Weddings are back, baby!

When Cyril announced Level 1 last night, hubby and I popped a bottle of champers and celebrated… because, why not?
I have been through the lockdown blues, the lockdown “let’s do it all” and the lockdown lull. But after the announcement last night, I feel ready to tackle the world – and all wedding industry professionals are surely feeling the same!

Weddings are back and we cannot wait to see all the friendships, celebrations and late-night shenanigans, but most importantly, all the love!

Taking full advantage of this renewed energy, I thought there was no time like the present to get you ready for your wedding day.
Here are a few tips and pointers, as well as suggestions of things you might need for your wedding in Lockdown Level 1…

Cover Images: Sara Shakeel | McCarthy Wolff | Anee Atelier
Below Images: Alexander Smith Photography | Ivory and Beau

  1. Firstly, you are going to have to let your guests know your new date!
    Once you have your new “new” date finalised and ready, phone up your stationer and get working on a cute design to let your guests know the wedding date has been moved again, or that it is back on for your original date planned.
    Make sure you have all your ducks in a row before making this decision – you won’t want to spend money on more printing if you get something incorrect here. Better yet, consider sending out a digital “change the date” – it will save you time and money! (below designs available on Etsy and iCustom Label)
  2. Sanitize Station
    This is going to have to be a must at all weddings, and you are going to need more than one depending on the size of your wedding and the number of guests in attendance.
    This does not have to be a “chucked together” setup, just look at how gorgeous these sanitize stations are.
    Remember to ask your stationer to add this to their list of new stationery designs to make.
    (Mulberry Market Designs | Etsy | Arli Quinn Photography)
  3. Masks for Guests
    Again, this is going to be a must. If you want to splurge, then maybe consider getting your guests custom made masks in colours complimenting your wedding colours. Alternatively, you can just get them surgical masks, this will work out cheaper for you. By placing them individually on their seats at the ceremony, it prevents others from touching masks that don’t belong to them. Another idea would be to slot them into your ceremony pamphlets.
    (Any Reason to Party | Etsy | Amanda Wei Photography)
  4. Not forgetting custom masks for your bridal party!
    Okay, if you aren’t going to splurge on masks for your guests, please splurge on masks for your bridal party! They don’t all have to be the same, but it will just look so much better if they are designed according to your wedding colours or if they match the colours of their dresses.
    Speak to the dressmaker making your bridesmaids dresses and see if they can whip up some masks to match!
    (Etsy | 360 Visuals Mw | Etsy)
  5. And you know you need a pretty one just for you babe!
    If there is one person who needs an extravagant mask, it’s you, babe! Again, you can get in touch with your dressmaker for a custom made mask, alternatively, if you have bought a dress off the rack, there are many dress designers that are making masks, like these beauties from McCarthy Wolff (below middle and right images)
    (Mask by Pio O’kan, pictured by @lolas_hochzeitsfotografie | Masks and earrings by McCarthy Wolff, headpieces by Magpie Calls)
  6. Hand sanitizer anyone?
    Hand sanitizers are definitely going to become the “wedding favour of the year”, as it is something that everyone will need. You can purchase mini sanitizers from companies such as Oh So Heavenly, and your stationer can design a sticker to be stuck onto the bottle – this could be your names and wedding date, or alternatively, a cute quote.
    ( Etsy | Cecelia Sebastian Co | Rosewood and Citrus)
  7. Embrace the situation and find the humour!
    With many countries around the world already open for things such as weddings, we have been inundated with some amazing ideas for when weddings were allowed back in SA. I mean, just look at how cute this little sign is!
    Embrace the situation, find the humour, and use it to your advantage!
    (Meaghan Elliott)
  8. Keep your guests apart!
    You are still going to have to ask guests to try and keep their distance as much as possible.
    We shared this idea a while ago on our Instagram, and we still think it is the cutest! “Bear with me, I’m social distancing”
    (Anee Atelier)
  9. Speaking of keeping your guests apart…
    Just because it is Level 1, does not mean the virus knows it is level 1!
    You are still going to have to be cautious, and know that some of your guests would love to be there for your big day, but are paranoid about contracting the virus.
    A way to ensure that guests respect each other and their wishes would be to put a band system in place to ensure everyone knows how they feel about the space around them.
    A red band, please keep your distance.
    A yellow band, I am fine with talking.
    A green band, elbow greetings and high fives… because kissing and hugging is a thing of the past 😉
    (Minty Paperie Shop via Etsy)
  10. Lastly, just because you can, does not mean you HAVE to.
    So you have just finished finalising your new date.
    All your vendors are booked and everything is set. Murphy’s Law… Cyril announces Level 1!
    Just because you can, does not mean you HAVE to! If you are happy with your new date, then leave it as is!
    Maybe you have your heart set on an elopement or a micro celebration… you do you, babe!
    P.S: If you have 101 aunties messaging you about changing your date back, just send them a link to this blog post and tell them to read point 10! 😉
    (Gail Secker Photography | Benjamin Stuart Photography)

Babe, you deserve a reward.. you have been a bride in one of the most stressful years to be a bride!
Take a breath, have a drink and take your time making your decision.

At the end of the day, you need to be happy with everything, and if you have already decided that 2020 was not the year for you to get married then that is fine! But if you are eager to say your I do’s then go ahead… there is almost nothing stopping you now!

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