. Nothing like a favourite scent that transports you right back to your honeymoon destination or wherever you sprayed it last!
  6. Mini Essentials
    If you don’t feel like taking a whole set of mini’s onto the plane with you, pack the bare essentials:
    Wet wipes – instant freshness
    Mints – Goodbye morning breath
    Hand sanitiser – self explanatory, do you KNOW how many germs are on a plane?
    Hand cream + lip balm – it gets super dry up there at 35’000ft above ground
    Samples of your favourite face products – face wash, serum and face cream just to get you through the flight
    Dry Shampoo – We love the Batiste travel bottle – instant freshness!

I hope you enjoyed reading through my do’s and dont’s of packing your toiletries. Now go and get organised and have the best time on your honeymoon!

If you want a check list for packing your toiletries, click here. 

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