Zanzibar with Bianca + Brendan

Bianca and Brendan spent 10 days in the bliss of Zanzibar for their honeymoon.

Cocktails, beach days and scuba diving through the coral – a honeymoon out of their dreams. A mixture of chill and adventure, exactly what newlyweds need to prep them for married life.

If you are considering Zanzibar for your honeymoon, why not read through Bianca and Brendan’s adventures and maybe this will help you make up your mind!

Hooray: So guys, where did you go on Honeymoon?
Bianca: We decided to go to the North-West tip of Zanzibar, known for the wide, palm-lined Nungwi Beach with its beautiful white sand and near by dive sites. We ended up staying at Sandies Baobab who are currently extending their hotel! I couldn’t recommend them more, nothing is too much to ask, the food was incredible and the people were the absolute highlight! Our hotel even gave us a 6 course complimentary candle lit seafood dinner on the beach! Eating crayfish while digging your toes into the sand is a magical feeling!

Hooray: How difficult was it choosing your Honeymoon destination?
Bianca: It was relatively easy, my Husband and I LOVE to travel (we actually got engaged in Thailand!) with our love of travel we know that beautiful destinations come with long flights and longer lay overs! The first requirement was that we wanted a destination that was close, that we could get on a plane, drink a cocktail and be there! The last thing we wanted after all the wedding planning was a honeymoon that took 2 days just to get to! The second requirement was beautiful reefs, we are both scuba divers so we wanted somewhere that was as beautiful under water as it was above and so we settled on Zanzibar

Hooray: Who’s choice was it? Or was it a surprise?
Bianca: It was definitely a joint decision! Our whole relationship is based on being a team, we discuss everything – he helped me pick my wedding dress and we even got ready together on our wedding day, so our honeymoon was always going to be something we decided together

Hooray: Did you have a backup destination?
Bianca: We looked at Mauritius for it’s close proximity and Bali for it’s amazing diving but Zanzibar won for being close AND the great diving

Hooray: Did you tailor make your honeymoon yourself or did you use a travel agent?
Bianca: We used a travel agent and changed the package to suit us – I would definitely recommend using an agent for a first time traveller, travel agents often get sent to certain destinations so can give you great insider opinions! I suggest shopping around for a travel agent as the prices between two or three agents for the same holiday can be vastly different, also find someone you get along with as you will be dealing with them a lot! Another trick is to always ask for a 24 hour emergency number incase there is a problem you can contact them and they will help! We decided to use Africa Stay Travel Agency who were amazingly helpful and efficient! Bonus, they have offices in Zanzibar 

Hooray: How long after your wedding did you leave for honeymoon? 
Bianca: We got married on Saturday and left on the Monday! This gave us Sunday to recuperate and spend with our dogs, and Monday morning to pack, we wanted to be off and enjoying alone time as soon as possible!

Hooray: Tell us about how you got to Zanzibar.
Bianca: We flew with mango airlines, unfortunately there isn’t a direct flight to Zanzibar so we flew to JHB, spent the night at Emperors Palace and played the arcade. My husband and I managed to win a blue pterodactyl that went all the way to Zanzibar and back!  Our flight was at 7am from JHB so we landed in Zanzibar at 11:30, it was really nice to get there with half a day left to relax!
(Tip: Mango doesn’t give you meals but there is an option to buy so remember your cash for the flight!) We were met at the airport by Sun Tours who is the Zanzibar sister company of Africa Stay, during the transfer a guide gave us some history about Zanzibar as well as some facts about the beautiful country.Hooray: Was your honeymoon all you dreamed of and more?
Bianca: It was certainly different from what I had expected but it was amazing! We had more rain than we expected but in the end we ended up enjoying it! We had torrential downpours for the first two days so we spent them curled up in bed catching up on all the series we had missed before the wedding, reading, and decompressing, it was amazing to be forced to do nothing! 

Hooray: How long was your honeymoon?
Bianca: We went for 10 days, we wanted enough time to adventure and explore as well as unwind and relax!

Hooray: If you could give your honeymoon a theme what would it be? Adventure or chill?
Bianca: This is a tough one! I would say ‘Relaxing Adventuring!’ I would say we spent half the time relaxing and half the time adventuring, We had 5 dives in total, we went to a turtle conservation centre who help rehabilitate sick or injured turtles back into the wild as well as preserving nests and even raising baby turtles and releasing when they are old enough, to help with the turtle population, we got to see a lot of Zanzibar’s history and go on a few different boat tours. I also got to finish an entire book and drink my body weight in cocktails, we had plenty of lazing on the beach or by the pool and lots of afternoon naps – it was the perfect balance. 

Hooray: Your top 5 things to pack with you for your honeymoon
Bianca: Coral friendly suntan lotion and aftersun. A silicon ring – you don’t want to lose your new bling while snorkelling or diving! Hairbands and a great conditioner or leave in conditioner (These saved my hair from all the salt water) And lastly, sunglasses!…
Don’t want to wear makeup? Sunglasses!
Too many cocktails yesterday? Sunglasses!
Want to check out your hubby by the pool without looking like a perv? Sunglasses!

Hooray: Your biggest highlight of your honeymoon?
Bianca: Ah there were too many to list! Possibly seeing my first Leaf Scorpionfish while diving, or meeting 3 week old baby green turtles at the sanctuary, having a completely traditional Zanzibar meal, my best friend, her husband and her daughter joining us on part of our honeymoon to celebrate her 30th birthday, spending 10 days adventuring with my new husband and being called Mrs McAdam for the first time by a stranger or possibly the amazing people of Zanzibar!

Bianca and Brendan, I loved being swept away to Zanzibar and you have already got me thinking about my next trip! 

Wishing you many more years ahead filled with snorkelling adventures and cocktails on the beach!

Honeymoon Helpers:
Airline: Mango Airlines
Hotel: Sandies Baobab Zanzibar
Travel Agent: AfricaStay
Airport Transfers: Sun Tours and Travel Limited

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