The wedding out of my 5-year-old dreams…

This weekend, we shared a little question on our instastory…
“What is something that 5-year-old you would have wanted on your wedding day?”
It’s safe to say the answers did NOT disappoint, so I thought, why not share a blog post of some of these ideas and how you can incorporate them into your wedding day!
And here it is 🙂

  1. “Candyfloss”
    From cocktails to favours, candy floss can be a BIG hit at your wedding! Think snacks when everyone is ravenous after hitting the dancefloor or mixed with champagne for your cocktail hour. Want to be even more adventurous? What about candy floss bouquets for your bridesmaids?! I mean if I had a candyfloss bouquet, I don’t think I would be able to make it down the aisle without taking a bite, but you know, other people might have more self control than I do 😉
  2. “A jumping castle”
    While this has actually been a trend for a while, we have to say… let your inner 5-year old out and HIRE the jumping castle! Not only will it make for amazing photo opportunities, but it will be the most fun! And I am pretty sure it will be a BIG hit with your guests! If not, why not? It is your day, and you can have a jumping castle if you want to!
  3. “A chocolate mousse bar”
    Okay, whaaaaat? This idea is actually amazing! I am a fan of any type of dessert bar (I had a pancake bar at my wedding), so of course, a chocolate mousse bar is a perfect idea in my eyes! You could have different type of chocolate mouse flavours, along with sides and toppings for your guests to choose from. YUM! (said in the voice of Alexis Rose)
  4. “Pizza”
    Show me a rule that says you cannot have pizza for your wedding meal? Or even mini pizzas at your canape hour? Or shucks, even as a midnight snack after all the partying is done! Pizza is always a good option, and that means it will be a good option on your wedding day! If you guys have a favourite meal or a meal that brings back amazing memories of your relationship, then go with that meal for your wedding day! Whether it be pizza, fish and chips or a fancy pie, anything is acceptable, as long as you are actually feeding your guests!
  5. “Sparklers”
    When I was 5-years-old, I burnt my hand on a sparkler… but they do make for the most magical exit photos, and I certainly did have a sparkler tunnel on my wedding day! They are so much better than loud fireworks and really do make for the. most beautiful photos! A few smooches with your hubby down the sparkler tunnel, and bam, you will be ecstatic with this decision! Pro-tip, get the extra-long sparklers, cause those normal short ones just won’t do your photos justice!
  6. “Lots and lots of sweeties!”
    I mean, which five-year-old wouldn’t want sweeties on their wedding day!? This is an easy one to incorporate into your day, just create a candy bar for guests to choose some of their favourite treats to take home, and voila… your favours are done and dusted!
  7. “A Princess Castle”
    I think nearly every single 5-year-old girl’s dream is to get married at a Princess Castle… so if that is still your dream today, then why not!? Yes, castle’s are a bit few and far between in South Africa, but you can always end up eloping! (Obviously when things are a bit more travel friendly!) There is that pink castle in Scotland that looks like an absolute dream! And of course, the Chateaux featured on “Escape to the Chateaux” is the perfect spot to say “I Do” (P.S: If you have not watched the series, Escape to the Chateaux, I highly recommend it!)

So honestly, I could go on and on with all the amazing ideas you all sent through – you guys really had the most amazing imaginations, I hope you still allow your adult brain to dreaaaaam!

So, if you could use an idea from your “5-year-old dream wedding book”, what type of surprises would be at your wedding day?

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