A Surprise Celebration

‘Rona, you might have brought the world to a standstill, but love can never be stopped!

Marielle and Karl were surprised by their family and friends to a lockdown ceremony on their original wedding date, and we might be a little biased after seeing their confetti cannon pics, but seriously, it looked like the most special day. 

Just because your original wedding date was postponed, does not mean that you do not have to celebrate it. 

Grab a glass of champagne and let Marielle and Karl show you how to celebrate in style – confetti cannons, champagne showers, and face glitter included!

Hooray: A surprise celebration… tell us more about how this was organised.
Mal: My sister and bridesmaid, Renee, Groomsmaid, Craig & our lovely friend and greatest guest, Tasch planned a surprise celebration after we postponed our wedding. 

Apparently they started planning while my sister was still stuck in America! Whaaaaat?! They planned an entire day around us & worked together to make it so special. They tried to include everyone who wanted to be there with videos and letters. We actually didn’t even know anything, we were at the shops (which now take millions of hours because of queues and sanitizing, etc.) and when we got back the house had transformed into our very own fairytale, fake COVID wedding.

Hooray: Okay, give us a rundown on the events of the day…
K + M: When we arrived Craig and Tasch had filmed an entire video of a ‘when people zol’ News Show and made it as though we were in an apocalypse. We got escorted to different rooms and were directed to get ready. Karl didn’t have much to wear because he was at my house so luckily he had that one collar shirt! We were told to wait in the rooms, building up our anticipation! 

When they called us, Karl and I walked out and met in the corridor. We were told to come outside, where we were met with a celebration of confetti-filled love and romantic tunes, thanks to Craig – I believe it was Noah Kahan, one of my favorites. We felt so special!

Everyone then took turns saying a speech, the idea was for them to say their vows to us, so as to not take away from our big day, and it was super unique, I was so impressed with that idea. To conclude the speeches, Craig asked “Does everyone take Karl and Marielle as Mr and Mrs forever” and everyone said “I DO”

After that we braai’d and just enjoyed being around each other. We opened a special bottle of wine I was gifted from the Canary Islands whilst working on the cruise ship.
It really was the BEST DAY EVER.

Hooray: Tell us more about the scrapbook Renee made.
Mal: OMG. Renee made a scrapbook which she bought from Typo, and she hand drew two lovers in gas masks on the front, each page was from a different person in our lives and they each had added letters to us, which were so so special. My sister added photos of each person and tried to make each page unique. She also left the other half blank to add the images from the day and any memoirs I felt necessary. We actually have decided to display this on our new wedding day.

Hooray: Who was able to attend your celebration?
K + M: Due To COVID unfortunately it was impossible to have everyone there, but everyone who has stayed with us during lockdown was able to attend. The only external people that came were Karl’s parents.

Hooray: This was held on your original wedding date, do you think this will play a big part in your “wedding memories”?
K + M: Definitely! This day was so so special & we will defo tell our kids about this day and how it all happened.

Hooray: Those video messages seemed to be getting a tad bit emotional, which made you cry the most?
Karl: Kim’s message… Marielle’s childhood friend told our whole story of our meeting and by that time I was already holding the tears for too long
Mal: The first video started and when I realized what they were, I was tickets. It started with Bella my flower girl and she was wearing a white dress (her fave) and she had thee cutest message!
On a slightly lighter note, Talitha, my MOH’s video, was hilarious though!

Hooray: How are your emotions doing, knowing that your original wedding date has come and gone. Are you looking forward to your next celebration?
Mal: To be honest, on the day of the wedding I honestly woke up feeling unbelievably sad, and so disheartened, but after our amazing celebration, when I woke up the next morning, I was like heck yes! We get to do that all over again, and I felt so glad it wasn’t over!

Hooray: Karl, how could you spray that Champagne knowing that it was like GOLD during Lockdown Level 4?? Marielle, your face says it all!
Karl: I’m not a big drinker & I knew that Marielle would love the champagne shower pictures in the end, and she did! Also, I’m all about living in the moment to make the best memories.
Mal: There’s legit one photo where I’m like “Babe, don’t do it, Tasch sacrificed her birthday champers for us to enjoy”

Hooray: Advice for brides that are on the fence about doing an intimate celebration like this.
K + M: Just do it! There’s nothing to regret and we didn’t spend our day moping and wishing it was our wedding day. Celebrate, do something to make yourselves feel the love! We still get to enjoy our wedding day but now with an epic story in between.

Hooray: We understand this celebration was planned for you, was there anything you would have done differently? Did you enjoy not having to worry about it?
K + M: Haha, well if we could have changed anything, we would have loved to have all our family and friends there at least! But this was a perfect day, planned to perfection. We enjoyed every second.

Hooray: Lastly, what was your favourite part of the day?
Karl: Walking down the stairs to everyone popping confetti cannons
Mal: I have to agree with Karl it really was the best moment, but I also will add that it’s impossible to choose because there were so many amazing moments!

Marielle and Karl, thank you so much for sharing your intimate celebration with us. We hope it will inspire others to do something similar on their original wedding date. 


Photography: Renee Beetge for Marielle Catherine Photography
Cake: Cake It
Confetti Cannons: Hooray Weddings
All signs were made Craig
Flower Crown was made by Natascha

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