Intimate Celebrations 2020

Oh, intimate celebrations. 
The latest wedding trend that we were all “forced” into, but one that I think is here to stay.

2020 has really brought a lot of things into perspective, and flamboyant affairs with 200 guests including plus ones that you don’t even know, might just be a thing of the past.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is LOVE.
Love is all you need. 

  1. A Surprise Celebration
    Our first intimate celebration we shared and it really was such a beautiful day! Marielle and Karl’s families surprised them with an intimate surprise celebration on their supposed-to-be wedding day. We have to admit, your families are pretty cool!
    ‘Rona, you might have brought the world to a standstill, but love can never be stopped!
    Marielle and Karl were surprised by their family and friends to a lockdown ceremony on their original wedding date, and we might be a little biased after seeing their confetti cannon pics, but seriously, it looked like the most special day.
    Just because your original wedding date was postponed, does not mean that you do not have to celebrate it.
    Grab a glass of champagne and let Marielle and Karl show you how to celebrate in style – confetti cannons, champagne showers, and face glitter included!
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  2. A New York Celebration
    I am a die-hard GG fan, so this New York celebration definitely caught my eye!
    Of all the intimate celebrations happening around the world right now, we must admit, this one is speaking to our inner Gossip Girl and we are absolutely green with envy!
    Nikki and Don said their “I do’s” in Central Park, surrounded by a few close friends, had their first dance on the Bethesda Terrace (yes, the one where Chuck and Blair got married!) and to end off the day, they toasted to their newlywed status with champagne in paper cups. Now if this doesn’t sound like the perfect intimate ceremony to you, then we don’t know what will!
    Nikki and Don share more with us today about their magical celebration, including some amazing words of wisdom for those brides that are still on the fence about having an intimate ceremony, so read on if you are a bride to be, gossip girl fangirl, or just have a deep love for New York City!

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  3. Maxine + Stephan
    Another backyard celebration with only their closest family and friends, a jumpsuit handmade by the bride, and the most B-E-A-UTIFUL light for photographs.
    Okay, we have to admit, when Maxine sent us a few snaps of her and Stephan’s intimate celebration, we first fell in love with her bridal jumpsuit and “Old Hollywood” styled RED hair… we decided then and there that we just had to see more!
    Surrounded by 15 of their nearest and dearest, Maxine and Stephan were able to say their I do’s in her parent’s backyard. Maxine made her own jumpsuit, decorated the garden with help from her mom, bought a cake from Woolies, and loaned an arch from their original wedding date decor supplier… what more do you need?
    Get ready for some major intimate celebration inspo!
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  4. Waterfront Elopement
    THIS CELEBRATION! When you cannot wait any longer for your forever to start, you elope with your soulmate!
    When I first saw the pictures of Uvani and Edwin’s elopement, I thought they were in Miami!
    I did a little jump for joy when I took a closer look and realised that they were actually in our good ‘ole hometown of Durban… winter in Durban really knows how to show off!
    Uvani and Edwin’s wedding day was set for August. At first, they were optimistic that the Lockdown would not affect their wedding plans, but, as the days drew on, they quickly realized, they would have to postpone their day.
    Do you think this would stop them from getting hitched? Oh no!
    With the manager from the restaurant and their photographer witnessing their vows, they said their I do’s on a winter’s day at the Durban Waterfront.

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  5. Travis + Sherie
    Can you imagine running around the streets after saying your I do’s? Well, this is exactly what Travis and Sherie did after their intimate ceremony, and the photos are just AMAZING!
    I love it when Hooray is tagged in wedding photos and I am able to share in the excitement of your wedding day.
    My heart gets so happy seeing all the love, all the joy, and ALL the celebrations!
    But, when I saw Sherie and Trav’s intimate backyard celebration, I just knew I had to share it with all of you.
    The photos that caught my eye the most was them running around the city of Pietermaritzburg for their creative shoot, absolutely LOVE!
    They met at Church, chatted over MXIT, and now, 13 years later, they are madly in love, have two pooches, and simply could not wait another year to say their “I do’s”.
    Grab yourself a glass of champers, and get ready to enjoy the celebrations of Sherie and Travis’ beautiful day.
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  6. Vow Ceremony
    There must be nothing worse than waking up on your would-be-wedding day, knowing that your wedding has been postponed. Dwayne and Donne decided to celebrate their would-be-wedding day with a photoshoot and vow ceremony with just the two of them… how special?!
    2020 has been a year of a lot of heartbreak and sorrow in the wedding industry.
    Postponed weddings, industry professionals having to shut their doors, and many brides on the verge of nervous breakdowns!
    For some brides, the thought of trying to celebrate their would-be wedding day is just out of the question. But others have taken this opportunity to celebrate what would have been by having intimate celebrations, backyard parties, and vow ceremonies. Today we are sharing the gorgeous vow ceremony of Dwayne and Donne’.
    These two decided to turn their engagement shoot into a vow ceremony where they were able to read their vows to each other in a secluded setting, reminding each other of the strong bond of their love, and turning a sad day into a happy memory.
    If this sounds like something you would like to do to commemorate your “would-be wedding day”, then read on to see how they did it!
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  7. The Rosies’ Vow Renewal
    Gosh, this vow renewal… The Rosies always know how to celebrate in style and their vow renewal was no different!
    Last year we shared the magical anniversary getaway of Marc and Caley Rosenberg with you.
    She joked then about “twisting Marc’s arm to do a 10-year anniversary celebration” and we are so glad she was able to! (If you haven’t seen their anniversary getaway from last year, click here to have a read)
    Returning to Phinda, Marc and Caley renewed their vows surrounded by their three girls and close family and friends. An intimate celebration in the bush made for an unforgettable weekend away.
    With the Oh Happy Day team working their magic, a dress made with love all the way from Cape Town and Vellies on their feet, Marc and Caley said “I do” again, and we are so glad to share the magic of this day with you today.

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And that’s a wrap on the intimate celebrations we featured in 2020.
If I have to be honest, I think this is the way forward for the wedding world, and I am looking forward to seeing more weddings like this in 2021. 

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