December 2020 Wrap Up

So, this post was meant to go up yesterday, but I was distracting myself from work by re-arranging nearly every single thing in my house… I did not want to face the fact that it was already time to start a new work year!
Well, I woke up this morning ready to tackle the day, and thank goodness I did otherwise I don’t know what my house would look like after another day of moving things – LOL!

December is always such a magical time, and besides the heat, it is my favourite time of the year.
Although our holiday season looked a bit different this year, there was still more than enough feel-good stories that popped up and I am so excited to be sharing them with you today.

If you are still on holiday, then grab your favourite drink and get ready for some December updates in the wedding world.

  1. TomCat wedding
    First up we have the amazing news that Cath and Tom from Highgate Wine Estate got hitched at the beginning of December. I don’t want to give too much away about this amazing day as they have agreed to allow Hooray to feature it as a Real Wedding – yay! The biggest congratulations guys, we hope your wedding day was everything you dreamed of and more – wishing you MANY happy years ahead!Photography by Coetzer Photo
  2. Ariana Grande added some bling to her collection!
    She wanted it, she got it! And all we can say is DAMN! That ring is gorgeous!
    Ariana said a big YES to her beau, Dalton Gomez and I could not be happier for her.
    Dalton was apparently adamant to incorporate a pearl into the design of Ariana’s ring as it symbolizes not only her birth month, but it is also sentimental for her. As with any big announcement, fans will try and find all the smaller details, which they did so here by resurfacing a tweet Ariana made in October 2014, in which the artist said that her grandmother made a ring for her out of a pearl from her grandfather’s tie pin. The tweet said: “she says he told her in a dream it’d protect me,”. Whether or not this is the same pearl, is yet to be confirmed.
  3. Morgan Stewart gets hitched
    I have always loved Morgan Stewart since the days of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, so I was so happy to see that she said “I do” in December to her baby daddy, Jordan McGraw… who, if you didn’t know, is Dr Phil’s son!
    Morgan shared the story on her Instagram with the simple caption of “Btw … Jordan and Morgan McGraw” – how adorable!
  4. Yup, a tear-jerker story!
    You know I cannot do one of these wrap-ups without having a story that makes you grab your tissues!
    Bethany’s gran was not doing too well, and all she wanted was to see her granddaughter in her wedding gown before she walked down the aisle. A beautiful moment captured by Taylor Dail Photography, and memories made that will definitely be cherished!
  5. Jonathan Van Ness gets hitched
    YAS, Jonathan! How happy were we all when we saw the news that Jonathan from Queer Eye got hitched to Mark Peacock in December?
    “We went on a date in London, which turned into more dates whilst I was on comedy tour, something about Mark felt different and I’m quite sure he felt the same.”
    All together now, aah!
  6. Jonathan Bennett is engaged
    Well, this actually happened in November, but still, we just had to share it!
    The Mean Girls star said yes to his longtime boyfriend, Jaymes Vaughn and we can’t help but wonder, will their wedding day be on October 3rd? Also, a Mean Girl’s reunion at the wedding would be so FETCH!
    Photography by Andrew Herner
  7. Ina Garten celebrates 52 years of marriage!
    52 years of marriage, what an accomplishment!
    Ina put up a post on Instagram sharing a picture of her and hubby’s wedding day where they are cutting the cake, how appropriate for a food guru! Her caption said:
    “Fifty-two years and still having so much fun! You gave me a life I could never have dreamed of. Happy Anniversary my love. (What’s up with that cake??)
    Well, Ina, your cake would have been all the rage 52 years ago! Here’s wishing you many more happy years ahead!

And that’s a wrap for December!

If you have anything coming up in January that you would love to share or you think may inspire other brides, be sure to hit us up at

Here is wishing you a blessed and prosperous 2021!

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