Vow Ceremony

2020 has been a year of a lot of heartbreak and sorrow in the wedding industry.
Postponed weddings, industry professionals having to shut their doors, and many brides on the verge of nervous breakdowns!

For some brides, the thought of trying to celebrate their would-be wedding day is just out of the question. But others have taken this opportunity to celebrate what would have been by having intimate celebrations, backyard parties, and vow ceremonies. Today we are sharing the gorgeous vow ceremony of Dwayne and Donne’.

These two decided to turn their engagement shoot into a vow ceremony where they were able to read their vows to each other in a secluded setting, reminding each other of the strong bond of their love, and turning a sad day into a happy memory.

If this sounds like something you would like to do to commemorate your “would-be wedding day”, then read on to see how they did it!

Hooray: Hey guys, please can you introduce yourselves to the Hooray readers.
D + D: Hey! We are Dwayne and Donne’ from Alberton located in the South of Johannesburg. I’m an Accounting teacher and Dwayne is the owner of his own EMS Studio. Dwayne is a gym fanatic and I’m the nerd. We have been together for almost 8 years and engaged for almost 8 months.

Hooray: How did you guys meet?
Donne’: Dwayne and I met when we were first-year students at varsity in Potchefstroom. He befriended one of my old school friends who I was studying with as well. He immediately caught my attention and my friend introduced us to each other. It was only 6 months after that that we started dating.

Hooray: How did Dwayne propose?
Donne’: Dwayne took me away on an unexpected weekend away to a game reserve. I was definitely suspecting something since last-minute getaways aren’t really our thing. I initially thought he would propose on Saturday, but I was wrong! On the Friday night, we were busy braaing when it started pouring down with rain… our whole braai rained out and we only had snacks for dinner! It was during this downpour that he popped the question. As always, he managed to surprise me even if I thought I knew about the proposal.

Hooray: A vow ceremony, tell us more about why you chose to do this.
D + D: Initially, the photoshoot with JcClick would have been our engagement shoot that would have taken place in April. Then Corona happened and everything was put on hold. Wedding included. When the lockdown levels were relaxed, we organized our engagement shoot on the day that would have been our wedding day. We wanted to do something special to commemorate this day. That’s when we decided to say our vows to one another as if we would have had our wedding day. It was such a special day and JcClick made us feel so comfortable!

Hooray: Was anyone there to witness the ceremony?
D + D: No, we wanted the vow ceremony to be private and intimate. So just us and the beautiful scenery surrounding us.

Hooray: Do you have any advice for brides that are on the fence about doing an intimate celebration like this?
Donne’: Corona came and showed us all that we are not as in control as we would like to think we are. After going back and forth about the uncertainty we eventually decided (after I cried a lot about it) to postpone the wedding. When I eventually got over the emotions, we truly realised what a wedding was all about – sometimes we get carried away with all the arrangements, wanting everything to be perfect and the guest-list, etc. This situation has made us realise that we don’t really mind about the day with all its arrangements…we just want to get married to each other. Even if it means no big day which we have dreamt about for our whole lives.

Hooray: Would you recommend a vow ceremony to others?
Donne’: I would definitely recommend it to couples who have had their original wedding date postponed or canceled. When that date arrives, it just makes a sad day very special!

Hooray: The setup for your vow ceremony was absolutely beautiful! Were you involved in the process or did you “leave it to the professionals” to make the decisions?
Donne’: JCclick helped a lot with deciding on a theme and mood for the shoot. I gave a few ideas such as the kind of location we wanted and we shared a few Pinterest ideas with them but other than that, I left it to them and Deodané to run with it. They did such an amazing job!

Hooray: For your official wedding ceremony, will you be saying traditional vows or will you be using these vows again?
D + D: For our wedding, we’ll be using the pre vows as inspiration and adjust it. But we’ll definitely do our own vows rather than traditional vows.

Hooray: How are the plans coming along for your official wedding ceremony?
Donne’: Our “third” wedding date will now officially take place on the 17th of December 2020. With only 50 people being present. So far the planning hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but we are nearing the final stages of planning which always includes smaller details and logistics. I would say we are definitely on track though!

Hooray: Are you looking forward to your official wedding day? What are you most looking forward to?
D + D: Yes, we are really looking forward to what would be our third attempt at getting married. We’ve been containing our excitement a little bit, because of the uncertainty of Corona. But it is really close now so the excitement is getting real! I think both of us are excited for that moment we both stand next to each other in front of all our loved ones and are finally able to say our REAL vows to one another.

Hooray: Lastly, what was your favourite part of the day?
Donne’: Definitely the set-up from Florals by Deodane’, where we had our vow ceremony! She managed to give me EXACTLY what I wanted and the location where she did the set-up was so romantic. My fiance’ also managed to surprise me with the MOST BEAUTIFUL vows. I actually stopped him in the middle of his vows and asked if he wrote it all by himself. Both of us just laughed.

Dwayne and Donne’, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful ceremony with us today. We just love this idea and hope more brides will take inspiration from it. We cannot wait to see pictures of your big celebration in December and we wish you many happy years ahead!

Photography: JC Click
Makeup: Holly Petersen from Everyday is a Hollidey
Florals + Decor: Florals by Deodane’

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