The Rosies’ Vow Renewal

Last year we shared the magical anniversary getaway of Marc and Caley Rosenberg with you.
She joked then about “twisting Marc’s arm to do a 10-year anniversary celebration” and we are so glad she was able to!
(If you haven’t seen their anniversary getaway from last year, click here to have a read)

Returning to Phinda, Marc and Caley renewed their vows surrounded by their three girls and close family and friends. An intimate celebration in the bush made for an unforgettable weekend away.

With the Oh Happy Day team working their magic, a dress made with love all the way from Cape Town and Vellies on their feet, Marc and Caley said “I do” again, and we are so glad to share the magic of this day with you today. 

Hooray: Caley, it is so lovely to have you back again this year, can you tell us more about the events of your 10-year anniversary weekend?
Caley: We have always wanted to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. Over the years, we had always joked that we wish we could re-live our wedding day and so sad that it only happens once. So we decided about five years ago, that we would celebrate our milestone 10 year anniversary with a special celebration. We both love the African bush, and even though our wedding was a big event with 250 people and all the trimmings, we have also always loved the idea of a small and intimate function, under the African skies. And as our 10 year anniversary approached, we knew that our “second wedding celebration” would be in the bush and be small and intimate. Unfortunately, Covid then hit and we had written off this fun idea as we were all under strict lockdown but as our President announced the Level 2 lockdown, we decided to plan a weekend getaway in the bush to celebrate our anniversary, and then as he lifted to Level 1, we decided to have a small and intimate celebration with our closest family and friends. The weekend was a two night getaway in the bush – one night to enjoy a game drive and casual dinner, then a day of getting ready and being together before our intimate ceremony and bush dinner and party. It was also really special that we got to have the ceremony on our actual anniversary date.

Hooray: Who was able to join you? Did COVID play a role in your numbers or did you always want an intimate vow renewal?
Caley: We had always wanted a celebration but weren’t sure if it would be a small dinner function for 70-80 guests or an intimate getaway with 20-30 guests. In the end, Covid decided for us as gatherings were limited to 50 people. Our three daughters, both sets of parents, and 7 couples of closest friends joined us for our time away and celebration.

Hooray: Phinda. Was this a “no brainer” decision to renew your vows here?
Caley: Phinda was a no brainer for sure. We both love being in the bush, and in KZN, Phinda is our first choice every time. We have also celebrated many years of our anniversary weekend at the different Phinda lodges. It was our first choice once again when we decided to have an intimate ceremony in the bush.

Hooray: Your decor is just gorgeous and so on-trend. What was it like working with the OHD team?
Caley: An absolute dream! At first, we thought we would keep it small and simple and try and do everything ourselves but after meeting with Jo for a casual coffee, she was so welcoming and inviting and totally “got me”. She worked with the very small budget we gave her, and she made everything come to life. We had no specific brief for her and her team – just a venue and our beautiful stationery – and she brought it all together into something we could only have dreamed of. It was incredible to be able to sit back and enjoy the time with our friends, and soak up the moments of the weekend without having to worry or stress about anything logistical – especially in the pouring rain! It was also super special that Jo was a guest at our wedding ten years ago.

Hooray: Your “welcome” gift boxes are amazing! Whose idea was this? Tell me more about what was inside.
Caley: My love language is gifts so naturally I love to give. The goodie boxes were my idea – something small but functional for our guests to enjoy the weekend and be spoilt too. The boxes included: a personalised enamel mug filled with coffee, hot chocolate, and Amarula (a spin on Phinda’s signature morning game drive treat, a mocha-chocha-rula), a personalised biscuit with our stationery print, a mask and sanitiser for Covid times, locally made biltong, a personalised leather keyring and a personalised thank you note for each of our guests.

Hooray: Having your girls with you for this celebration must have been so special, were they excited to be involved?
Caley: This was possibly one of the best parts of the day (and let’s be honest, the lead up too!) Our girls have always been obsessed with watching our wedding video and looking through our wedding photos – and we mentioned our vow renewal plan, they were over the moon with excitement at mom and dad’s ‘second wedding”. They loved being involved in the lead up of all our goodies arriving, choosing their dresses and the fun details, to arriving in the bush (their favourite place too!) and being able to stay up late, enjoy the game drives and search for animals (our eldest daughter has always had a hyena on her bucket list and she saw one on our first game drive which was her highlight!) and to be with all their favourite adults too. On the day, they basked in watching all our friends getting ready, having their hair curled and putting lip gloss on, and then feeling like little princesses as they stepped into their dresses and thinking I was their Queen in mine. They are the greatest part of our ten-year love story, and it was so incredibly special for them to share it with us and witness our second promise to each other. They also made us all laugh with the cutest interruptions, telling their Dad not to cry in the ceremony and telling jokes, pulling funny faces in the photos, and then our youngest opening the dance floor with her crazy moves. Magical memories.

Hooray: The day seems to be filled with so much love and joy, what was your favourite part?
Caley: It is too hard to choose just one but a few include: saying our vows and renewing our promise to each other, through laughs and tears, and our words holding so much more weight ten years later as we have lived through so much together. Our close friends and pastors praying and singing “The Blessing” over us as a true gift from God. Watching our girls soak up all the magic and excitement of the day and feeling like princesses with me as their Queen – heart-melting moments. And finally, being able to spend uninterrupted quality time with our closest friends and family after months of lockdown, and watching each couple renew and ignite the spark in their marriages, listening to them all remember the power of love and marriage after witnessing our renewal.

Hooray: LOVE your “his and hers” vellies, what made you go with these as your shoe option?
Caley: Marc lives in his vellies in the bush, he never wears anything else – and just before our vow renewal, a friend showed me her gorgeous locally made vellies, and I just had to have a pair too. Something fun (and very comfortable) underneath my dress.

Hooray: Your dress is gorge! With Sadie being in Cape Town, tell me more about the process of getting it made.
Caley: Sadie was amazing at making it all come to life, in such a short time frame and so professionally. She dedicated her time to my dress and the three dresses for our girls. She sent me a comprehensive list of measurements that I needed to send to her, and she made literal magic. We then sorted out insurance and she packaged them up and couriered them to me overnight in Durban – a pretty seamless experience until the courier took two days to deliver an overnight package but we managed to get them all to the bush safe and sound. It really was a dream dress that made me feel like a princess.

Hooray: Would you recommend a vow renewal to other couples?
Caley: ABSOLUTELY, WITHOUT A DOUBT. Ten years is an incredible milestone and achievement, and even more so these days where the divorce rate is so high. It’s like any journey that has its highs and lows, it deserves to be celebrated when you achieve your goal or reach a milestone. Marriage truly is a gift and something we value so highly and it deserves to be recognised, celebrated, and enjoyed. So much changes in ten years and your original vows now have greater meaning as you have walked through the sickness and health, richer and poorer and for better or worse. We also think it is so important to celebrate your vows and your promise in front of your children, your family, and your friends. We were amazed at how many couples left the bush with a promise to celebrate their next milestone anniversary.

Hooray: And lastly, last year, we asked you to tell us your top 9 tips for marriage… are these tips still the same? And what would be your tenth one now that you have been married for 10 years?
Caley: Yes, all nine are still the top of our list, and the tenth would be to celebrate. Celebrate all that you have overcome and achieved, celebrate each other, celebrate your marriage and your commitment, celebrate all the small and big moments. We only have one life, let’s choose to celebrate and live it.

Marc and Caley, thank you so much for allowing us to share your beautiful vow ceremony. 10 years is an amazing milestone in marriage and we know that after a weekend filled with so much love and magic, you must feel like newlyweds again! We wish you MANY more years ahead filled with love, magic, and bush adventures. 

Venue: Phinda Mountain Lodge
Photographer: Vanilla Photography
Videographer: Media Linc
Co-ordinators, décor, and flowers: Oh Happy Day
Stationery: Indigo and Ivory Designs
Cake: Phinda Mountain Lodge
Dress and girls’ dresses: Sadie Bosworth Atelier
Vellies: Stella Rose Collection
Hair: Crop Hair Salon
Makeup: The Durban Make-Up Artist

Enamel mugs: Remember Online Promotions
Biscuits: Artful Biscuit Co
Masks: Mask It
Sanitisers: Clean Hands
Biltong: Afrika’s Sushi
Keyring Tags: Elysian Creative
Boxes: Pack Now
Ribbon: Ribbon King
Personalised pajamas: Anna Louise Sleepwear


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