January Wrap Up 2021

Yes, believe it or not, we are already at the end of January 2021.
While 2021 may not have started the way we had hoped, I know that it will be a year filled with beautiful things… you just have to focus on the positive!
I was definitely the person who thought we would magically wake up in a year with no ‘Rona on the 1st of January, but alas, she is here to stay.

While ‘Rona has definitely overstayed her welcome, we need to embrace the fact that 2021 is going to be the year of Intimate Celebrations + Elopements. We need to celebrate these weddings for their true beauty because there really is something so magical about them!

For those of you that are really feeling down in the dumps, we rounded up some feelgood wedding stories that we saw in January, so grab your favourite drink (currently sipping on an Iced Coffee) and get ready to feel all the good vibes!

  1. Bjorn got married!
    Okay, so those of you that are not Vikings fans will not know who I am talking about, but he is Cato from the Hunger Games? (By the way, if you were a fan of GOT, I would highly recommend Vikings!) Anyway, Alexander Ludwig and Lauren Dear got hitched on a mountain top. And while this officially happened at the end of 2020, he announced it on his Instagram at the beginning of January. He captioned his announcement photo with:
    My wife, my best friend, the future mother of my children, my everything. @laurendear
    Thank you @blueskyutah #reverandcraiggordon@gabriellasantosphotography and of course #yam for being our witness.
    We decided to elope. It has been such a crazy year but it certainly put things into perspective. Life is too short And i didnt want to spend another day without calling this beautiful woman my wife. Of course when things settle down we will have a proper celebration with our friends and family but for now- the love of my life, our dog yam, a yurt on a mountain top in the middle of nowhere sounded like the perfect beginning.
    Photos by Gabriella Santos Photography
  2. Harry wore a bathrobe to a wedding!
    Okay, well not really the actual wedding… but still, the internet went gaga over these pics!
    What actually happened was that Harry was attending his manager’s intimate celebration, and he decided to crash their pre-wedding photos in his hotel robe and slippers!
    I feel like he might be the only person on earth who could get away with this type of behaviour… and let’s admit it, he does make a hotel bathrobe look good!
  3. The Wedding Planner celebrates its 20th anniversary
    Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey reunited via Instagram Live to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Wedding Planner.
    Okay, I am sorry for all of you who will feel OLD from this story, but I just had to share. To be honest, I cannot believe it has been twenty years since the release of The Wedding Planner. I should have known back then I would have ended up in the wedding industry somehow, because I LOVED this movie!
  4. Let’s do it like the Duke and Duchess…
    I know what you are thinking… but no, that is not what I am referring to 😉
    I am referring to their intimate ceremony!
    If you have not binge-watched Bridgerton by now, where have you been hiding?
    Anyway, I really think we can take some inspiration from them when it comes to our intimate celebrations this year. They only had 12 people attending their ceremony… intimate inspiration at its finest!

And that’s a wrap for January!

If you have anything coming up in February that you would love to share or you think may inspire other brides, be sure to hit us up at info@hoorayweddings.com


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