April Wrap Up

We are tired.
We are concerned.
We do not know what the future holds.

This is the overall feeling as we end off another month of 2020.

So we knew we needed to find the most heartwarming stories to share with you in this wrap-up. Small silver linings to remind you to always look for the sunshine.

Make yourself a cup of tea, grab a slice of that banana bread (that we know you baked cause, lockdown), and get ready to fill your love cup to the brim!

  1. Long Distance Engagement
    When lockdown restrictions were put in place, Hannah and her boyfriend were forced to call off their Dominican holiday, but even more concerning, stranding him in England while she is in the US! While he was planning on popping the question in the Dominican, these plans also, obviously fell through. So he decided to get Hannah’s family involved and arranged a facetime engagement – how adorable?!
  2. Garden Party Wedding
    We love that brides have been claiming their wedding date, ensuring that it does not fall away. Even though the coronavirus “stole” their wedding, it cannot steal their love!
    Nicky and Ian were able to say their “I do’s” over Zoom and set up the most beautiful, intimate ceremony in their garden for this magical occasion. Nicky and Ian, we wish you many happy years ahead and if this is how beautiful your intimate celebration was, then we cannot wait to see your wedding day, v2.0!
  3. Kitchen Shenanigans
    Another trend that has been popping up on social media is past brides putting on their wedding dresses and having fun photoshoots in their houses.
    On the left-hand side, is a past bride putting on her Kinglsey James Couture dress and having fun in the kitchen with her hubby.
    On the right-hand side are Brooke and Gareth. While they were unable to have their wedding ceremony, Pallas Couture wanted to allow them to celebrate their love. They sent her a different wedding dress which she was able to have a photoshoot in on her original wedding date – how romantic!
  4. Zoom Weddings
    Zoom has become the new in-thing for everything in this lockdown period – but these zoom weddings have to be our favourite! Melissa and Michel said their vows from their Oakland Apartment and celebrated with a walk around their neighborhood afterward.
  5. Backyard “I do’s”
    These two cuties, Hannah and Vaughn, were meant to say I do in South Africa in April, with the lovely Kate from Wedding Co SA coordinating their day at Crystal Barn Country Estate. Instead, they are stuck in England, having to postpone their actual wedding date, but that didn’t stop them from drinking some G+T’s and having a backyard “ceremony” to commemorate the day.
  6. Drive-by Weddings
    These have also been popping up on social media and have become a trend in America. We must say, if allowed, this would be a beautiful thing to do here in SA, but for now, we will stick to intimate home ceremonies over Zoom.
  7. Being creative
    America’s lockdown restrictions are not too severe in some states, allowing people to still go ahead with their wedding ceremonies, with a few creative differences.
    In the top image, you will see a wedding where the bride and groom printed out a photo of every single guest that was meant to be at their wedding ceremony. (Vicens Forns Photography)
    In the bottom photo, you will see a rooftop ceremony taking place with all guests standing at least 6ft apart. (Jordan Bree Photography)
  8. In the nick of time
    Many South African brides were absolutely heartbroken and devastated when lockdown procedures came in place, but there were a lucky few that were able to have small, intimate celebrations in lieu of their big parties they had planned. Here are a few of our favourites we have seen on Instagram

    Courtney Clegg Photography
    Claudia Takes Photos
    CC Rossler
  9. Home celebrations
    Ceri and Andrea decided to celebrate their original wedding date at home in Southbroom. They drank champagne, ate delicious food, cut their “wedding cake” and danced the night away. We love that they decided to commemorate their first wedding date –  we know you guys will have the best time when your wedding day finally rolls around, and now you have these amazing memories to look back on from your original date!
  10. A forever kinda love
    Cue the tears – we have told you before we always have to have a tear-jerker in our wrap-ups guys!
    Due to safety precautions, Albert and Kelly Connor can not be together while she undergoes chemotherapy. However, this did not stop Albert from setting up a chair outside the window and “being” with his wife every step of the way – showing his love for her in the most beautiful way he could!


This might be a time of a lot of pain and a lot of uncertainty but please we beg you, always look for the silver lining. Sending you all so much love in this very difficult time.

And that’s a wrap for April!

If you have anything coming up in May that you would love to share or you think may inspire other brides, be sure to hit us up at info@hoorayweddings.com

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