March Wrap Up

So we know, you are probably reading this going:
“It’s the end of March? I don’t even know what day of the week it is?!”

We feel you, we had to quickly put this blog together when we realised what day it was! 

While yes, you are most probably over hearing about the dreaded Corona virus, we found some AMAZING feel good stories to share with you from this month. Even though this month has seemed to be filled with a lot of heart break and trying times, there were still people trying to make the most out of whatever situation they were in!
Make yourself a cup tea, grab a hot cross bun and read on to see all the love we saw in March.

  1. True Love
    Meet Bob. Due to corona virus concerns, Bob could not celebrate his 67th wedding anniversary with his wife in person, so he made and held up this sign outside her nursing home. See ladies, this is the type of man you need in your life – what a romantic!
  2. Yes before Lockdown
    Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland got married in Malibu before things turned upside down around the whole world. There day looked magical and we wish them many pitch-ure perfect years ahead! (see what we did there?)
  3. Another tear jerker
    When Carly Boyd got engaged, all she wanted to do was share the news with her Grandpa. Unfortunately he was quarantined in a nursing home, but this did not stop them from sharing a beautiful moment together! There is nothing quite like the love between a grandparent and grandchild… so special!
  4. Flower Love
    A bride who postponed her wedding due to the Corona Virus decided to donate a portion of her flowers to local nursing homes and shut ins. This has become a trend since and we would just like to “take our hats” off to these amazing souls – brides and vendors alike! Below images are from Natalie Durham Events Instagram Page. 
  5. NY Street Wedding
    Reilly and Amanda got married on a New York street by an officiant who leaned out of his fourth-floor window to follow the social distancing rules. While this may not be possible for our South African brides at the moment, due to the national lockdown, we still find this story so magical and worthy of a share!
  6. Bindi and Chandler’s intimate wedding
    Bindi and Chandler had to take the drastic decision to cut all their guests from their wedding, but it still looks like they had a beautiful day at the Australia Zoo.
    “Mum helped me get ready, Robert walked me down the aisle, Chandler became my husband and together we lit a candle in Dad’s memory. We shared tears and smile and love. Thankfully, since we all live at Australia Zoo as a family, we could be there for each other”, Bindi Says.
  7. Flower Bombed
    How can we not add this amazing story in to this wrap up. Some lovely wedding vendors went and flower bombed the town of Paarl, adding a bit of joy to the town during this trying time. We have no words guys, you are all AMAZING!The magic makers behind this were:
    Adene Flowers, Anli Wahl Florist Design, Design by Marcel, Jolize Floral Affairs, Kadou Floral Designs, Nconcepts and Designs, Lindy Kriek and Kikka Coffee Florist 
  8. Also, did you see?
    An elopement was captured, by Celeste Prince, in front of their amazing designs! Gosh, these photos are just gorgeous and we are so happy that people are looking for the silver linings in this dark time. Chanel and Wilbert, we love that you went ahead with your intimate ceremony, we wish you many happy years of wedded bliss ahead!
  9. Hooray Directory
    Yesterday, we added some lovely new faces to our directory and we are so glad that our Hooray Family is growing! If you are busy planning your wedding, use the following links to have a look at our directory members in:
    Kwa Zulu Natal
    Western Cape
    Or, if you are a South African wedding vendor and would love to jump on board, send me an email on
  10. Last but not least,
    We spotted this TEAR JERKER of a picture over on ENews page and we just had to share it with you all. No need for words with this one, it speaks for itself… 
    This might be a time of a lot of pain, a lot of uncertainty but please we beg you, always look for the silver lining. Sending you all so much love in this very difficult time.
    And that’s a wrap for March!

    If you have anything coming up in April that you would love to share or you think may inspire other brides, be sure to hit us up at

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