September Wrap Up

So we have been a little on the quite side as September drew to an end, but we still had our eyes peeled – so get prepared for a jam packed September wrap-up!
Yet again, we found ourselves at the end of yet another whirlwind month, with everyone going “WTF?”

We will soon be sipping cocktails by the pool and fully taking advantage of the summer sun, but for now, while we battle through the last few cold fronts, let us take a look at all that September had to offer us:

  1. Engagement Ring Photobomb
    So if you haven’t seen this all over social media then you must be living under a rock. Long story short, this guy decided to see how many ways he could “photobomb” his photos with the ring for his fiancé BEFORE he proposed to her. I mean, the guy has guts and it makes for an amazing story, but we cannot help but wonder, how did she not notice this?! 
  2. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Jacket
    We LOVE this idea. We featured Mary last year in a blog post all about her amazing hand painted jackets (perfect for showing off your new name change!) so when we saw her new idea “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Jacket” we just had to share it with you guys. Basically it is a jacket that is going to be worn multiple times by different brides around South Africa. It has already been worn by a bride and is ready to go to the next lucky bride, with a letter from the previous bride filled with love and advice, how amazing?
    If you are interested in this concept, you can get in touch with Mary here.
  3. Oh deer!
    So we have seen a few random photo bombers in wedding photos, but this has to be our favourite yet – a deer!
    This deer decided to photobomb these newlyweds wedding shots, even trying to eat a few of the flowers while at it! Such cute photos and we just love how the bride and groom didn’t run away or get nervous, they just kind of rolled with it. If you would like to see more of these photos, click here to look at the album by Laurenda Marie Photography
  4. Hailey’s Bachelorette Bash
    So you either love them or you hate them (Team Selena all the way) but Hailey and Justin are soon to be wed. Well actually, they are already married, but now they doing the big party to celebrate with everyone. Apparently Kendall Jenner planned this bachelorette bash and we are sure it was nothing short of fabulous. We are not a fan of penis parties, but we give them a double thumbs up for the private back room in Delilah and the tequila shots!
  5. Another Royal Wedding is on the way, hooray!
    We are suckers for weddings – not that we need to tell anyone that. But Royal Weddings, now those are in a league of their own! So we were so delighted to hear that Princess Beatrice got engaged last week. Just look at that rock and start drooling! A platinum band with the most exquisite diamonds, we have all the heart eyes! Her engagement ring was made by Shaun Leane Jewellery
  6. GoPro Wedding Dog
    Guys, I mean come on, do we even have to explain ourselves with this one? It is a dog, with a GoPro, videoing your wedding! Who wouldn’t want to replay their wedding through the “eyes of their dog” Love, love, love this idea!
  7. Fruity Pebbles
    Okay, so we understand people are trying to find ways of using different forms of confetti, but we are not too sure how we feel about this one. ‘Fruity Pebbles’ is a cereal in the States and this couple decided to use it for their exit after the ceremony. What do you think of it, clever or a waste of food?
    At the end of the day, their faces say it all – pure enjoyment! And we just love the bright colours! 

So that’s a wrap for September! 

If you have anything coming up in October that you would love to share or you think may inspire other brides, be sure to hit us up at

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