2021 Weddings Trends

So, what should we expect for 2021 weddings?

Well for starters, I am dreaming of days of celebrations again.
Where “you know what” is not a huge problem anymore.
Where we can drink, and dance, and celebrate to the wee hours of the morning.
Love needs to be celebrated, and whether it is with a small intimate event or an OTT big bash to make up for all the waiting… 2021 weddings will surely be the best of the best!

Some of our fav wedding industry peeps are sharing their thoughts with us today and what they think will be the biggest trends for 2021 weddings.

Cover photo: Labola, Silver Dune Photography

ETC Events | Katya Fedkina Photography
ETC Events | Christy Hosking Photography

Hooray: Do you think big wedding celebrations will be back anytime soon?
Gosh, we sincerely hope so! We are all so desperate to celebrate love again (and we are happy and geared to follow all the safety protocols). A month ago I would have said YES YES YES, however, things are looking a little bit grim with the infection rate on the rise, we are all very worried that events will be restricted again. – Lindy, Labola

Yes!! Wedding celebrations will be back soon and yes they will be big. But big in a different way! It’s now totally okay to have a smaller guest list and small intimate weddings are really in the spotlight. There are a whole host of benefits to a slightly smaller guest list. It means you will have a bit more budget to spend on extra’s like flowers for canapés or perhaps add on those midnight snack cheeseboards you were contemplating. – Kimberley, Natural Nostalgia

Labola | Maxine Elphick
Labola | Maxine Elphick

Hooray: The biggest wedding trend you foresee for 2021?
Continuation of the dried floral trend of 2020, with the introduction of Ferns, Succulents and Cactus. And then, of course, anything sustainable… from stationery to floral mechanics, to guest favours… anything that can help the planet will do! – Lindy, Labola

Monochromatic simplicity. It’s clean elegant lines, less clutter, unique glass and adjacent opposite colours. Black decor for example is still on-trend and so is soft pink. Emerald green and nudes and creams are all still popular. – Kimberley, Natural Nostalgia

Bows on Wedding Dresses and Classic White weddings with hints of colour (blues, mint green, pale pink or peach) – Debbie, ETC Events

More dried and bleached foliage, less clutter on tables, simple yet good quality decor. – Heather, Settings Function Hire

Natural Nostalgia | Little Things Pics

Hooray: Do you have any advice for brides getting married in 2021.
Get your save-the-dates out early. I would strongly recommend a wedding website so that you can stay in constant communication with your guests regarding any safety protocols, pre-admission check-ins, postponements, etc. – Lindy, Labola

Hang in there and stay positive. Aunty Rona won’t be here forever and your dream wedding day will still happen. We know it feels like forever but rather postpone than cancel to avoid losing out on any deposits paid. Contingency plan as much as possible and try not to worry too much about the unknown future until closer to your wedding day. Reevaluate then on current restrictions and adapt your plans where possible. – Kimberley, Natural Nostalgia

Make sure you are aware of the rules and regulations in place, plan accordingly and make sure your wedding planning is stress-free and enjoyable. It is about the journey!!! – Debbie, ETC Events

Book and pay deposits. Everything is going to be booked… 2 years of celebrations condensed into 2021. If you like it, book it!!! Don’t dither! – Heather, Settings Function Hire

Labola | Alexsandria Wiciel
Labola | Alexsandria Wiciel

Hooray: What is one thing that needs to GO in the wedding world?
Fireworks.. they look beautiful but are not very environmentally friendly… Lindy, Labola

Embossed white tablecloths and small tiny white napkins. – Kimberley, Natural Nostalgia

Haha, RONA yes, but please can we do away with favours!!!  They are such a waste of money – Debbie, ETC Events

Natural Nostalgia | Andy & Szerdi
Natural Nostalgia | Andy & Szerdi

Hooray: And lastly, one thing you would like to see more of in 2021 weddings.
Ummm.. how about some actual weddings 😉
I do love a sentimental touch, so anything meaningful has my vote. – Lindy, Labola

Bright bold colours, abstract floral arrangements, coloured candles, dried and preserved foliage – Kimberley, Natural Nostalgia

Use of lighting and candles!  – Debbie, ETC Events

Interesting and unusual venues – Heather, Settings Function Hire

Labola | Alexsandra Wiciel

Debbie has one final thought she would like to share with you all…
After a crazy 2020 year, we should all be super grateful for everything that we have and the people we love!  So many have lost so much, so reducing your numbers, budget or wedding vision slightly is not the end of the world… Enjoy the journey and be kind to yourselves and one another – Debbie, ETC Events

Settings Function Hire
Settings Function Hire

Ladies, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us today.
I think we are all hoping and praying for a better 2021.

If you would like to get in touch with any of these lovely ladies for your upcoming wedding, please click below:
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